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Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance and control.


Gymnastics is the by far greatest, hardest, and most fun sport in the world! I mean yes, you could kill yourself doing it but if you learn correct you can accomplish a lot! I mean even though it is the hardest sport in the world it doesn't mean JUST GIVE UP it means KEEP TRYING! I mean all those people out there that are gymnast I bet you agree with me to! Like my post if you agree with me! If you don't agree I will kick your a**! Just kidding! But I will not like you EVER

Gymnastics is an all-around development sport, whether competing in a team, by yourself, or just training for fun. This sport brought me 9 years of the happiest memories- travelling around Europe with my team. I also found that it helps develop strength, stamina, agility, balance and flexibility like no other sport (this has appliance to other forms of sport as well and can give you an upper hand as an athlete) I highly recommend it!

I love gymnastics it is the best sport ever you need to be strong so you can very good tumbling and you don't need to learn just one thing and become good at it you have to do 4 events totally different and learn all the skills well so if you think that gymnastics is easy you thought way wrong gymnastics is a hard sport that need concentration and flexibility and you must be fast for gymnastics to.

ok gymnastics is definitely the greatest sports. and btw cheerleading is SOO not more dangerous than gymnastics! seriously? I mean anyone could do those little flips on the pyramid or whatever. besides if you mess up there are 4/5 people there to cetch you. in gymnastics its just you and the beam, or the vault, or the bars. you could kill yourself doing it! - gymnasticsgirl91919

Oh my word, okay gymnasts we get that it's hard. I know that you train for hours and it takes a lot of muscle and blah blah blah, but this isn't the hardest sports list is it? No, it's not. It's the GREATEST sports list. Just because gymnastics is difficult doesn't mean it's the greatest sport. Okay? Okay. - SassyEquine

Gymnastics is such a difficult sport. But we keep going and going for the love of it. Perfection is impossible but we gymnast fight for it every day. If I had no love of the sport I would not be in it write know I would have quit the moment I started and I'm sure I'm talking for every competitive gymnast out there.

THIS SHOULD BE HIGHER. I am a gymnast and it is a really good sport. I love watching competitions and it's really interesting to see people in competitions. it's so interesting how these people do it. I am a gymnast and I can do a lot of tricks and I'm close to my back tuck, but it is a great sport

Gymnastics is the best the chalk in the air when you to into the event the feeling of that new skill the chalk the music the sweat the dedication the pain the blood the frustration the flexibility the focus all for one moment. It's one of the greatest sports

Gymnastics should be #1! It is way harder than any other sport in the world! Soccer is for anyone, you could learn soccer in a week. In a week of gymnastics you could probably only learn like a handstand or cartwheel. And that is like 1% of what gymnasts do. So I think gymnastics is definitely #1! (: no offense to soccer people but gymnastics is, and always will ve, way better than any other sport

Gymnastics is the greatest and hardest sport the is. Your score starts at perfect and the you get deductions for the smallest flaws. It is a huge challenge and to even be close to good you have to practices at least 15 hours a week.

Gymnastics is fun to watch because you see a lot of really cool tricks. Also I am a gymnast so it is more fun to do than to watch. But it is definitely the most fun sport to watch. Also it is interesting to see how their form is

Gymnastics is the best sport in the world. anyone who disagrees obviously doesn't know what they're talking about. because I do, gymnastics is my life and I can't imagine not doing it. gymnastics rules!

REALLY. Gymnastics is the 12. People say ball sports are hard. You throw a ball. While in gymnastics we do several things. You do one thing. That's why gymnastics is hard.

I've been doing gymnastics for 11 years and I still am only a level 7. Gymnastics takes so much dedication and time that makes it so much greater than any other sport

I LOVEE gymnastics it's a great workout and a super fun sport! It can be really dangerous but once you get good enough and learn the basic key parts it get REALLY super fun! Gymnastics is my life I think everybody should try it don't go out and do cheer cheerleaders are just plain STUPID I have a friend from gymnastics who's quitting to do cheer! In gymnastics you don't have to wear all that stupid makeup like your required to wear in cheer! I ��� - GYMNASTICS!

I Love Gymnastics it's good at working out and if you want to learn some moves you have to just keep practicing I have a friend from gymnastics and she goes there 3 times a week and sometimes she will come to school and show us new things that she learned or is practicing on


I love gymnastics! its been my passions since I was 3 years old! gymnastics is challenging and it takes tons of conditioning but I'm 13 now and I have learnt so much

Why is gymnastics so low on the list! I love this sport! Even though I might be quitting and joining Karate it is still an awesome sport!

Gymnastics is the hardest sport I the world. The reason you don't hear about it that much is because it is so hard that he people that do it are very talented.

Men's and Women's events, several different skills, and the ability to succeed at many different levels makes gymnastics an awesome sport for everyone.

Gymnastics is the greatest sport because has 7 disciplines which are amazing in their own right.

So graceful, beautiful and awesome. A great sport where acrobatics, dance and skill all come together to create a beautiful spectacle!

Gymnastics is amazing I love it so much it makes me happy and it takes a lot of hate work and confidence to be able to do it

I'm in gymnastics and it's the hardest sport ever and it's definitely the best sport in the world but that's my opinion

I couldn't know what to choose from so looked
At the gymnastics and I read it and I like so I
Will choose this sport! Thanks