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Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent's net to score points.


Full contact like football, fast pace like basketball, hand eye coordination requirement like baseball, and the main goal is to put something past the goalie into the back of the net. What is not to love about a sport that is like a combo of 4 other sports. Not to mention it is all done on ice! Incredible sport to play and watch. So much history in the books about this sport also. And who doesn't love the suspense of what don cherry will be wearing on Hockey Night In Canada. As a Proud Canadian I love this sport and I cannot think of a way that any other sport is better or more entertaining than Ice Hockey. Remember this is MY OPINION so for all you soccer fans out there just please don't flip out on me. Peace out.

Hockey is amazingly fun, you get to do drills and have fun on the ice, all the players are also amazingly tough. I remember when Jimmy Vesey on the New York Rangers got hit by an blade on Mark Stone on the Senators. His whole face was bleeding and he was back in the game in two mins. Things like that don't usually happen though. Hockey requires more safety pads than any other sports and standings are always close so each and every game counts. It's a wonderful sport! I'm a soccer player too but when you play Soccer, sometimes you don't get the ball until five minutes have past. It has much more teamwork and responsibility. When you fall down, you get right back up. When your losing, it doesn't matter, it's all for fun! I take it pretty seriously but even if my team, the New York Rangers lose I still enjoy staying up to watch the game. Ice hockey is just a wonderful sport. And I mean it!

Because hockey has everything, speed, superstars, BIG HITS, HUGE popularity, dramatic matches, MASSIVE parties around the world when a country wins some international tournament or Olympic (like Finland, Slovakia, Sweden or Canada and even Chech Republik) and there's an league like NHL which is followed all around the world with great players.

Ice hockey is a great sport with constant, fast-paced action. Unlike american football or baseball, ice hockey doesn't stop every 5 seconds. In addition to that, it is one of the only sports with no offsides, so there is a lot of amusing physical play. Also, hockey has a smaller rink than soccer, which means more fast paced action with more beautiful goals. Definitely a better sport than every other sport on this list.

Hockey is totally better than soccer because hockey you have to think about what to do in your next pass, shot, rush, any of that. And people wonder why soccer players are so dumb. Who said you're running the whole time in soccer? I suggest you put a pair of skates on and see if you can even stay out there for a full shift. Hockey requires working out 7 out of 7 days of the week. It takes someone special to be in the NHL.

Ex-player and NHL exec. Brendan Shanahansaid it best...
"Is hockey hard? I don't know, you tell me. We need to have the strength and power of a football player, the stamina of a marathon runner, and the concentration of a brain surgeon. But we need to put all this together while moving at high speeds on a cold and slippery surface while five other guys use clubs to try and kill us, oh yeah did I mention that this whole time we're standing on blades 1/8 of an inch thick? Is ice hockey hard? I don't know, you tell me. Next question."

Nothing else to say.

You actually need skill for this.

Basketball= You need to be tall (laugh out loud NO)

Baseball= You have to run fast (laugh out loud STILL NO)


Hockey= You need to be able to run with a stick. *sarcasm* yay fun.

ICE Hockey= OK, FIRST you have to be able to skate on something that's practically a knife! SECOND, you need to handle a tiny circle with A STICK! Third, you need to be incredibly fast. Fourth, you need to be strong if you get in a fight. Ice Hockey requires FOUR SKILLS! COME ON GUYS COME ON

It is the best, amazingest, fabalaba ding-dongest sport EVER. You have to know how to ice skate, puck handle past huge defenders trying to kill you, snipe or deke the big goalie in a little net, hit, get hit, AND, if you are a goalie you need the reflexes of a puma and the strength and bravery of a bear. EPIC

In hockey, you need to be able to:

skate on ice,
stick handle a puck at the same time,
deke, check, dodge, and shoot,
and if provoked, fight.
Plus, it takes years to master it.

6 year olds can play soccer and know all there is to know. - BKAllmighty

I love hockey it's my all time favourite sport, my life revolves around it. I think it should most definitely be higher. It's heaps fun to play, and requires a lot of skill.

BEST SPORT EVER! Everyone says soccer is so much better, but that is so wrong. Hockey is much more exciting, and the goal celebrations ARE AWESOME. No one wants to see someone remove his shirt when he scores.(In soccer)

Hockey is the best sport ever. All those people who say it's boring or that you can't even see the puck but you are wrong. You have to actually watch! So all those soccer fans out there or any other sports fans; WATCH HOCKEY! P.S. LETS GO RANGERS!

When hockey's under two sports that penalize for a little bit of contact (basketball and soccer). Also, if you fight in any sport, you get ejected and get a suspension. In hockey, you sit in a box for 5 minutes and get right back into the game. Also, it's way more fast-pace than about any sport. And don't say "Oh, they're on skates so it requires more skill. That's why soccer is better". Isn't having more skill and having more of a challenge the point of most sports? Soccer also has huge ass nets so it's pretty much easier to score, but there's still only like 1-2 goals a game. And the ball's bigger. In hockey, the net is way smaller, and the puck is also very small and might be hard to see. Hockey>Other Sports.

Soccer is only number one because it has only been a international sport for a very long time but hockey hasn't everyone in my school doesn't like soccer but enjoy hockey a lot more

This website is American and certainly biased towards America. Ice Hockey is nowhere near Cricket. It's daylight to Cricket. Don't know how come it came ahead so much. Certainly Cricket should have been in the top 5 and not Ice Hockey. - Sayeed33

you can fight in this sport, and is prety funny to whatch. you fight if you whant and you play the ice hockey. what no need for football, football is constantly simulation which make it unproductive.

I would have voted for soccer but it already is first, so I'm voting for ice hockey because its my second favorite, and almost Russia always wins in it like this year. - ratingman

Easily the best. Lots of great sports like football (not soccer, actual football), basketball an baseball but this is just FANTASTIC! It's not boring and trash like soccer. Lots of action, scoring and just plain fun.

I think hockey looks scary but it looks a pretty fun.

Hockey should be at the top of the list. People only like soccer most because it's played everywhere. Hockey is only really played in a few countries

There's a reason why baseball has the 7th inning stretch... it's boring. Hockey requires perfection of many skills. - asphaltpilot

I'm a hockey player myself, and after every practice and every game, I am EXHAUSTED. It takes so much more effort to skate then to run. Hockey should be number one, hands down.

I love it, but I'm Canadian... so I guess it's in my blood. GO LEAFS! - VADERtheIMPALER

Best sport ever. The best athletes play hockey because it requires a greater variety of skills to play and is the most entertaining sport to watch and play. - DCnative211

Possibly one of the most difficult sports out there. it's not something you can just start and be great your first year (baseball, lacrosse, I'm looking at you). most people that haven't been playing for three or more years barely even have a grasp on the core skills, and they take years to master. - cobber218