H.P Lovecraft


This guy revolutionized the history and craft of writing horror stories.

Through his literary works, he even opened up doors for philosophy and psychology.

The True master of horror captures the most terrifying creatures you didn't know you were scared of. The Colour out of Space itself made me scared of unfelt wind rustling the trees! His range stretches from simple ghost stories to cosmic horror, and even the first true modern zombie tale (Herbert West Re-Animator) The only issue I have is he didn't have longer to write his superb tales of true horror..

Lovecraft is an excellent author whose original works intrigued hundreds of readers who love a spark of dread and horror in their lives. His imagination itself is his very own canvas. His nightmares, his thoughts, his delusions of this world and the unknown, are the paints waiting to be brushed in. His work is amazing in his own ways and it will last for generations to come.

Lovecraft wrote creative horror stories, and his style ("cosmic horror") is far better than werewolves, vampires and things that go bump in the night. The Old Gent is the number one!

Pretty much every single Horror, author has been influenced by Lovecraft, He basically invented the genre.

Lovecraft is first and foremost hands down. As great as King is, he really is no match for Lovecraft when it comes to chilling you to the bone.

Lovecraft is first for sheer horror. Poe is second for horror but is by far the best writer of all.

I write short stories for a lot of my friends and family and my inspiration is this guy honestly he is an inspiriation and an amazing writer of the genre. I own all of his books and most movies but still an amazing writer for his time and even now he created the genre to me personally.

More than disturbing, Lovecraft is truly distorting. Other horror-authors rub off, Lovecraft leaves a permanent impression.

Love craft is the greatest horror writer ever, but he wasn't really a horror BOOK writer

The man was a genius he understood something very well we will all scare ourselves with what we think is behind the door than what actually was behind it that's why HP. Lovecraft is my favorite horror author he understood it and used it to his advantage.

Even King himself says Lovecraft is scarier.

I have always thought Lovecraft was the greatest horror writer of all time. Too often he is overshadowed by Stephen, who is a phenomenal writer I should say, and Poe. I love Poe and King, but in terms of scary, no one can scare you more than HP!

Horror perfection. Let your mind focus on his great prose, and his stories will take you far away. I like King too. However even S.K. will admit that H.P. is the Bomb.com

The real king of terror is H.P.L. his cosmic horror continues and remains effective even after his death. Just as inspired and continue to inspire other artists.

Best nightmares ever! The Color from outer space is my favorite story. Cthulu is really hot right now too

Lovcraft influenced the horror genre more than any other writer. No authors can match him.

While stephen king has many good books, the raw terror H.P. lovecraft still is unmatched.
Don't get me wrong, Stephen kind did some great works, both in his earlier career and atual, in both creation of a mitology and the definition of the fear, H.P. lovecraft still have an edge in my opinion.

I read Cirgue Du Freak in 2 days and I loved it I was completely in love with the book, I even read it again Darren Shan I must say you desserve to be 2nd or even 1rst in my opinion. YOU ARE GREAT!

I personaly belive that Mr. Lovecraft should be nr.1 because several authors, including Stephen King was inspired by him. Lovecraft also revolutionzied the horror genre.

A great writer with a great universe, his nihilism and portrayal of Humanity as an insinificant race caught in the grand scheme of things in a cold, uncaring universe really intrigued me and --- to this day--- I read his stories with glee.
His stories will leave you stunned and yearning to explore his universe.

Goodness, just imagine if we're living in a lovecraftian universe right now ^--^