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21 Vincent V. Cava

This guy can pull a horror story out of a sock, and scare the hell out of you, give you the creeps, or even trouble you for days on end.

My favorite short story writer, in five lines this man can terrify you where you stand.

I've listened to picture this 3 times and it still gives me chills

You're the best

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22 James Herbert

I love Moon by James Herbert. It really makes you wonder who is to be trusted. You're own perception of the characters is greatly influenced by the different character's distorted views of other people. You really begin making assumptions and are shocked by the end.

Just finished reading Ash. A top quality read. Made me want to read more Herbert so currently reading survivor and so far its very weird and disturbing. Will definitely be reading more Herbert!

First Horror Stories I read were by Herbert. Survivor is seriously terrifying. Having said that, Lovecraft is more imaginative and outlandish.

Loved and read all his books.

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23 Chris Mentillo

"Known to the macabre audience as "a true master of horror." This recluse’s life really is a true testament of a living nightmare, and with no tripe. Dr. Chris Mentillo began writing about such dreams of horror due to his ill-fated lifestyle, dealing mostly with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and routinely horrific nightmares, thus igniting his career as a best-selling horror writer. The rest as they say is history."

24 Mary Downing Hahn

She is one of the best writers I've ever seen.

Deep and dark and dangerous, the lovely bsd ones, time for andrew, I don't even like them because there scary I like them because they are amazingly good books.

She is amazing writer I love "Took" and "Ghost of Cluchfield Hall" or even "The Doll in the Garden"

25 Thomas Tessier
26 Anne Rice V 1 Comment
27 Shirley Jackson
28 John Connolly
29 Ted Dekker
30 Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury

Stephen King, the greatest horror writer of all time, is inspired by Mr. Bradbury. Need say more?

31 Ambrose Bierce

Bierce's short stories are almost on par with Poe's.
HUGELY under-appreciated author.

32 Frank Peretti

He and Ted Dekker are my favorites! The Veritas Project is a great series, and House excellent. SAINT is the best thriller ever written!

33 Robert McCammon

While his covers and titles might look silly, he's a fantastic writer. No horror fan should go without reading Swan Song or Boy's Life.

Roberts stories are constantly brilliant. Check out haunter from the woods a sequel to the wolfs hour, and his new soon hopefully to be a series I ride by night. His matthew Corbett historic thrillers are allways worth waiting for, boys life and gone south are captivating, mine is superb too.

The way he writes is incredible. I have a great imagination and the books that I have read by Robert are so intense with the way he describes everything I can actually picture it in my mind as I am reading. Wolf's Hour blew me away! I truly loved Ushers Passing and the little tie ins to E.A. poe another great writer!

They Thirst, is the best vampire movie ever!

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35 Dan Poblocki

He writes scary books

36 Whitley Strieber

More than just the communion man

37 William Peter Blatty

Come on, you can't leave out the guy that wrote the book of the scariest movie of all time. Yeah, I know. The Exorcist is indeed, a book. - cbrann10

Not only one of the most jarringly horrific movies of all time also a scary novel.

38 Koji Suzuki
39 Jack Kilborn

His novels as well as his short stories are incredible. Though horrifying, action-packed and filled with gore, he still manages to develop amazing characters and throw in some gut-wrenching twists that will sit with you long after you finish reading.

40 Kelley Armstrong

Her supernatural novels are the best. They have everything a good novel needs, romance, suspence, gore, fantasy, sex, and a dark sence of humor.

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