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Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent or between two teams of two players each.


I have been playing tennis since I was 4, I all together tennis is the hardest, most rewarding sport ever. Some people think it's just hitting a ball over a net. It so much harder then that. There are over twenty strokes you have to learn and consistently use. You have to be a great sprinter, have amazing footwork, be able to space the ball, and eye-hand coordination. Also there are tons of strategies that you need to know for BOTH singles and doubles. And finally you need to be mentally strong, because if you break down, nobodies there to save you.

At first I didn't really tennis but after watching prince of tennis (popular sports anime) I am like obsessed with it, but I am so shocked that it is so underrated it needs to be at the top. Seriously now I really really really really love tennis thanks to prince of tennis. Although I cannot play it but still I love it. People you should give it a try to prince of tennis well it is little bit exaggerated as it goes on but that doesn't matter because it is based on true logic of tennis.

Not only to play, but to watch. It never gets boring, it is satisfying to see yourself improve, and it is a sport you can play for life. You can play it even when your 80 years old, and it will be just as enjoyable. Watching it on T.V. is the best experience. There is high drama, intensity, you end up loving the different players and their personalities and styles, and the rivalries and competition are incredible. Overall, the best sport there is.

If this list was generated by total players world wide. Tennis would be in the top 5. It's great, it's fun anybody can play any body can better with practice just like anything. Don't see why American football is ahead when it's not really played outside US but okay. Tennis brings countries and people together. People from all around the world can compete where's nfl and nba are strictly US. It's been around forever and rules haven't changed much since. It stands the test of time.

Tennis is the best and most rewarding sport possible. I am only 14 and play at an extremely high and competitive level but I love tennis. To play tennis you have to be so physically strong and fit, able to chase any ball and swing your racquet perfectly. It also requires mental strength. You need to be able to fight for every point like it is your last, not get angry at yourself or give up. But winning is unexplainable. It makes it all worth it...

I could play this sport for hours. It tests mental fitness, and physical fitness. I'm the fittest I've ever been in my life, and it's really showing on the tennis court, being agile, sprinting towards drop shots...I love this sport. 1v1 let the fittest, most talented, craftiest player win. Oh and hitting a winner is one of the best feelings ever.

Tennis is the sport of kings. I love tennis. And I'm actually quite good at it. (Even though my brother is horrible and says that I'm absolutely rubbish at playing tennis. ) I wish we could play it at school But our teacher don't let us and we have to do athletics. Sad face and the people that actually get to play tennis are really lucky.

It's great fun when you're playing with your friends but it's fun when your family has the right one and you will it just to be a great friend to your own great game but I wish it was more like the new iPod game which makes the world better not be a game that has to play a lot more fun than it does for me and my family and friends and I have the best game on my

I love tennis because you are moving around side to side. Also it makes you very strong have a lot of muscle! If you don't believe me try today and make some incredible plays that most of the best athletes can't do! I think that tennis is the best sport and you have a lot fun. I hope you will love this sport too!

Tennis must be 2nd best sport in the world as I am 78 years of age, I started tennis at the age of 8 years old but two months ago, I had a stroke and no can never play tennis anymore. In my heart, I still love playing tennis and I still want to play, but my stroke has left me to not play.

I was the king of coach potatoes before my friend took me to the tennis courts. I thought it would be really boring (which I had seen in sport channels) but it turned out it is super fun! I want to recommend you to bring a partner if you are going for the first time.

I love Tennis I've played it my whole life, it's a lot more thrilling to watch then soccer are baseball. it really should at least be up their with football. its also not an easy sport it takes time to master it, many people like it because you play it by yourself, your not letting a team down. And its crazy fun!

Best! People say it's not challenging (physically)
That's SO not true! I've played for years and think about it! It's an independent sport so a) you don't get to sit on a bench and relax for a while, your constantly moving and it's suicide for your arms! And b) if you screw up, there's nobody to help you even when you play doubles, you can't rely on your partner to win, you have to step it up! Tennis is extremely difficult!

I'm on a Junior Tennis Team and I am a pretty good player. The sport is harder than soccer and basketball, but it really improves your arm strength, wrist movement, footwork, and tests your instincts on how and where you hit the ball to. A lot of my friends, who don't play tennis, think that you just hit the ball up. But actually, you need to get under the ball, strike it, and follow through by stroking the tennis ball in a windshield wiper-like rotation, in other words, up and through (which is what my coach tells me, by the way) in order to have good topspin on the ball. And serving is extremely important because you could lose a match if you can't serve correctly. If you're also up close to the net, you could hit volleys to make it easier instead of backing up to hit the ball. And finally, you have many awesome male and female tennis players all across the globe, such as Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Garbine Muguruza, Karolina Pliskova, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Stan ...more

This sport uses both your lower body and upper body strength. In a typical tennis point, both players move in five different directions in under ten seconds. Although this sport is difficult, it's worth a try and loads of fun.

Tennis. I've been playing ever since I was 6 and I still haven't got out of it. Why? Why would I? It strengthens my stamina, muscles, and my agility. It also betters my close-quarter thinking. I love tennis and I always will.

Always moving, something's going on. Each point counts and momentum can switch at any moment. Tennis is a sport that you can play when you're young and when you're old. Mental game is huge.

A favorite of my, a very healthy sport, every part of your body is on use - MatrixGuy

I love tennis and hockey, but this one's at the bottom and my favorite hobby is being ironic - I<3Queen

Tennis is one of the most technically unique and advanced games of all time. There is so much you can do with your game in all sorts of way which opens an insane amount of capabilities

Tennis by far is my favorite sport and I play competitively and I'm really good at it, I understand it shouldn't be number 1, but I think it should be number 3.

Tennis is very fun and a mini version of it is called Ping Pong - XxSpitfire34109xX

Really great sport. Keeps you fit, is a lifelong sport like golf, is extremely competitive, and is just plain fun!

Tennis is amazing! It's so much fun to play! Tennis gets you all focused, and it involves a lot of eye coordination.

This sport is 2 in the world according to the world association but why 6 over he are