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American football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.


In grade 9 I was selected for team canada as one of the best defensive tackles in the game, at 6'4" 320 lbs I was a destroyer. Then came the concussions, after taking grade 10 off and having a strong grade 11 year making the league all star team as the only grade 11. I tried for team Ontario to try and enter the elite level again, my lack of commitment combined with injuries were my downfall as I met people slightly better than me, I didn't make the team and eventually took up basketball, I'm in college 230 lbs now 6'4" and I hope to make the team next year after being cut this year. How the mighty have fallen, football is not an easy sport you must stay committed to remain the best.

I love football because you get to play real people and it gives you a real experience on how to play other people. I would vote for this as well because you can also play league matches like me! This is the greatest list of all time. I support chelsea. Wow - reece

Football is the best sport because there is so much to it and something different is always happening. Most other sports, such as soccer and basketball, do the same thing every play of every game and it gets old. Football is the most fun by far to watch and play. The main downside is injuries and you can't just go out and play it as easy as you can with simpler sports, like soccer.

This is the real name for "soccer", if you don't call it this then you have no clue.

But this is the best sport: Most tactical, very physical and the best support. There is a reason everywhere plays it. As a Manchester United supporter from Manchester, I live for this game. It is my religion.

It may be entertaining to watch, and is a really tough, but awesome sport. I am bad at playing football, but I like it though, and would like to improve on it. But my school plays the boring version of football with no tackling. The tackling is what makes the game awesome and fun! - AnimeDrawer

Could all the British people stop complaining about the word soccer? It's a word in the American English dialect. We don't complain when you guys say trousers or trainers or any other stupid words! - PolishGuy

I'm voting for this because you never get bored of watching a football game it is so entertainment. It is the greatest sport to watch. While in soccer its gets boring to watch cause they score like every 45 mins and in basketball they score so much it gets a little boring after a while. Meanwhile in football you get so excited on every play cause it always brings you excitement. I may not play it but I love to watch it

Football is gradually growing in popularity in staggering amounts across the globe... Why do you think they're beginning to consider football as an olympic sport? Just Google how many non-US countries are developing football leagues

The most entertaining sport, their are so many different ways to move the ball and score, it is hard to be bored while watching football. - Bowbow

American football is definitely my least favorite sport. All it is is people jumping on top of each other for 2 seconds then waiting 10 minutes for the next play. I can watch 5 hours of badminton and enjoy it, but get bored of football after 5 seconds of play.

Football is the best sport of all time. I play football every day at my school and I'm a girl! It was the first sport I ever played in my entire life. And this should be first cause everybody loves football. I tackle everybody. And surprisingly I scored a goal. So all I am saying is that football usage best sport in the entire universe and the popularist sport ever.

This is the lamest sport in the world. No point in watching this, a little confusing, and just plain boring to play. And to think the super bowl is the most watched thing on television. Americans need to chill out about football

Football fans need to calm down. Well I hear at European stadiums they have guns, flares, and machetes and parents don't mind if their kids flip off members of the other team.

NFL football is the best! I'm a girl who LOVES to play and watch football with my best guy buddies! WHO! BEST SPORT EVER!

Football is the toughest sport. Soccer sucks because there is no contact. All you do is run. You never score, and if you do score it is usually just a lucky shot. Football is a perfect game of inches. It requires incredible amounts of athleticism and teamwork.

Football is the most exciting sports game I've ever seen. That, is, all. And it must be called "football (soccer)" because somebody can think that it's American Football, but it isn't. Also who cares about the name?

Attention upper class, entitled pricks who would try to make us believe this is just another name for soccer. Anybody with a brain, and if you like soccer you certainly don't have one, knows that when this thing makes two categories for 'soccer' and 'football', it's referring to American, aka real, football, not your foreign ball-tapping excuse for a sport. Get out all of your unwarranted and, frankly, pointless love for soccer in the appropriate soccer section, and please referring from desecrating the sections of actual sports. I know you soccer fans have probably never experienced a real sport, so I'll clarify that the term refers to most activities that aren't soccer, cricket, or synchronized swimming. Thank you for your consideration.

The sad thing is that I'm sure this is coming from a fellow American. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

109, 000 people come to watch Michigan Football every home game. A decent college team made up of amateur athletes. The Superbowl has millions of viewers every year worldwide. Nothing compares to football.

Without people from other places than America thinking this was football/soccer this would be so much lower on the list

People are like 'soccer is better than football because every country on earth loves it". But I don't think so because the United States is the most powerful nation and they like American football. I bet that other countries would like football if they just gave it a chance. Football rules.

Football rocks. I like college better than nfl. It has so much action. Girls say all you do is jump on people. But it's more than that.

Soccer and baseball are very simple.

Incorporates arm and leg motion and even the entire entity. The Broncos are a favorite team of here. A nice sport as this should be first or second in opinion. Really. - iliescu

How come Football and Soccer are two different sports? I swear they are the same, is it because Football is British and America is Soccer, then if that's the case I AM BRITISH! And I vote this also because it's the only sport I like the most and care about, SCREW SOCCER! - marlonacott

I agree, football and soccer are the same things. In football you kick a ball with your foot, I don't understand why there has to be two names for one great sport

Football is better because the game can be long or short and you wont be yelled at by your coach by not doing the right play in soccer. In football you will

Football is the best sport the most wonderful thing in this sport is hitting it's fun to play I love this sport it's a big man's sport definitely has my vote. - Xxxdavidxxx