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61 Pepperoni Pizza

HONK! WHY! WHY! It's my favorite food!

WHAT THE!? Pepperoni Pizza is my favorite! WHO WAS PUT PEPPERONI PIZZA ON THIS LIST!? It's was the one of best foods I've ever tasted too! - LapisBob

What the double heck?!?! Pizza is my favorite food!

Me and my sister hate pizza so much, it's nasty eww! There's way too much cheese every time, so when we take it off there's these nasty little lines and it just makes me wanna because because those lines have no sauce and it's disturbing! - Puppytart

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62 Beets

BOO! These are the best, how can you hate yummy warm or cold boiled beets

Beets are amazing. They used to take up 30% of what I ate. that's how much I love them. I will eat them any day.

63 okra

Okra as a side dish of fried chicken...

I am an Indian and we call it ladyfingers and they taste very good and crispy

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64 Potted Meat
65 Mushy Peas

My teachers used to try and make me eat this by saying "they're just mashed up peas". They're not, they're disgusting

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66 Bacon

No one who likes or hates this is an idiot. Unless those people call other people idiots over liking or disliking bacon.

Do these people have taste buds or what?

People usually like bacon, but I have to admit it is gross!

Bacon tastes weird for me I can't even eat it - Puppytart

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67 Soy
68 Liver
69 Walnuts V 3 Comments
70 Frog Porridge

yuck - Lunala

71 Lemons

I like lemons. They aren't even that sour to me.

Personally not a fan of their flavour its too overwhelming for me, but I do like sour things. - Lunala

Lemons are yummy, I put it in my water and sometimes eat them - Puppytart

Lemons don't even taste sour to me. - Powerfulgirl10

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72 Creamed Corn
73 Pigs feet

Pig butt people eat that in fact a lot of people eat that a whole lot of people be cause it's STEAK - Puppytart

Babies say "tummy."

Also pig snout... Eww and pig belly.
Pigs are disgusting they eat all crap and their blood and tummy infested with most bacteria more than anyother meat

74 Crisps

Well maybe that's why it tastes like poo because you're POO!

Crisps are the best. You people have no taste in food.

They are basically chips. What's wrong with that?

Yum - Lunala

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75 Chicken Heart

My dog has eaten a chicken heart before. I found one in the roast dinner and my mum ordered me to feed it to my dog. At least my dog enjoyed it, though. - Wolftail

Chicken heart actually tastes good - BrotherOfWolves001

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76 Fat

I can never fully chew the fat in meats. So, I gag. - Pony

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77 That Jello Stuff At The Bottom Of Spam Cans

Yep, its probably chemicals mixed with oily fat. - Lunala


78 Bananas

Who hates bananas? I love bananas! Even minions love bananas!

Bananas are good. Why is it on this stupid list?

I'm hoping this gets a higher place on the list. I hate bananas, and apparently I'm part of the minority...

But, I love bananas! Who doesn't like bananas? - LapisBob

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79 Cheeseburger V 4 Comments
80 Celery

Celery is mostly water and doesn't have a taste.. that's why I love it!

The mere thought of eating this makes my stomach churn... Whenever my dad makes noodles for dinner, he just has to include celery. I have to choke it down with orange drink, because the taste is so awful...

At least celery is better than onions! My mom cooked celery in her homemade soup.

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