Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Movies

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81 Suicide Squad
82 Legally Blonde

Many people describe this as the ultimate guilty pleasure movie - Gangem

83 Crossroads
84 Hudson Hawk
85 Nothing But Trouble
86 The Chase
87 The Next Best Thing
88 Fire on the Amazon
89 Tron
90 Postal

I don't understand why everybody hates this movie - LucasMota

91 Congo

Yeah, it was a bad movie, but I've seen worse. It's a fun adventure!

92 Showgirls

The acting and dialogue is pretty awful, yet I can't help but go back to see the nudity, dancing and sex scenes for all of what is worth.

93 Night of the Comet

Just a great cheesy, zombie, end of the world movie. I think it's from the 80's.

94 Police Academy

I've watched all the series, I'm a total Police Academy nerd. - ShyChick

95 Napoleon Dynamite
96 Kangaroo Jack

Really not bad what everyone thinks, I just like it because it was meant for adult audiences and I simply enjoyed watching the kangaroo.

97 Super Mario Bros the Movie

Funny movie that is different but it still can be good. Don't hate because others hate it.

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98 Ocean's Eleven

If you're looking for a movie with witty comedy, great acting, a guilty pleasure plot, and also brains, this is the movie for you.

99 The Blue Lagoon
100 The Room

That Tommy Wiseau guy is just unique, his acting is just killing me.
"You know what they saay, lav is blind"

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