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41 Dirty Dancing

well, for a boy, I never told my friends that I liked this movie

42 House IV
43 Conan the Barbarian
44 Cool World

Terrible acting but fun to watch. - Zahveed

45 Grease 2

I know this movie is bad but I actually like it better then the first. Plus it got Michelle Pfeiffer!!!!

46 Resident Evil
47 Shrek Forever After
48 Brave
49 Kung Pow -Enter the Fist

Movie is so stupid its funny - youngmoney504

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50 From Justin to Kelly

horrible dialouge, but great acting and singing from Kelly - ilovekelly75

51 Mad Max: Fury Road
52 Starsky & Hutch
53 UHF
54 Little Nicky
55 Labyrinth

I've watched it twice as a child and totally loved it. So when I had a chance to watch it again... I didn't watch it, because I got worried that one of my earliest childhood memories will turn up to be a piece of crap. Well, after watching it numerous times as an adult I dare to say it's not a good movie. But it's just magical and you won't see nothing strange in the fact that you like it before it ends. So where's the guilt in this pleasure? Well... David Bowie's crotch? - alinaschneider

56 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
57 Avatar
58 Lawnmower Man 2
59 Moulin Rouge!
60 Roadhouse
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