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21 270
22 Desert Eagle
23 P-90
24 UMP
25 M1911

The best

26 Fedorov Avtomat

Although not strictly an assault rifle, this was the first firearm to embrace the assault rifle concept. Sadly, it never went into full production and saw only limited combat use. - KomradKlaus

27 Berreta Px4 Storm
28 MAC-10

The Ingram MAC-10 should be higher than this for several reasons-
1. Rate of Fire (1200 rpm)
2. Almost as compact as a pistol.
3. Standard Clip is 30 rounds.
4. Very, very quiet suppressor.
5. Cool design.

In all, its probably the best machine pistol out there, and that's why gangsters use it often. So vote for this gun because it is the best.

29 Mosin Nagant 91/30

This gun fires the 7.62r which can and has killed everything for the last 5000 years and with that round it can hit up to 2000 miles. Also the number built is up to 345 trillion. Some of the most famous users include Jesus, Genghis Khan and Alexander The Great, just to name a few.

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30 .22
32 German Luger
33 XM8
34 M-24
35 44 Magnum
36 M4 Custom
37 Glock 18 Exrtended Clip

One shot from this baby and it's all over

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38 Uzi
39 AK-74u
40 M2 Browning
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