Top Ten Inventions in the Last 200 Years

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41 Websites
42 iPad

L loovvee the iPad I think I wanna marry it!

Goodgames lots of fu in it

Ita good thing its the best thing ever

43 Slushy Magic

This society today would not live without slushy magic.

44 MP3 Player
45 DVD
46 Translators
47 Zagu
48 Roadrunner Supercomputer

Worlds most powerful computer, 1.7 Petaflops, or 1.7 quadrillion calculations per second.

49 Nuclear Power
50 Viagra

Helping old dudes get laid since 1994

*commercial guy*

Viagra, helping your old man get laid since 1994!

51 Chicken Dippers

What even Is a chicken dipper.

Yummy yummy yummy!



52 Can Opener
53 Cartoons

Fantastic invention

54 Markers
55 Ac Generator

Tis is awesome

Subscribe to royal yt

Electricity - "keep talking bitches "

56 Instant Noodles

College students get so much homework that they have almost no time at all to make food. Thankfully, Instant Noodles came along and are highly inexpensive and only take at most 3 minutes to make. - thunderstar1124

57 Vinyl Record Album

It brings real sound of music. I just love listening queen albums in my turntable.

Also called a gramophone. It could record audio...we take this for granted nowadays

58 Snuggy
59 Microwave
60 Toaster

I love the toaster I sleep with it

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