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21 Cheese

Seriously why is cheese on here :( sad face

If there is any kind of cheese that I hate, it's American cheese. American cheese is not cheese. In fact, it's only a few molecules away from rubber!

I used to get made fun of because I hate cheese. At least I know the bullies were dumb because they said it is impossible to get pizza without cheese - benhos

Its really good! WHY IS IT HERE?

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22 Bird poop

I am going to throw up! - masonkv

You'll get a illness if you eat bird poop plus who would eat it anyway

So?! This person is just telling you their sister ate bird poop. What do you have against that?! They're just telling you a story. Like most people do.

What kind of person eats this. I mean seriously. *throws up in brain while thinking about it

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23 Sardines

My dad loves these things, he's the only one in my family who does

Sardines tastes really good!

Seafood... I love sardines! - Extractinator04

Salty... - Lucretia

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24 Brain

I wanna be a zombie! Give me a nice bite of cerebrum so I can join the Living Dead! - Extractinator04

Who in heck would eat a brain who wasn't a zombie?! - mayamanga

If anyone eats a brain, I'll consider them as a zombie. - Powerfulgirl10

This is a creepy thing to eat... especially monkey brain - Lucretia

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25 Fermented Salmon Heads

Doesn't sound too bad..., I guess?

I would much prefer trout. - Extractinator04

I agree...?

Salmons not bad, but permemnted fish head... - Lucretia

26 Hákarl
27 Balut

This is delicious

Ew Asian people are so gross

A duck fetus still in an egg. I've seen it on youtube and in books. I don't want to try it and also the poor duck :( - Lunala

28 Fruit Cake

It's only Jelly Beans with meat loaf! come on, it's ugly! - ResidentEvil54life

Is there any point to fruitcake? It tastes horrific! - BKAllmighty

I have had some before, it was horrid. It is not meat loaf and jelly beans, though. It is actually rich cake with dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and orange peel. - Extractinator04

Am I the only one who likes it :/

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29 Raw liver

Anything that had to do with organs are absoulotly disgusting

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30 Bat Paste

How could people eat bats that totally gross

I dunno what the hell bat paste is and I've never heard of it before. But it seems it would be the most disguisting thing compared to everything else on this list.

It looks revolting. I don't even want to picture anyone eating it. - Powerfulgirl10

what ew - Puppytart

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31 Surströmming

Looks like fish with mushy stuff and in some kind of liquid. Saw a pic of some guy eating it and it looked like a TONGUE.

32 American Cheese

It's so processed that it's only a few molecules away from rubber.

I tried killing myself after learning my parents used this when they make me grilled cheese. It is disgusting and bad. - Extractinator04

Gross. Terrible cheese. I can't believe I used to like this.

When it gets hard its nasty... so is it soft - Lucretia

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33 Bird Spit

I had to do a backtrack on this to make sure I'd read that right. BIRD SPIT?! What...seriously?! Who tries this stuff to qualify it as gross anyway?

"What's good on the menu, Bill? "
"Dunno, but I'd avoid the Bird Spit, Burt. Tried it once. Didn't like it."

What?! - Britgirl

Why do people eat everything they can come up with. What if people start eating poop from the sewers - Puppytart

Ugh. Who eats this? I don't even know... - Powerfulgirl10


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34 Buffalo Testicle Smoothie

What... who would eat this seriously, who likes animal genital smoothies? - Lucretia

From liver, to a penis, to spit, to poop, to brains, and now balls smoothie. - Powerfulgirl10

Rhett & Link did


35 Deep Fried Spider

Eww. Who even eats bugs? - Powerfulgirl10


Why spider? I can get grasshopper or something but spider? - Lucretia

36 Spinach

The most disgusting thing I ever ate. The smell alone makes me sick. Unfortunately, my family loves it :(

I haven't eaten a lot of this stuff but it tasted pretty good. Plus just because it smells bad doesn't mean it doesn't taste good.

You guys are crazy. I don't like many vegetables but I like this.

Listen, kid, we can settle this without calling each other crazy. - Extractinator04

Its good when its fresh and not cooked. - Lucretia

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37 Duck Fetus

My god, don't eat it.

Some of my family members have eaten it, but I wouldn't dare even touch it. - ethanmeinster

I've seen pictures of this stuff. It looks awful. - gelatinbeastworm

First there was duck feet, and now there's an unborn duck! - Powerfulgirl10

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38 Geese Eyeballs

I laughed so hard when I saw geese eyeballs on the list, but it sound REALLY NASTY.

Who eats a goose's eyeballs?!

I don't even eat eyes, especially from a goose. - Powerfulgirl10

Fish eyes are bad enough but this - Lucretia

39 Meat Loaf Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor usually known by his stage name Meat Loaf.

Meat loaf is good if you make it the right way. DON'T BAKE IT WITH KETCHUP, put ketchup on after it is cooked. - benhos

Why is there some dumb guy on the screen, Nothing like meatloaf LOGIC

It's really good for experienced and new chefs. You just have to he creative with the recipe.

It made be puke

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40 Sushi

I'm offended. Not liking something is one thing but straight up insulting it? Sushi is an art which has been perfected over thousands of years. You're allowed an opinion, just don't insult mine. I practiced making Sushi for 7 years now! If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

WHAT! Sushi is my favourite food! Are you guys crazy!

It should totally be on this list. There are some gross things on this list, but SUSHI? It's healthy, it tastes awesome, and it's not terrible by any stretch. The only negative is that it's expensive. What do people like these days - Danmarino4

I want to eat sushi but my mom told me to be vegan I liked the spicy tuna - Puppytart

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