Top Ten Jack Johnson Songs

He might be done making music forever, so these are his top ten hits.

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41 My Little Girl

This song should be within top 20. The innocence of the melody and truthful lyrics makes it one of his best compositions. Beautiful composition. Only gifted people like him can do this. Bliss :')

42 Crying Shame

Much more profound and musically diverse when compared to the top ten contenders. - jMag220

I think this song is very underrated!

43 Country Road

It's a great song people. What is it doing here? It so deserves to be in top ten! Comm'mon what r you waitin for? VOTE IT

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44 Dreams Be Dreams

I cannot believe nobody put this on the list. You can't not love this song.

45 Home

It's a really cute song

46 My Mind is for Sale
47 Posters

Love the percussion throughout this song

Just a great song. Amazing lyrics

48 At or With Me

This should be top 20

49 Ones and Zeros

It has such a good story and moral to it! Not the best, but should be higher up the list!

50 Holes to Heaven

Perfectly symbolizes the simplicity we enjoy in life.

51 You Can't Control It
52 Belle

I love this song so much! So relaxing and performed very well.

53 From the Clouds

Also should be top 20

54 Cowboy Rodeo
55 Mediocre Bad Guys
56 Enemy

My favorite off the Sleeping Through The Static album. The message of no hate and the way he conveys it through his skilled lyricism. Perfect, very soothing too.

57 Talk of the Town
58 People Watching
59 Sunsets for Somebody Else
60 The Horizon Has Been Defeated

I think this is his best song. Perfectly sharp and crisp mastered, sounds great on my system. I have all of his CD's and LP's and I think JJ is the best musician EVER <3!

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