Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Movies

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61 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
62 The Wedding Planner
63 Hangmen
64 Vampirella
65 Home Alone 3
66 Slap Shot
67 The Apocalypse
68 Raw Meat (Deathline)
69 I Know Who Killed Me
70 Grease
71 Battlefield Earth

Everybody says this is the worst movie ever but I think it's a hoot. - dumbasilook

Underrated movie along with the Wild Wild West and Howard the duck. It's just hated because it won a Razzie, Who cares enjoy what you like.

72 Sleepaway Camp
73 Freddy Got Fingered
74 Zootopia
75 Minions
76 Suicide Squad
77 Legally Blonde

Many people describe this as the ultimate guilty pleasure movie - Gangem

78 The Swan Princess
79 Crossroads
80 Hudson Hawk
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