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1 Bull penis

In response to that guy, YOU ARE DISGUSTING. - PositronWildhawk

I'm not trying this. I don't give a crap what it tastes like. Just eating something's penis... I-Its disgusting!

This stuff is the bomb! It is so good yet so bad. Once it got stuck in my throat and I couldn't breath so my mom had to yank it out of there. Man this stuff is real!

I don't even care if it tastes good. Eating a penis is just absolutely foul! - DrayTopTens

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2 Chicken Liver

This stuff is really gross or at least it sounds gross. I can't belive broccoli is on the list. Its awesome food man. - gamer123

Any kind of liver is gross in fact! Ever notice it smells like urine before it's cooked? Doesn't taste much better either. - lance101

My dad forced me to try beef or lamb liver, and it was DISGUSTING. It was a bit powdery, and was like pate. - IceFoxPlayz

Hey who put this on number one! It is healthy in some way I think and oh yeah it tastes good! In some cultures like the Philippines where I am from it is considered a delicacy!

I never ever going to try this in my life.

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3 Haggis

Scottish people are idiots for liking this crap. It's a sheep's liver, heart, lungs, etc. With onions, spices, and OATMEAL cooked in the stupid sheep STOMACH.

Ew, gross! Haggis is just plain awful, I can't believe people actually like this stuff! It's disgusting, I mean come on, sheep heart? I feel sorry for that sheep...

And the people who decide to try Haggis.

I am so happy I don't live in Scotland. Sheep heart and liver. Holly crap. Imagine you having to eat this every morning or night or lunch.

In concept its gross but it doesn't taste awful. I personally think it tastes like black pudding but with a very odd texture

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4 Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is good you know.

Blue cheese dressing is one of the greatest things on the face of the earth. Personally, I think actual slices of blue cheese are disgusting.

Anything but Blue Cheese... death to Blue Cheese X(! Mushrooms are awesome and I eat raw chives all the time and they taste just like onions. - fireinside96

Terrible texture, makes me want to gag

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5 Ox Penis

... Uh ... Is this food an ox's penis. WHOLLY CRAP

There r to things animals peed out of on this list! Dig in everybody this was god knows where, and a animal peed out of it,

That sounds like a REALLY GROSS food item. Wait... is it even an actual food item?!?

First, bull penis?
Now, Ox penis?
What's next chicken Brains? - CartoonCriticizer

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6 Duck feet

What the hell?! Duck Feet is a food? People will eat anything - Razor79

These are actually translated into 'Phoenix Talons' from Chinese and are actually quite alright. Wait, that's chicken feet. HOLY CRAP, DUCK FEET?!

Just the look of these 2 naughty nasty words make me feel nauseous about it. What's going to be even worst is that I'll see the picture... Oh please for goodness sake don't show me one! Please oh please!

Duck feet is awesome

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7 Black-pudding

Blood! Seriously?! People just eat blood. Makes me gag just thinking about it.

Pig blood, PIG BLOOD! What kind of people would like to eat pig blood. If my family made me eat this garbage, I would hate my life at least put this in the top 5

THIS IS BLOOD! I HAVE LOST FAITH IN HUMANITY! And I'm not becoming a vampire for pudding, that's just EWW! DEAR GOD THAT POOR PIGGY!

That's why I can't eat anyone else's cooking. Other than my relatives and family, of course. - CartoonCriticizer

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8 Bull Testicles

Laugh out loud. I remember this food mentioned in Total Drama Island

They're actually called Rocky Mountain Oysters. People are often deceived and thing these are actual oysters but yeah this is one thing I will never feel comfortable touching with a 10 foot pole

Seriously? What the hell guys? Who eats this stuff?

I remember thsss on fear factor.

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9 mushrooms

I like then on pizza with green peppers.

Mushrooms are actually really good, especially in pasta or pizza. I don't get whats wrong.

It's really just water content though... Personally I don't think it's awful, but there are way more interesting vegetables you could choose instead.


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10 Monkey Brains

I am so gonna puke... Monkey Brains... I am out...

I remember these from Temple of Doom. Honestly, I wanna become a zombie, so I will eat these if I go to Persia or wherever that movie takes place. - Extractinator04

What the? A brain, that's weird and gross. I feel weird just thinking about my mom walking in and saying we're having monkey brains... - Puppytart

Monkey Brains are a real food...AAAHHH - CartoonCriticizer

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11 Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts taste like used underwear in the garbage with crap in them. Broccoli tastes like heaven compared to this garbage of a food. Pickles taste wonderful, given they're not sweet. Tomatoes are amazing! NOT brussel sprouts.

