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121 Snails

They do look ewwish, but I generally don't have any problems with them. - Kiteretsunu

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122 Urine
123 When people lick you

Don't even want to start on it... Their saliva is on my skin!

Lol does this ever happen - purpleyoshi98

124 Ear Wax

This is boomers dumb power in the ppg anime. He uses a cotton swab to throw earwax. Gross but funny.

125 Black pudding
126 Rats

Yuck, I hate their rubber pink tails, creepy. And the sound they make, creepy. Especially how fast they scurry, yuck, I don't want to touch the tail ever.

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127 Inflated Ticks
128 Twilight

Even stephen king didn't like stephenie meyer.

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129 Intentionally Vomiting

It is so gross. Because when some people do not like you for some reason and they want to punish U.some people put there finger in there throat to make them selves puke. And boy it is the grossest thing ever.

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130 Puking Out Your Nose

Is that even possible?

Apparently, this is possible.

131 Black bile
132 Fish Sticks
133 People that neglect animals

People who are reading this, animals are not our enemies! We need them to help us and stay alive so we shouldn't be so abusive and cruel towards animals Ok?!

People over nudge pit bulls because they are strong and people use them wrongly. I have a pit, and my 4 year old brother loves her. She will protect him with her life. Once, a dog started barking at him and she scared him off. Then she checked him and licked him forever.

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134 Little Bossy Girls

I hate them a lot!

If they are any of them on this website I HATE YOU! - DK

135 Getting Peed/Pooped On V 1 Comment
136 People pooping in public

Find a bathroom for goodness' sake!

137 Kissing Mouth to Mouth

It's better than kissing tongue to tongue.

Get a girlfriend

138 Baraka
139 Custer's Revenge
140 Mushrooms
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