Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Movies

The top ten movies you love to watch but hate to admit it. This list is for the top movies your completely embarrassed to say you enjoy.

The Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Movies

1 Dumb and Dumber

I really don't think this is a guilty pleasure movie, one of the best comedies ever. Unless all comedies are considered guilty pleasures shouldn't be on this list I don't think

I liked Ultraviolet but I could watch this one 100 times and still laugh. The comic timing is impeccable. It's even funnier if you know somebody that's almost as dumb as them. - logblobo

Yeah the first movie was dumb and the second movie was dumberer yet I like them - codydoestuff

Anything with Jim Carrey cracks me up but ecspecially this movie man... It's amazing. Definitely my guilty pleasure movie. - ShyChick

2 Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol
3 Mamma Mia

Nope. - Elric-san

4 Robocop 3
5 Erotic Ghost Story
6 Ultraviolet
7 Who's That Girl

The only reason I feel guilty for liking this film is because everybody else hates it. Well that and the song. Oh GOD, that song...

8 Jonah Hex
9 Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

Way better than the first film


10 The Beverly Hillbillies

The Contenders

11 The Terror of Tiny Town
12 Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
13 Naked Killer
14 Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

How can you not like it. Sure, the acting wasn't top notch but you gotta give this film credit to seeing all the best Scooby-Doo: Where Are You monsters on the live action big screen! - Daviddv0601

15 Minions

I agree that it is a pointless movie (besides the ending), but like most Illumination movies, it's a guilty pleasure of mine.

16 Congo

Yeah, it was a bad movie, but I've seen worse. It's a fun adventure!

Don't touch my SESAME CAKE! - Always cracks me up. - truckturner

17 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

I love movie is really good

18 Bee Movie
19 Batman Forever

This was the first Batman movie I saw, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I love Jim Carrey's manic Riddler and Tommy Lee Jones' ridiculous Two-Face hamming up every scene they were in. I love the insane color pallate and the ridiculous costumes and overuse of blacklight. I love how they portrayed Robin in a less innocent, more deeply traumatized, and vengeful but ultimately redeemed himself. I love the depiction of Bruce Wayne's internal struggle with his identity. This movie, to me, is the perfect balance of the comical and the serious. It's everything a blockbuster family superhero should be.

This movie is the reason I love superhero movies, games and comics so much. If I wasn't a fan of Jim Carrey, I wouldn't have watched this. - Daviddv0601

What can I say, I enjoyed it as a kid.

Way better than batman and robin but not as good as 89 batman. Good action scenes, good actors, Jim Carey's funny jokes and ridels, and is similar to the 66 batman T.V. series around the end of the movie.

20 Kung Pow -Enter the Fist

Movie is so stupid its funny - youngmoney504

Whenever I'm sad, I watch this, its histerical

21 Airheads
22 Scooby-Doo (2002)

Don't tell anybody I love the live action scooby-doo movies...

23 Home (2015)
24 Ice Age: Collision Course
25 Starship Troopers

Sure the acting is atrocious and the premise is ridiculous, but you have to admit it is one of the best pure testosterone movies of all time.

Thing is, I don't feel guilty.

Sorry, no guilt, I liked it. - RdrTech

26 Grease
27 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
28 Zootopia
29 Mars Attacks
30 Pixels
31 Batman & Robin

haha, thats awesome this is on here. I agree, I watched this movie all the time as a kid - kyll

classic "so bad that's good" movie - LucasMota

32 My Stepmother Is an Alien
33 Sheena

Ahh back when you could get away with full frontal nudity in a PG movie

34 Grown Ups
35 Sing
36 Jobs
37 Into the Blue
38 The Angry Birds Movie
39 Trolls
40 Boo! a Madea Halloween
41 Charlie St. Cloud
42 Theodore Rex
43 Oliver & Company
44 Beavis and Butthead Do America

Stupid but awesome movie! I cannot understand how Dumb & Dumber is number 1 it's not even a guilty pleasure!

One of my favorite comedies - ChrisHenry

This show deserves more respect - ListerBlister

45 Robot Taekwon V

So cheesy it's funny - PerfectImpulseX

46 Moses: Egypt's Great Prince
47 Can't Hardly Wait

One of the best romantic comedies ever! I really love it and I admit it, great actors and now they are all famous

Jennifer Love Hewitt is so gorgeous and the movie is so well put together!!

48 Rocky III
49 Hotel Transylvania
50 Cars 2
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