Top Ten Grossest Foods

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161 Cow Brains

First sheep brain now cow brain!? - Minecraftisawesone

162 Pig Spit

First bird spit. Now pig spit? - Powerfulgirl10

People don't even eat this

Who would eat a sea peg

163 Rutabaga
164 Avocado

If you like guacamole and hate avocados, then you are dumb, because guacamole is made from avocado.

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165 Curry
166 Peanuts

I have a peanut allergy & I am glad this is on the list.

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167 Chitterlings
168 Chub Mackerel
169 Corned Beef
170 Spam
171 Jello

Um... Why is it on this list? Jello is my favorite food I've ever tasted. - LapisBob

172 Potato Chip Ice Cream
173 Cream Puffs
174 Canned Mushrooms
175 Sundae Cherries

They are totally fake. How do they take the seeds out of the cherry with destroying the whole thing. I don't want to know.

176 Oysters

They taste Good though!

If you eat them fresh, they're extremely slimy and taste of seawater. Also a planty aftertaste. I refuse to eat this

177 Frog Sashimi

Search it up... If you dare

178 Macaroni and Cheese

What you have no taste in food mac and cheese Is awesome

Nobody doesn't like this awesome stuff! I like to put buffalo sauce on mine. - Goatworlds

Anything with cheese besides pizza and lasagna is disgusting. I'm happy to see this on here.


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179 Mackerel
180 Sheep Blood Soup V 2 Comments
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