Top Ten Inventions in the Last 200 Years

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21 The Mute Button on a Remote Control

Next to the wheel this is the second best invention. It's all about control... -

Weirdly specific - ColdTurkey


22 Rock N' Roll
23 Playstation

Awesome and sometimes gets you thinking

24 Refrigerator

I personally think that a refrigerator is a life saver cause it keeps our food nice and cool

Without a refrigerator food will spoil more easily - 170253

25 Automatic Weapons
26 Film
27 Penicillin

Is just not real enough if u don't know what I'm talking about listen to till I collapse

28 Push Up Bra

Obviously that gets sexual activity

V 1 Comment
29 Memes
30 Duct Tape
31 Bass Guitar

the worlds greatest invention: Lets Bring the Butter so WE can spread the Jam - tuhetch

32 The Elevator
33 iPhone

Can not live without mine

What?!?!? its probabaly the one of the most used item in the world!

34 Sliced Bread

is the best thing since well sliced bread

35 Tekken
36 Large Hadron Collider

World's most powerful machine, some say powerful enough to create a black hole and destroy Earth!

The Pyramid of modern age. The ultimate accomplishment for the standard model.

37 Tesla Coil
38 iPod Touch V 1 Comment
39 Pillow Pets

Its a pillow its a pet its a pillow pet

I have 9 of these things and counting!

40 Websites
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