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1 AK-47

The most prolific and widely used small arm on the face of the planet. Estimates state upwards of 100 million have been produced and they have seen action in every single armed conflict since it was invented. Also one of the most reliable rifles ever made and is accurate enough to kill anything you want to kill within 500 yards.

The most versatile weapon, can be used in any terrain be it the plains, snow capped peaks or the deserts. Can also be used during rain. It is capable of shooting down a black hawk helicopter. What else do you look for in a weapon!

The ultimate kickass assault rifle, this weapon has killed more people than every other weapon system combined. Spent my whole childhood watching videos of those enormous 7.62mm shells tearing through flesh and bones.

Anything Russian or German seems legit.

2 M-16

True, way better than AK 47 but not only that it's a classic!

M16 is better than M4 and AK-47 and this list is very stupid

U.S. army standard issue rifle

WAY BETTER than that ak 47!

3 M1 Garand

The M1 Garand was a vital part to the Allied victory in WWII. It was the first semi-automatic battle rifle to be successfully mass-produced and fielded. It also proved itself reliable in many different climates including the dry deserts of Africa, the bitter cold of Belgium winter, the humid jungles of peleliu, the muddy fields of German spring and rocky shores of Iwo-Jima. Although the U.S. military replaced the Garand with the M-14 in 1957, variants of the Garand such as the BM-59 were used by other countries up until the early 1990's. Not only is the Garand a reliable and bad-ass rifle, but it is a symbol of American ingenuity and triumph. Therefore, it gets my vote any day.

"The greatest battle implement ever devised. " - General George S. Patton Jr.

Must said, m1 Garand contain power and history, "the true rifle"

All I want to say garand rocks!

4 Thompson

40 pounds, great accuracy, and good enough for the mafia.

5 M-4 Carbine

U.S. miltary's standard assault rifle. 56x45mm round can tumble through unprotected flesh like butter and the light round is extermely accurate at up to 500 yards with iron sights.

got to say m4s the best, nice range, good rof.

6 Desert Eagle

Very powerful!

7 Armalite AR-18

An AR-15 made with inexpensive steel stampings instead of expensive precision cast aluminum with an improved gas system. This baby is amazing and inexpensive.

8 MP-5

For me I would prefer the mp5k but its almost the same thing. So I chose the mp5 and it has 30 rounds in the magazine but shoots to fast for me and I would like to use it very much.

9 Minigun

I though yesterday this was number 9... Well I am very happy it went up the list, and it deserves to be number one.

It should be number 1

Oh damn like the Terminator in one of the movies I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS BECAUSE YOU CAN JUST stand there holding the happy trigger, and watch people go down... Bye bye

3000 rounds per minute of flying lead death and you don't make it a top 10? it's a balls-out ass-kicker.

10 Karabiner Model 1931

MOA accuracy,.308 ballistics, inexpensive match grade surplus ammo, loads of history, and it costs less than $400. What's not to like?

The Contenders

11 Colt Python

Samuel Colt started the revolver revolution and that legacy continues. Although long out of production, the Colt Python remains an iconic pistol built with old world craftsmanship. Accurate and powerful, this revolver can't be beat.

A finely crafted instrument.

Butter smooth trigger...

12 G-36
13 Suomi KP-31

The Finns used it to great effect against the Red Army during the first and second Winter Wars. So many Russians were killed, that the Russians wanted one too and copied it in their PPD-40 submachine gun.

14 German Luger

Belgium engineering using an AK like gas system? What's not to like? And at a price less than a conventional AR-15 derivative.


Usually the best gun in every game I've played.

17 P-90
18 UMP
19 M1911
20 Glock 18 Exrtended Clip

One shot from this baby and it's all over

With deagle brand boolets and a shoulder thing that goes up.

21 Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I

The Brits used it during WWII to great effect. Although not quite as accurate as the German Karabiner model of 1898, the 10 round magazine and cock-on-closing design provided British troops with a much higher rate of fire and the powerful.303 caliber round provided significant knockdown power.

22 MAC-10

The Ingram MAC-10 should be higher than this for several reasons-
1. Rate of Fire (1200 rpm)
2. Almost as compact as a pistol.
3. Standard Clip is 30 rounds.
4. Very, very quiet suppressor.
5. Cool design.

In all, its probably the best machine pistol out there, and that's why gangsters use it often. So vote for this gun because it is the best.

23 Uzi
24 AK-74u
25 USAS-12

Fully automatic shotgun. Whats not to like? Plus the ray gun is not a real gun

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