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Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. The goal is to score the ball on the other team's goal.


This is completely true it's so beautiful yet so difficult, so demanding yet so enjoyable, soccer truly is the best sport ever and makes life living for. If you say it is not a contact sport try getting tripped and smacked,punched and kicked and the ref says nothing because it is all part of the game. Soccer is a very simple sport but so hard to perfect and players like Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, Beckham, and Pele show how much commitment it takes. Do you see any fat soccer players? No! You must have so much energy and determination to succeed in soccer and very few do. Anybody denying soccer is the best sport should read this and change their mind because it affects so many peoples lives. Messi was poor but because soccer required very minimal equipment he made his family have a better life where they aren't so poor. Tell me this is the greatest sport because saying that would be a lie. A BIG, FAT lie.

It's the sport the whole world plays and all you have to do to play is grab a ball and a few feet of space to juggle, do toe taps, practice rainbows, or anything.

You forgot the part about being an actor when having the slightest touch

the worlds game. does not get much more beautiful then that. they have true skill that does not mean plowing into people like football or hitting people nonsensely like hockey and lacrosse. its the most popular game and changes lives of players and fans. its the only true sport that brings people together and unites the world for something better. - DouglasandSthefany

Only sport that every country plays.
The passion and emotion involved is unmatched
No age limit
Anyone can play
All you need is a ball
Transfer madness
MANAGERS are entertaining
Any team can win a match, small or big
The world cup is the most watched event in the world
Just over 1 billion people tuned into watch the 2014 final

So don't give me all this crap about how the footballers themselves are all actors.
The majority of them aren't, and let be honest when they do dive it is rather entertaining to see them get booked for it
I do disagree with the outrageously high wages they get though - Alvino

It is not a very rough game like football. Each match is 90 minutes unless there is still a tie between the two teams at full time. The match is continued. If there is still a tie between the two teams, the game will be advanced to penalties. Usually, five people from each team shoot but when the game is still a tie more than five people from each team shoot in the penalty shootout. It is good for running and a few other sports. I play at Anglo Square with my friends every Friday. I love soccer!

In reply to the below comment, you can't really compare soccer to hockey, but I will say this. You're right that hockey players get subbed every 45 -120 seconds, but the benefit of that is that when the players are on the ice, they can give it all they've got because they know there's a break to regenerate. If Soccer had the same structure, it would be infinitely faster and thus more exciting to watch. That said, soccer has phenomenal athletes able to play such long stints, but imagine what those same athletes could do if they too had a sub every few minutes. - Xean45

People are going to say "well they fall down when they didn't even get touched" WATCH A MATCH WOULD YA! If you watch (which I doubt you really do) you will notice there is almost a rhythm and the teams have strategies and such that they use, but when a player goes down, it stops play and now you have to adjust to this. People don't realize how hard it is to be in full game mode then you have to stop everything to worry about your player or the other one and you have to go from sprinting to jogging to sprinting again. It may not be a high scoring sport it is one that takes mental and physical sharpness.

They have champions you can kick the ball with your nee and foot and you can score goals they have soccer players that are nice you can pot the ball in the corner It is awesome it is important it is a sport for the world it is interesting
They have lots of soccer clubs It is a sport for US and the world millions millions and lots of soccer fans you need to count they have great Jerseys all the people are great at soccer soccer is the best then baseball football Basketball tennis Golf hokey rugby cricket karate handball soccer has great field they have great goalies you need to play and watch soccer soccer has lots of things

Soccer is the best sport ever because every one think that it is boring or stupid but they are completely wrong. The sport is great because of how it brings people together. You don't go to a Heat game or a sea hawks game and see fans who would kill them selves over their team. All those people who think soccer is BS don't know what their missing. So all those soccer or should I say football fans because American football stole the name. I am a football fan for life. So when people say football is trash, don't listen to them. I always feel sorry for them because they will always miss out on the worlds greatest sport.

Definitely best sport of all time. Anyone can play, from little kids in slums or bad neighbourhoods to elite superstars earning millions. You don't need fancy gear or money, rich or poor, young or old all you need is a ball and a bunch of mates and you will have a great time. - neemsay

It's football not soccer. Americans just stole the term because they couldn't think up of anything else to call their precious sport. Soccer also requires much more skill as you must be completely aware of your surroundings to know who is open to pass to etc. Also for all those who say it is non contact you obviously have never actually played the sport. Best sport ever! 1

I think that soccer is the harder sport because you have to practice almost everyday to stay good. To all that say that soccer is "easy" I want you to go on that field right now and play against soccer players that are amazing and have been playing their whole life, so if you say soccer is easy then go play and it and if anything don't say any sport is easy because it hurts so, so many peoples feelings.

