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Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding.


Baseball involves doing one of the hardest things in all sports and that is hitting a baseball. There is a reason why professional athletes get into the hall of fame with hitting the ball 3 out of 10 times. It takes good concentration to hit a 95 mph fastball and you only have milliseconds to decide if you want to swing. Baseball should be number 1 on greatest and hardest sports.

Baseball is the greates sport of all time, It's when curses happen and actually work and teams with cheap players get everything going there way until just one bad thing happens, then everything roles over. A lot of life is involved in baseball, in baseball you have to create mental mind sets saying that you can do it and you will compete, any other sport isn't as much team work as hockey or baseball, Baseball creates hope in the fans and excitement in your heart, that's why people play the game, to bring the

Cricket is in front that is just stupid period. But any other pro sports player and have them step up to the plate against a mlb pitcher. There is one sports that has players who are required to hit a 90mph throw going at you and you are supposed to hit it with a piece of wood. I would like to see a soccer player try that and they would run to China. Your move Cricket

I've given up on this list. Soccer is only #1 because it's overrated everywhere in the world, it isn't that interesting. And how is Cricket about baseball?

People say baseball is boring because it's not continuous action like football or basketball (both of which I love as sports), but if you actually sit down to watch 4 or 5 innings of one game you'll see that it requires skill, reflexes, practice, and determination.

Go NY Mets! - therootbeer

Baseball has to be the greatest sport. Consider what baseball entails" hitting, running, pitching, catching, throwing & quick thinking. In my opinion, no other sport requires as much talent in so many fields. Strategy is so important in this game -- quick thinking and team play.

Baseball is on every day which is awesome with football you have to wait another week and soccer is so boring no one ever scores. Of course I am a rangers fan I love Texas but I still like playing listening watching and looking at baseball

Baseball is AWESOME all you people who think baseball is boring you are WRONG come on baseball is one of the best sports is basketball called Americas pastime

Soccer, Basketball, and football are not better than baseball... And kricket has just a board on the bat... Ya, check baseball out its boss, running, throwing, sliding, catching, I can do this forever, but most importantly, you always have fun... Think about it and see for your self just join a league they will teach ya... YA! And wrestling is fake boxing is the real deal!

Better than basketball, soccer, hockey, and ESPECIALLY FOOTBALL. Football is the worst sport imaginable, while baseball lets you do anything you want. Baseball is amazing and spectacular, while football is boring and impossible to play or watch without getting a headache.

Baseball should be in the top 3 at least because of how much of the game is mental, you don't have to just react you have to know your stuff

In my opinion, baseball is a great sport. People such as Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams make it an honor to be able to play. Not only is it great fun to play, it's also extremely entertaining to watch. Everybody knows how to play baseball.

Truly love it. It is the best. There is no time limit, so a clock will not stop when a team is coming back, you have to EARN that victory, making it more satisfying to win. On the contrary, this makes losing feel worse, and I love that high risk high reward concept.

Baseball Is and always will be the the best sport. As soon as you start playing you can't stop. This game can have the most tension out of any sport in a close game because the slightest error can ruin the game for 8 other players

If your American. , you have to put baseball. I understand why soccer beat baseball out because it is the main sport of every other country, but basketball and cricket ahead of baseball? Stupidity.

Baseball is a sport for the all-around athlete. When someone big can play football, tall can play basketball fast can play soccer baseball is when it is about more than one skill. Even though I play Soccer and Basketball, my greatest passion is for Baseball!

How did cricket beat baseball? Baseball has millions of fans and cricket... I'm going to be honest I haven't seen anyone play cricket. Ever. So that is why I'm voting for baseball. Not only is it my favorite sport, it has a butt load of fans.

Baseball is not like other sports. It requires brain, as well as brawn. Baseball can connect generations. It is more beautiful than any other sport.

Baseball is the best sport, because it takes skill and hard work, unlike soccer, Basketball, and hockey. All you do in those sports is run.

Baseball is as American as apple pie and diabetes. It's a part of our national pastime, identity, and athletic programs, and brings with it a slew of parts that add thrill to the game.

better than basketball and soccer, all you have to to in basketball and soccer is to shoot, run and defend while in baseball, you pitch, catch, run, etc best sport and workout - ronluna

it has been loved for 150 years. you can compare it to life. there have been the most superstars. there is the most stats

Soccer, apparently the greatest sport in the world, has people kick a ball around a grassy field for an hour and a half. Last time I checked, its not fun watching a 0-0 tie

Behind ice hockey & cricket? Really? The old American pastime has lost nothing. Still the most amazing game ever.

I love baseball. Soccer definitely deserves the number 1 spot ( there is a lot of countries who play it). But baseball should at least be higher than number 6. - Pony

It is the best sport ever! Also I am pretty good at it! This sport should be at the top, not soccer. I never really liked soccer. Others don't like it its weird!