For sure, who put oranges on this list? - sharp10

Are you for real? Broccoli is nothing compared to this piece of crap of a food!

Worst. F- I don't even know if I can call it food. Ever...

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12 Jellied Moose Nose

Why would anyone want to eat this crap?! It looks SO DISGUSTING! Here's one thing: I love broccoli and cheese, and I also want to know why those are higher than this ugly food. Who came up with the idea to invent this gross stuff?!?! I WANT TO KNOW AND THEN DESTROY THAT PERSON! (Not really.)

Why the hell does this exist?

Who thinks of this crap.

...just why?

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13 Casu Marzu

It is maggots that are alive on cheese. It is gross. I have had it before and I would rather eat black pudding!

Cazu Marzu translates to rotten cheese in English. If that's not bad enough, they put maggots in the rotten cheese, and the maggots JUMP ON YOU while you're eating it! The maggots are still alive! It's even illegal in some places!

What is it made of? It looks like bread. Still, I know it's NOT.

Cheese with LIVE MAGGOTS in it and they jump on you when you eat it. Bread is better than this cheese - Lunala

Why in the heck do people make foods like these? - KKwing

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14 Pufferfish

If you eat it from a random dude who doesn't know how to serve pufferfish, you will die because they're poisonous and I don't get why people think they're good my sister ate it and said it tasted like burnt fish with cheese on it - Puppytart

Heres why its bad for you: If even 1 mistake is made the person who ate it is in serious pain

It kills you if you touch a spike. Before you can say mouse. Unless you want to live longer... It's actually quite delicious o hear... NEVER EAT IT! ITS A DEATH IN DISGUISE! Enjoy the last moments. They will be tasty, yet painful!

It is poison and can kill you. in Japan its called fugu they have to train chefs to prepare it just right but I ain't taking no risk. don't eat Miss Puff - Lunala

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15 Tomatoes

Despite my best efforts I simply cannot tolerate the taste of tomatoes. They destroy everything they touch too. I want my sandwiches WITHOUT tomato. Yet they put it on there anyway, I have pull it off and it leaves that mucus-like residue and its little demon seeds behind. If I'm pressed for time I still eat the sandwich but it does a number on the flavor. I had to start telling restaurants I was allergic to them. But they still put them on there anyway. They're probably thinking "Who the hell doesn't like tomatoes? " Me, that's who. They are VILE. - stellaryarn

Tomatoes are pretty healthy. If you take a look at the lists that say TheTopTens Favorite Foods or Best Foods, no vegetables ( or fruits ) are on there. They are really juicy and come in all different sizes and colors. Like green and purple ones or the traditional red ones. And you can use in lots of meals. Like a creamy tomato soup, dried ones, or just cherry tomatoes in a salad or sandwich. Yes, I know it's called Grossest Foods but people disagree with this too!

Tomatoes are my favorite food. They are awesome, dude. They are so juicy. It is great. You guys are missing out.

Tomatoes suck

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16 Caviar

Poor fish. They have to be eaten right before they're even born. It's even grosser than eating a chicken egg. - Powerfulgirl10

I always wiggle away or wince at the sight of eating fish eggs. The idea absolutely is revolting even though I love Sushi

Who eats fish eggs?!

Barbaric elitists!

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17 Cockscomb

By the name I don't think I want to know what this is

It's a flower, not a dick. - Extractinator04

I literally lmao when I read this

18 Raw Onions

I would rather put lemon juice in my eyes than eat one bite of a raw onion. but I would take a thousand raw onions over poop.

You should order your onions grilled at In & Out, or order your burger Animal Style. Trust me, it will taste delicious, and this is coming from a person who orders animal style every time at In & Out. - IceFoxPlayz

ha i got paid 5 bucks to bite into an onion like an apple and it was horrible and the flavour was in my mouth for hourrs - Okami

I was practising karate all day and my sensei told me that I have to eat every day 2 onions. I did it for like 2 Months.. Really gross - Naonao

I like them. Like literally I would eat a spoonful of chopped up onions(and I have before).

