Top Ten Grossest Foods

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101 Papaya

It smells horrible and tastes yucky

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102 Carrots Carrots

I can force myself to eat them sometimes. Not as bad as lettuce - Lunala

I can't eat them because I hate them (as well as capsicum) - Ananya

Carrots is my favorite vegetable, why is this here? - Mumbizz01

I hate carrots! Every time I eat one I VOMIT!

103 Shark Fin Soup
104 Corned Beef
105 Jelly Beans

The big jelly beans are bad, but the Jelly Belly branded jelly beans are good. - surfacing

Vomit and stale cheese are.

These are the worst. - Curtis_Huber

I know that they are coated with bug poop, but I still eat them anyway. - Lunala

106 Deep Fried Butter

Super fattening, disgusting, and horrible for your health. This should be top 50 Maybe 10 for sure!

Sounds gross. greg eat it in the Long Haul wimpy kid - Lunala

107 Shiro V 2 Comments
108 Beans

I hate beans. No not because they make you fart that's what you say when you are 6 years old.
I just cannot eat them.

109 Lobster Rolls V 1 Comment
110 Mustard

I love mustard - Lunala

111 Roast Pig
112 Cow Liver
113 Horse Brain

Yuck! - SlapHoppy

114 Pickles

I actually like pickles, Whoever put on this lists. - LapisBob

115 Pickels

If you take this off the list I will not look for you I will not pursue you but if you don't I will look for you I will find and I will kill you

I love this stuff

I us we to like than I just stop trying - Minecraftisawesone

Pickles are sooo gross! - Piplup

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116 Green Beans
117 Fish Sticks

Fish sticks are so disgusting, but I liked them when I was younger. Don't even get me started on the ones that they serve at my school. - Powerfulgirl10

Fish sticks are gross, especially at my school!

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118 peanut butter

Insect fragments? That's what you are worried about? I used to eat bugs all the time when I was a kid. I don't find bugs gross.

I used to eat it by the spoonful (gag*) but now it just turns my stomach. I love peanuts though...

Hate peanuts or peanut Butter

I can't stand the taste of Peanut Butter. - Pony

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119 Hotdogs Hotdogs A hot dog is a cooked sausage, traditionally grilled or steamed and served in a sliced bun as a sandwich.

I love hot dogs, but now that I found out that there was gross body parts in them, I never want to eat them again. I found out there were skin of pigs, chickens, or cows, lips, pig snouts, organs, fat, and other body parts. Gross, right? Well, I will never eat a hot dog again.

Same. What's in them is gross. I'd sooner eat strait up pig fat.

I get a brand of hot dogs that isn't... I'm not going to go into what's inside of it. Look it up!

I like hot dogs, but now I'm scarred for life since there's weird stuff in it. - Powerfulgirl10

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120 Bean Sprouts
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