Movie Musical Reviews- #6: High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Okay, you know how everyone has that one movie that they're embarrassed to say that they like? Well, here's mine: I like High School Musical 3. Prepare your laughter, cause I know it's coming. However, let me explain why I like this movie other than sheer nostalgia.

Full disclosure: I hate the first two movies. A lot. Just pointing that out.

So, the plot is that the cast is in their senior year and about to graduate. Because of this, the drama teacher, Ms. Darbus, decides to make the spring musical about the future. Everyone creates their acts based on the events going on in their lives. This is all while they're deciding their future after high school.

What I like about this plot is that high schoolers really do go through the turmoil of deciding their future, and the movie has a lot of good messages about it. Your plans may change, people may try to force you into situations, but you decide your future, not anyone else. Wow, High School Musical had intelligent commentary, wtf?

The characters are...cookie cutter. The jock the brains, the diva, all that. But they're a fun kind of cookie cutter. It's not like Grease where the characters are just written lazily. These characters are intentionally cookie cutter because they are caricatures of what high schoolers are believed to be like, and they take full advantage of it. And the actors are clearly having so much fun, it's hard not to smile at them.

The visuals are nothing special in terms of the sets. It's a high school. Whatever. However, the choreography is so much fun and easy to admire. I remember when I was little and I tried to dance along, which I could not. A lot of effort was obviously put into the choreography.

The songs will weasel their way into your brain and stay there forever. They are so damn catchy. Nothing else to say other than they're fun little earworms.

I feel like this movie put in extra effort due to being released in theaters. The first two were pandering and annoying and dumb. This one actually turned on its brain and created messages actually useful for kids who want a successful future. Yeah, it's corny, yeah, it's still dumb, but it's a fun dumb. Just cause I like it doesn't mean I won't make fun of it. But it's a fun dumb that's really enjoyable. If you hate it, it makes sense. I don't blame you. But just try to see things from my perspective. And be gentle with your ridicule of me.

Overall Score: 6/10

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