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41 Colt Peacemaker
42 W2000 SNIPER
43 USAS-12

Fully automatic shotgun. Whats not to like? Plus the ray gun is not a real gun

44 StG 44

One of the worlds first Service rifles in an intermediate cartridge, at least the first widely successful version. It showed the major powers of the world at the time the need to adopt an intermediate caliber, select-fire weapon.

45 CZ 75
46 Zastava M92

10" Barrel carbine designed after the AK-74u. Chambered in 7.62x39 (arguably the best cartridge for SBR's), uses standard AKMs magazines. This gun is small and compact, designed for use in small areas, however the underfolding stock provides poor cheek weld.

47 Maschinengewehr 42

Why in god's name isn't it here? The MG34 and the Mg42 were the first true general purpose machine guns.

Its use in German military doctrine was impeccable. The Americans feared them so much that they had to make propaganda films just to convince the soldiers that their own weapons were at least comparable to the Germans.

48 SA58 OSW

Currently at number 1 on this list; the MP5.
You guys enjoy this weapon because it has a thirty round magazine (implying you've ever shot one).

But when it comes to stopping power and accuracy, the MP5 won't do much, at least not compared to the SA58 OSW.
Deriving from the FAL (Most of you diaper-poopers will remember this from Call of Duty) it is a very effective PDW, compact but powerful. Instead of firing a 9x19mm round or 5.7x28mm like the FN P90TR, the SA58 OSW fires the powerful 7.62x51 NATO round.

Need I say more?


It has 60 round clips with 7.62x39mm bullets and it's so powerful that they have to make special ammunition for it that can't be used in regular AK-49s.

The 25 round assault clips fire heat-seeking hollow-point ballistic tip FMJ rounds that were specifically designed by the Nazis to tear through children with ease.

50 .500 S&W Magnum
51 Barrett M82
52 M60

It is truly the best.

53 Glock 17

Austria's best pistol ever.

54 M21 Sniper Rifle

Version of the proven M14

55 M110 Sniper Rifle

Great sniper rifle version of the M4/M16

56 Blunderbuss

So easy to hit enemies at short range, and looks quite fun to use.

57 ThunderGun
58 Auto Assault-12 (AA-12)

An automatic shotgun revied by FPS Russia and said it was a devastating weapon that can rip you apart can shoot through doors cause it's beast.

59 AK-12
60 FN Five-seven
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