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21 Personal Jesus

I think that's the one of the best song. Its really romantic...

For those who don't know, it's a cover of a Depeche Mode song.

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22 I've Been Everywhere

you can't listen to this song.. I've Been Everywhere.. without getting up and dancing. this song rocks the house and for us adventurous souls who've done a lot of traveling or moving around- we can relate to its message.

Have to agree, when a friend of mine who dislikes country music totally admitted he enjoyed listening to it when I posted him it!

I used to think I disliked country music. That changed when I listened to this song.

I memorized this whole song I love it so much

23 Don't Take Your Guns to Town

It is not good place for this beautiful sing.

Great song! At least it have to stand 10th

24 Satisfied Mind
25 Guess Things Happen That Way V 1 Comment
26 Big River

One reason why Johnny Cash is Number ONE has to do with the quality of his songs. Where other top artists may have 20-30 awesome songs over a career, Johnny has hundreds that would qualify. Sometimes, especially with Johnny Cash songs, some of his earlier works do not get the recognition they deserve, and even more so when the listener was born after 1980 and does not really know his earlier work. Big River is poetry, sung by a poet at the top of his game. Perhaps not his number one song, but at least in the conversation for his best when he was at his best.

Amazing song. Belongs in top Five. Johnny sang three good versions (one with the Highwaymen).

Just a great country rock song, great storytelling lyrics, instantly recognisable intro that sounds just as fresh to this day, no matter how many times you've heard it

27 Home of the Blues
28 Daddy Sang Bass

Ok. For all of you who think song sampling is a new invention, the great Carl Perkins wrote this song for John making the Carter family famous song even better. Top 25 J.C. song.

29 Hey Porter

One of Johnny's first hits. It still holds up today, even if traveling by train has gone out of style. I would place this in Johnny Cash's top ten essential songs.

30 I Hung My Head

#25?! Give me a break. What's wrong with the world? This has to be a joke! Who's messing with me? Number 1 and there isn't a doubt about it in my mind. Something has to be done about this. This is an outrage!

Strong, classic, haunting and so very cash

18? What a joke!

Number one no doubt! Asf sad kj;l skjf a;ksj j

31 The General Lee
32 I've Been Everywhere V 1 Comment
33 First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
34 Redemption Day
35 I See a Darkness

Number 35?! this should be top 5! amazing song!

This song deserves a place in top ten.Of all the songs made on broken people,people finding it hard to live,I can claim this one deserves the crown.
It beautifully describes how does misery steps into a beautiful life and to all who struggle to revisit their happy will surely help..This song is made for you..
Long live your melodies Mr.Cash..You were the one and only!

36 The Wanderer

A Cash/U2 song with an extremely modern sound (synth) but that still retains that old Johnny Cash feel.

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37 In the Jailhouse Now

This song is certainly Johnny Cash's most underrated song. It has got an amazing rhythm, and catchy lyrics. Definitely deserves to be in the top 10, not this far down the list!

I agree this is an underrated song. It is the best cover of this song.

This song is so underrated, it certainy deserves to be among the top 5

38 Wichita Lineman
39 If You Could Read My Mind

Do you realize that this song was written and performed by Gordon Lightfoot, who also created many other wonderful songs? I love Johnny and his version is good but he likely chose it in appreciation of its author who did a much better job with it. Let's not wear blinders because someone is more popular and has died. - Billyv

The last song, he made before he died, truly the most moving song of all time. How this isn't at least top 20 beats me. Can't listen to this song without crying

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40 25 Minutes to Go

Wonderful song, really. I can't stop listening to it.

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