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19 Balut

This is delicious

Ew Asian people are so gross

A duck fetus still in an egg. I've seen it on youtube and in books. I don't want to try it and also the poor duck :( - Lunala

20 Raw Liver

Yeah, seriously, who eats guts? - Extractinator04

Anything that had to do with organs are absoulotly disgusting

U kidding... right? - JayJayPlayzzz


21 Broccoli

Broccoli is amazing! How is it under top ten grossest foods?

Stop lying to people broccoli is not bad for u! You're going to make people lose the nutrients they need for a healthy body to grow the guy that said that must eat Big Macs and cheeseburgers all day long!

Broccoli may be very good for you, but it causes really stinky farts.

A kid who hates vegetables put this here

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22 Sardines

Sardines tastes really good!

Seafood... I love sardines! - Extractinator04

My dad loves these things, he's the only one in my family who does

Now my dad just ate
More and this is winter I wanted to eat something he hates and finds disgusting for one thing he hates salantra

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23 Hasma

What the heck is this. I don't even want to find out.

Literally fat from frog's Fallopian tubes. It's gross! Why anybody would want to eat that is beyond me.

My friend has athsma but not this I have no idea what this is.

What's so gross about Fallopian Tubes? I ate human ones once. - Extractinator04

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24 American Cheese

It's so processed that it's only a few molecules away from rubber.

I tried killing myself after learning my parents used this when they make me grilled cheese. It is disgusting and bad. - Extractinator04

Gross. Terrible cheese. I can't believe I used to like this.

It looks weird - Puppytart

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25 Anchovies

What?! Something's wrong with your tastebuds! - DinoLover4242

26 Cheese

Seriously why is cheese on here :( sad face

If there is any kind of cheese that I hate, it's American cheese. American cheese is not cheese. In fact, it's only a few molecules away from rubber!

I used to get made fun of because I hate cheese. At least I know the bullies were dumb because they said it is impossible to get pizza without cheese - benhos

Its really good! WHY IS IT HERE?

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27 Hákarl

I don't know what this is, but it sounds weird. - DinoLover4242

28 Bird poop

I am going to throw up! - masonkv

You'll get a illness if you eat bird poop plus who would eat it anyway

So?! This person is just telling you their sister ate bird poop. What do you have against that?! They're just telling you a story. Like most people do.

I JUST LOVE BIRD POOP! I like the texture of the gooeyness in my mouth and the occasional lumpy bits as well. MMM I'm eating some right now

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29 Surströmming

Looks like fish with mushy stuff and in some kind of liquid. Saw a pic of some guy eating it and it looked like a TONGUE.

30 Buffalo Testicle Smoothie

From liver, to a penis, to spit, to poop, to brains, and now balls smoothie. - Powerfulgirl10

Rhett & Link did


31 Avocado

If you like guacamole and hate avocados, then you are dumb, because guacamole is made from avocado.

Avocados are so yummy!

32 Fruit Cake

It's only Jelly Beans with meat loaf! come on, it's ugly! - ResidentEvil54life

Is there any point to fruitcake? It tastes horrific! - BKAllmighty

I have had some before, it was horrid. It is not meat loaf and jelly beans, though. It is actually rich cake with dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and orange peel. - Extractinator04

Am I the only one who likes it :/

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33 Bat Paste

How could people eat bats that totally gross

I dunno what the hell bat paste is and I've never heard of it before. But it seems it would be the most disguisting thing compared to everything else on this list.

It looks revolting. I don't even want to picture anyone eating it. - Powerfulgirl10

what ew - Puppytart

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34 Fermented Salmon Heads

Doesn't sound too bad..., I guess?

I would much prefer trout. - Extractinator04

I agree...?

35 Baked Beans

Great going in, not great going out. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

36 Deep Fried Spider

I hate LOOKING at them why bother eating it - JayJayPlayzzz

Bugs are good to eat - The_Ferret

Eww. Who even eats bugs? - Powerfulgirl10


37 Duck Fetus

My god, don't eat it.

Some of my family members have eaten it, but I wouldn't dare even touch it. - ethanmeinster

I've seen pictures of this stuff. It looks awful. - gelatinbeastworm

What has this world gone into - JayJayPlayzzz

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38 Spinach

The most disgusting thing I ever ate. The smell alone makes me sick. Unfortunately, my family loves it :(

I haven't eaten a lot of this stuff but it tasted pretty good. Plus just because it smells bad doesn't mean it doesn't taste good.

