Edgar Allen Poe


Poe could scare people and bring people into the mind of a psychotic killer, it is what makes the best horror stories, read everything else besides the raven, you'll see that he put a lot of thought into what is really scary, and puts you in the mind of the most deranged psycho killers.

Though I love Lovecraft, I think Poe was better at getting to the heart of horror. Lovecraft's stories tend to be quite long and delve into superfluous details while Poe can launch into suspense with the first sentence, then keep it going and bring the reader into gripping, unforgettable denouement within a few pages.

Just imagine if Poe were to be alive now a days... The stories he wrote in the late 1800's scare the hell out of us in 2014! I don't think we could handle the stories that he could write today!

He's the original, gotta say it. He did write in a way no other author did, and he always kept the reader interested with deep deep emotion - the-rate-it-guy

Never read Stephen King, I might give his books a look. To me, Edgar Allen Poe is not only the best horror book writer, but one of the best authors of all time. - Alpha101

Clearly Poe is not getting the respect and dignity he demands here, as you haven't even spelled his name right. The imagery and sybolism Poe uses far surpasses any author of the genre, and his genius far surpasses the same. Stephen King is an incredible author, but Poe is the master. I was disappoint to see where he fell in the rankings here.

freakin scary stories that werent straight up scary... but gave you a chill that no other author delivered as well as him - Okami

Poe was the great master of HORROR. I was terrified upon reading the Masque of the Red Death

He made me have nightmares for days

If the raven said his legacy was nevermore it wil be wrong - hugh201

Read the pit and the pendulum. Poe was a talented man.

Well not to be a stickler but it is Edgar Allan Poe

The house of usher is good classic horror story.

"Look at him and just know that he is a creepy dude.

he is the best macabre writer I've ever known

Poe is my favorite writer of all time.

I like your books they are awesome

The pit and the pendulem the raven masque of the death all stephan king has the shining and it the clown

Poe is my favourite writer, he's stories fascinate me, he wrote beautilfully and had vast knowledge. - ohwowlovely

Edgar will forever be the the #1. His stories simpy connected by way of putting you in the mind of the story's main character. You experienced what they experienced. He showed youhow terrifying being human can truthfully be. The tell tale heart with the guilty concious of the muderer, the lke with the haunting of his dead victims & their revenge, or even the conqueror worm with the fragile mind trying to put unacceptable realities in an accepteble context by viewing it differently. Poe inspired fear in his readers unlike any other

Master of horror he sure showed to be with tales such as The Pit and the Pendulum. Master of alternative science fiction he sure showed to be with tales such as A Descent into the Maelström. Master of unclichéd romance he showed to be with tales such a Ligeia and somewhat similar yet at the same time not. Even had some comic reliefs, like certain parts from The Gold Bug and the somewhat ending of The Murders in the Rue Morgue. Now, please do not get me wrong with this, for I also vote for Edgar Allan Poe (it is not Allen) over the fact that he is a true master of horror. But, he is a horror of suspense and unlike Stephen King does not repeat the formula all that much over and over like: I am afraid of this and that and ugh. It is all about the atmosphere and how well the words are all formulated.