Football (Or soccer as Americans call it) is the best sport in the world. Its great because it is not simply kicking a ball into a net. It has so many skills and techniques that you can do. There is so many achievements and goals. The best part is that your always have something you aim for, when you achieve your old achievements there are always more you can do. It can be very competitive but it is not dangerous, like rugby, where you can get hurt a lot but it is still very fun.
ARSENAL FOREVER! - isoldeivens18

Football is the most fun sport in my opinion. What makes it so great is anyone can play it anywhere, you don't need an ice rink or a tennis court, you just need a ball. Also anyone can play it short, tall, big small, poor, rich, it doesn't matter. Poor people in Africa can't play basketball or ice hockey they don't got a hoop or ice, but anyone can play football and be good.

Lots of people say that Soccer is boring. Its not that, either you have never played before or you tried it once, realized that you stinked then gave up. Or you were not fit enough, most soccer players run 13 miles an a game. I love soccer, I've played since I could walk. Soccer is the most complex sport. In basketball the net is so small that there are long shots but no epic curves or sick knuckle-balls. No endless amounts of skills. Soccer has the perfect aspects to make a perfect game.

If people think football is for wusses then they are wusses you know how much time it takes to learn all the skills in soccer and run for 90 minutes takes so much time and energy and you know how Americans say that when u get touched in soccer you start crying on the ground well that's not true and you know how soccer was the first sport to be named football well American football stole it from us so technically we are supposed to be called football not soccer I hate American footbal

I play soccer and it's really fun even know there are little injuries trust me but it is really fun trust me why don't you try it you'll never look fat will be like wow this is my favorite sport seriously it is so fun and challenging at the same time beware you get push a lot and some people like team don't even wear

I'm gonna call it football because I like the name football. Foot ball is the best sport I ever witnessed I want to be like Lionel Messi you always play against strong opponents if someone is better than you at football you can easily catch up to you and he becomes your rival it's so fun to have a rival because you and your rival get stronger every time I mean look at Ronaldo and Messi they are the best rivals ever I reccomend football for everyone even though they don't like it

There are 3 things I need to live. Food, water and soccer. This sport is the best sport that you will play. And for you guys who think its way too boring, It is because you have never seen the big games. I like every sport though! Not hating on anybody. Like whatever sport you like, I just like Soccer the most.

It's like watching paint flake off after it's hardened after it's dried... actually it's not even that exciting

Soccer a kind of like baseball for the rest of the world. It's not really exciting but it's a past time, which is why many like it. Even though I personally find it boring I understand why people have voted for it, but from a pure entertainment standpoint American football is the best honestly

Soccer is gay and boring all its about is fake injuries and kicking a ball you can accidentally kick the ball and score 1 time I was watching a game and like 12 guys were just standing around because they didn't have the ball there is no action what so ever it is trash it just sucks

When it comes to greatness the stands are full with excitement especially when the World Cup rolls around. FIFA seems to continue the tradition every new season. Plus when comparing to FIBA of Basketball, World Cup Soccer exists since the 1930s before the first World War. FIBA is from 1950 after even World War 2. So there are more Soccer veterans to respect and much nicer game play with that shot at the net. Beautiful event and it seems to be going ahead despite the rest of sports being concurrent from this opinion. Great job Soccer/Football! - iliescu

Soccer is a game in which you have to think before you do something because you never know what is going to happen! Although soccer is boring for some people I think soccer is the best sport I have ever played and seen.

I love it! Real madrid and manchester united are awesome. Most popular sport in the world. You can say like a sissy, you don't really use your hands. You're the sissy. In the other sports you barely use your feet. Now tell me which you use more.7/8 of the day you use you feet, stand, walk, even sit down. Whos the sissy now. Soccer is intense. It is amazing. It is older than any of your other sports. Its not ordinary. Its extraordinary.

To be honest, I've never really understood why people like basketball, seriously. The only reason I was happy to move to Germany 3 months ago is because people play soccer. Only problem is that I absolutely suck. I'm not at all good, and everyone in Germany is like Messi.