You guys are crazy. I don't like many vegetables but I like this.

Listen, kid, we can settle this without calling each other crazy. - Extractinator04

I love it SO MUCH - JayJayPlayzzz

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39 Corn Dogs

Seriously, why are corn dogs in this list? I love corn dogs and I hope people eat them. Is it because they are greasy, or is it because they are gross? I just want corn dogs off this list. Who's with me? Post a comment to my message, and I'll find out is you like or hate them.

Corn Dogs are only on here because the way they look. But they taste good, so whoever put them on this list is a party pooper. - Extractinator04

I guess some idiot decided to put corn dogs on the list. This should be removed. I LOVE CORN DOGS!

Get some ketchup wit it - JayJayPlayzzz

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40 Bananas

Who hates bananas? I love bananas! Even minions love bananas!

Bananas are good. Why is it on this stupid list?

I'm hoping this gets a higher place on the list. I hate bananas, and apparently I'm part of the minority...

Bananas are a billion times better than every fruit combined

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41 Sushi

I'm offended. Not liking something is one thing but straight up insulting it? Sushi is an art which has been perfected over thousands of years. You're allowed an opinion, just don't insult mine. I practiced making Sushi for 7 years now! If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

I saw sushi on Top Ten Worst foods, and I had to say something about the idiot who put it on there. - IceFoxPlayz

WHAT! Sushi is my favourite food! Are you guys crazy!

It should totally be on this list. There are some gross things on this list, but SUSHI? It's healthy, it tastes awesome, and it's not terrible by any stretch. The only negative is that it's expensive. What do people like these days - Danmarino4

It’s actually really popular

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42 Meat Loaf Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday, better known by his stage name Meat Loaf, is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He is noted for his powerful, wide-ranging operatic voice and theatrical live shows.

Meat loaf is good if you make it the right way. DON'T BAKE IT WITH KETCHUP, put ketchup on after it is cooked. - benhos

Why is there some dumb guy on the screen, Nothing like meatloaf LOGIC

It's really good for experienced and new chefs. You just have to he creative with the recipe.

It made be puke

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43 Zucchini

Bitter and inedible. To add insult to the injury, they look like one of my favorite foods, courgettes! - Extractinator04

Zucchini tastes so bitter. There's no way to make this food eatable.

Zucchini is the bomb!

44 Scrapple
45 Chicken Heart

My dog has eaten a chicken heart before. I found one in the roast dinner and my mum ordered me to feed it to my dog. At least my dog enjoyed it, though. - Wolftail

You people are gross, and dumb.

Chicken heart actually tastes good - BrotherOfWolves001

Who eats a heart? - Powerfulgirl10

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46 Eggs

Anyone who thinks an egg is a "baby" or "fetus" needs to go back to primary school.
An egg is UNFERTILIZED, and therefore will NEVER turn into a "baby" or "fetus".
When you eat an egg, you are eating the stored nutrition for a fetus. There is NO fetus without a rooster.
Did you hold it to candlelight to SEE if it was fertilized by the rooster? Does your egg contain yolk? If it does, it is NOT a baby.

Trust me you guys probably eat eggs so stop saying that about other people

Eggs are disgusting. Why would anyone eat a baby that wasn't even born yet?

I like eggs - Lunala

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47 Tofu

What a fantastic healthy go-with-anything food that I'm happy to say I love and can do so with gusto because at least I've tried it before forming my opinion. Note to all.

I was eating dinner. I picked up a thing that looked like chicken. I bit it and it was all chewy. I swallowed and it was disgusting. That "chicken" was tofu.

What's so good about bean curd? It is so chewy and flavorless! I only go to Thai Food for the Mushroom Stew. - Extractinator04

Nope. My mom is obsessed with it because she is a health freak. - galaxyfox

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48 Geese Eyeballs

I laughed so hard when I saw geese eyeballs on the list, but it sound REALLY NASTY.

Who eats a goose's eyeballs?!

I don't even eat eyes, especially from a goose. - Powerfulgirl10

Eyes! really - JayJayPlayzzz

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49 Beets

BOO! These are the best, how can you hate yummy warm or cold boiled beets

My dad eats these - JayJayPlayzzz

Beets are amazing. They used to take up 30% of what I ate. that's how much I love them. I will eat them any day.

50 Bean Sprouts

Both yummy and disgusting at the same time. - DinoLover4242

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