Top Ten Inventions in the Last 200 Years

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1 The Internet

This comment would be VERY hard to write if there were no internet. - fireinside96

You wouldn't be reading this without it. And sliced bread honestly isn't that impressive to be honest... - deadgrass27

Love it, need it, live it!

Sometimes would the world be better without the internet. Possibly people did survive without it. What's wrong with reading books, talking to people in real life, you will find board games easier than video games no I'm not on about snakes and ladders. There are many board games out there and talking to people face to face.

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2 Light Bulb

Without it: can't see in the dark so there wouldn't be any interior rooms, car can't see in the dark so you wouldn't drive at night, there'd be no monitor for your computer and thus there'd be no internet for this list. - Zahveed

It is amazing because it gives us light and then we don't need torches or candles.

It's a good invention, Thomas Edison you rock dude!

Actually, Joseph Swan invented the first incandescent light bulb - Ajkloth

Light bulb is important to my family and I.

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3 Automobiles

Love cars so much I die for the bugatti veyron and the ford mustang. How cool would it be to own your dream car. Cars are to die for. Ohh

We would be late for everything without them

Ain't nobody got time fo' walking

Thank god for cars

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4 Television

As if this wouldn't be in the top 5.

After that, the second greatest invention was the mute button.

It's my life to be honest

I heart my television xx

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5 Personal Computer

You can't access internet without this one and for mobile phones, it costs very expensive - ronluna

The personal computer makes so much information easily accessible.


Italian invention! Piergiorgio Perotto 1965 - Tanya77

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6 Antibiotics

A lot of people would be dead without them!

Antibiotics and all immunity boosting drugs should be bracketed together. Although they work slightly differently, the principle remains the same. Increasing internal fighting power against viruses and bacteria.

Some people will die with out them

I hate this invention

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7 Video Games

This is one of the best things ever it's the best! O I am kind of a nerd :D

I like Nintendo!

... And parents say video games are useless laugh out loud


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8 Airplanes

Airplanes help us to go from country to country... Now day we can go from country to another country and makes new fried or we can study outside our country.

I wanna be plane driver when older

9 Telephone

I am attached constantly to my mobile; couldn't live without it! :D

Everyone uses it and people use it for school and jobs to research like I am now

This is number two behind internet

10 Cell Phone

And it's portable & wireless ladies and gentlemen!

I would not do without this xx

Well said...

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11 Printing Press

Uh, the printing press was made in the year 1450. It is safe to say it isn't an invention in the past 200 years

Invented way longer than 200 years ago - ColdTurkey

Yeah, not within 200 years

12 Camera

It's a very good invention because I wouldn't go toilet other wise

Good memory saving device

13 Penicillin

Is just not real enough if u don't know what I'm talking about listen to till I collapse

14 Atom Bomb

Who does not like explosions! I am talking about testing nothing else...

I like explosions

It destroies things we don't like.

15 Refrigerator

I personally think that a refrigerator is a life saver cause it keeps our food nice and cool

Without a refrigerator food will spoil more easily - 170253

16 Condoms

Their really good I use them

Certainly not, it allows free sex hence preventing the redirection of sexual energy for greater human accomplishment.

There nice and comfortable


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17 Solar Panel

They are awesome

This is awesome

18 Satellite

GPS would have been impossible without the satellites. Navigation, many app-based services and delivery depend on the GPS., Even modern warfare depends heavily on the GPS.

19 Electric Guitar Electric Guitar The electric guitar is a type of guitar that unlike an acoustic guitar, is solid body instead of hollow. They use pickups and amps to produce sound that's audible from more than a few feet. They are mainly used in rock and metal music and in those genres are commonly the main instruments. A few notable more.

Electric guitars gave us music. Music gave us The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Rolling Stones, and many more great artists. Therefore, without electric guitars or instruments, we wouldn't have music. - kaitlynrad11

Electric bass, Dude... To get the funk out.

Is there really any doubt?

20 Air-conditioning

Refrigeration has saved more lives than surgery

Using the restroom in Air-conditioning is just the best

Refrigeration and aieconditioning put together brought about cooling and freezing. A boon to modern living and medical storage.

21 Machine Gun

Because its raw asf


gang gang

22 Handheld Game Consoles

Making nerds hard since 1999

Yay I like Mario

Ya good

23 Memes

Definitely best invention


24 The Mute Button on a Remote Control

Next to the wheel this is the second best invention. It's all about control... -

Weirdly specific - ColdTurkey


25 Rock N' Roll
26 Playstation

Awesome and sometimes gets you thinking

Xbox are better

27 Nuclear Power
28 Automatic Weapons
29 Film
30 Push Up Bra

Obviously that gets sexual activity

More boobies

31 The Elevator

Enabled people to go past 6 floors, before then people would not trudge up any higher.

32 Sliced Bread

is the best thing since well sliced bread

its bread

33 Duct Tape

Duct tape is amasing laugh out loud

Haha you can use it to tape your sisters mouth shut so helpfull

34 Bass Guitar

the worlds greatest invention: Lets Bring the Butter so WE can spread the Jam - tuhetch

35 Tesla Coil
36 iPhone

Can not live without mine

What?!?!? its probabaly the one of the most used item in the world!

37 Tekken
38 Large Hadron Collider

World's most powerful machine, some say powerful enough to create a black hole and destroy Earth!

The Pyramid of modern age. The ultimate accomplishment for the standard model.

39 iPad

L loovvee the iPad I think I wanna marry it!

Goodgames lots of fu in it

Ita good thing its the best thing ever

40 iPod Touch

IPods are some stream music play games!

41 Pillow Pets

Its a pillow its a pet its a pillow pet

I have 9 of these things and counting!

42 Compact Disc
43 Zagu
44 Websites
45 Slushy Magic

This society today would not live without slushy magic.

46 Can Opener
47 MP3 Player
48 DVD
49 Translators
50 Roadrunner Supercomputer

Worlds most powerful computer, 1.7 Petaflops, or 1.7 quadrillion calculations per second.

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