Top Ten Inventions in the Last 200 Years

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1 The Internet

Sometimes would the world be better without the internet. Possibly people did survive without it. What's wrong with reading books, talking to people in real life, you will find board games easier than video games no I'm not on about snakes and ladders. There are many board games out there and talking to people face to face.

You wouldn't be on this computer or whatever you are on right now if there was no internet! I would probally die without internet, the only thing that would be good about no internet is my homework

It went beyond any other invention including Microprocessors and Computers. It helped getting may other inventions and ideas created and expanding beyond any wild imagintation

Yes, You wouldn't be leaving these comments without the internet. However, you wouldn't be using the internet without electricity!

2 Automobiles

Love cars so much I die for the bugatti veyron and the ford mustang. How cool would it be to own your dream car. Cars are to die for. Ohh

We would be late for everything without them

I would commit suicide if there were no cars

Automobiles. Proudly serving the world since 1885.

3 Light Bulb

Without it: can't see in the dark so there wouldn't be any interior rooms, car can't see in the dark so you wouldn't drive at night, there'd be no monitor for your computer and thus there'd be no internet for this list.

We need nightlight because they keep you safe and alarmed. They help kids and their fears and gives them reassurance of the dark.

It is amazing because it gives us light and then we don't need torches or candles.

It's a good invention, Thomas Edison you rock dude!

4 Antibiotics

Antibiotics and all immunity boosting drugs should be bracketed together. Although they work slightly differently, the principle remains the same. Increasing internal fighting power against viruses and bacteria.

In 1817, there were very little antibiotics and most of them were from natural entities. 200 years later, we have an antibiotic for almost every single illness. Morphine, Penicillin, Smallpox Vaccine, Flu Shot, Diabetes Vaccines, Dramamine, Tylenol, Advil, Motrin and millions more have helped people increase the average lifespan from 50-60 to 80-90. Why is this #11?

A lot of people would be dead without them!

Some people will die with out them

5 Personal Computer

You can't access internet without this one and for mobile phones, it costs very expensive

The personal computer makes so much information easily accessible.

Empowered indidual, leading to increased productivity and equality

IPods are some stream music play games!

6 Television

After that, the second greatest invention was the mute button.

As if this wouldn't be in the top 5.

I knew it see John Logie Beard the Scottish inventor made the T.V.

It's my life to be honest

7 Airplanes

Airplanes help us to go from country to country... Now day we can go from country to another country and makes new fried or we can study outside our country.

I wanna be plane driver when older

Shrunk the world

8 Cell Phone

And it's portable & wireless ladies and gentlemen!

I would not do without this xx

Can not live without mine

What?!?!? its probabaly the one of the most used item in the world!

9 Video Games

Awesome and sometimes gets you thinking

... And parents say video games are useless laugh out loud

I like Nintendo!

Yay I like Mario

10 Antibiotics

Is just not real enough if u don't know what I'm talking about listen to till I collapse

It helps people write so I agree

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11 Refrigerator

I personally think that a refrigerator is a life saver cause it keeps our food nice and cool

Without a refrigerator food will spoil more easily

12 Telephone

Everyone uses it and people use it for school and jobs to research like I am now

This is number two behind internet

Giant step for communication

I am attached constantly to my mobile; couldn't live without it! :D

13 Electric Guitar The electric guitar is a type of guitar that unlike an acoustic guitar, is solid body instead of hollow. They use pickups and amps to produce sound that's audible from more than a few feet. They are mainly used in rock and metal music and in those genres are commonly the main instruments. A few notable more.

Electric guitars gave us music. Music gave us The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Rolling Stones, and many more great artists. Therefore, without electric guitars or instruments, we wouldn't have music.

Electric bass, Dude... To get the funk out.

Is there really any doubt?

14 Solar Panel

They are awesome

This is awesome

15 Atom Bomb

Worst invention, do you know how much of nature, life forms and buildings are destroyed with these!?

For all the people who love explosions, stand in the blast radius and think again.

Who does not like explosions! I am talking about testing nothing else...

Are you kidding me!? This is something that makes me lose trust in mankind!

16 Satellite

GPS would have been impossible without the satellites. Navigation, many app-based services and delivery depend on the GPS., Even modern warfare depends heavily on the GPS.

17 Camera

It's a very good invention because I wouldn't go toilet other wise

Good memory saving device

18 Machine Gun

Because its raw asf

19 Rock N' Roll
20 The Mute Button on a Remote Control

Next to the wheel this is the second best invention. It's all about control...

Weirdly specific


21 Nuclear Power

Uhm they go boom. So therefore they are supposed to be like the number one inventon in the present 200 years so suck it left wings

22 Sliced Bread

Better than bread

The best thing.

is the best thing since well sliced bread

23 Film

I love it. It’s truly great

24 Duct Tape

Haha you can use it to tape your sisters mouth shut so helpfull

Duct tape is amasing laugh out loud

25 Push Up Bra

Obviously that gets sexual activity

More boobies

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