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21 You and Your Heart You and Your Heart

This song is really amazing it should have higher status concidering it was one of the major songs in the album to the sea this song is amazing and it needs more credit.

This is a good one needs to be much higher

When I think of "To The Sea", this is the song that comes to mind.

One of my faves!

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22 Rodeo Clowns Rodeo Clowns

Seriously, listen to this song. Just amazing! Love it!

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23 Losing Keys Losing Keys

This song inspires. They metaphor of losing keys, that everyone does from time to time, makes his ideas and thoughts easily accessible to every listener.

24 Wasting Time Wasting Time

"I'm just a waste of her energy, and she's just a waste of my time. So why don't we get together? And we could waste everything tonight... "

25 Sexy Plexi Sexy Plexi
26 Monsoon Monsoon

Funny thing about this song is the more I listen to it, the more I realize how great it is. Really stands out among the other songs on the album it belongs to. Epitomizes the very best of Jack Johnson. I could listen to it all day, for real!

27 To the Sea To the Sea
28 Staple It Together Staple It Together

Truly his best, it is musically and lyrically dynamic with many subtle qualities. - jMag220

Staple it together and cal it bad weather!

29 F-Stop Blues F-Stop Blues

Beautiful guitar riffs, awesome lyrics.. best song ever but sadly underrated. -

This song is one of jack johnson's best songs that he he has written and performed. This is definitely in the top ten songs. This is one of the best songs of jack johnson's first album and all so his whole music life. Not only is he one of the best song writers of the erea his was also a surfer and a soccer player. All though better toghter can not be compeared f-stop blues is one of his best.

30 A Pirate Looks at Forty A Pirate Looks at Forty
31 Angel Angel

I'm actually quite amazed how this is so low. Very simple song, but effective. Me and my girlfriend rarely agree on music, but we have both agreed this is going to be our first dance song when we get married. Beautiful track.

It's one of the best songs he has, If not the best. The lyrics in this song are beautiful and very romantic. Jack Johnson know exactly how to explain what to be in love means.

HOW IS THIS NOT FIRST!? Angel has beautiful lyrics and more soul in this song than in any other in Jack Johnson's list of beautyful songs! You gotta love this masterpiece of the master Johnson!

32 Traffic in the Sky Traffic in the Sky

#27?! Should at least be in the top 10 one of by favorites by far, just an overall awesome song. The soul that passes whit every word just amazing, and the simplicity of the guitar just make me want to sing this song every day.

An awesome, laid back song that just makes me happy and relaxed!

Such a beautiful, free flowing song.

33 Hope Hope

You better hope you are not alone. We all will vote to get it top 10

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34 Fortunate Fool Fortunate Fool

This is by far meant to be in the top 10

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35 I Got You I Got You

This is a very cute song. Honestly I found it a bit challenging to get used to the pure calmness of Jack Johnson's songs at first as someone used to alternative rock, but this song led me to change my opinion about him. He is indeed a true artist.

So beautiful and simple. The lyrics express everything a relationship should be. The whistling exudes a certain carefree happiness that people feel when they are in love.

Awesome this should in top number

This is gonna be a classic

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36 Sleep Through the Static Sleep Through the Static

Calm, relaxing, and has a deeper political meaning

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37 It's All Understood It's All Understood

I'd rather believe that it's not in a higher spot cause just not enough people have listened it.

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38 All at Once All at Once
39 Crying Shame Crying Shame

Much more profound and musically diverse when compared to the top ten contenders. - jMag220

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40 My Little Girl My Little Girl

This song should be within top 20. The innocence of the melody and truthful lyrics makes it one of his best compositions. Beautiful composition. Only gifted people like him can do this. Bliss :')

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