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81 Luther Played the Boogie

My IPod of hundreds of Johnny Cash Songs places this at number 1 on my top 25 list. There are So many excellent songs, that it is hard to choose, especially for those who do not know some of Cash's lesser popular songs. I do not place this above songs such as Sunday Morning Coming Down, Big River, etc. , but it ought to be higher up this list. Give it a listen.

82 Belshazzar

This is such a good song. Although it is a religious song, it is just a good song to listen to. Even those who do not like religious songs should enjoy it. It should rank in the top 25.

83 Straight A's In Love

The richness in Johnny's voice in this early work is exceptional. Even sounds a little like Elvis here. Johnny sounds fantastic.

84 Tennessee
85 I'm Movin' On
86 Nine Pound Hammer
87 Peace In the Valley

A lovely relaxing song to listen to.

88 I'd Still Be There
89 What Do I Care
90 Wanted Man
91 Five Feet High and Rising

Very well made song. I've always loved it and its story!

92 September When It Comes V 1 Comment
93 I'm an Easy Rider

One of the grooviest songs I've ever heard. Especially the middleplays with guitar, and the lyrics gives a large, free feeling. Love it.

94 Four Strong Winds

It's hard to believe this hadn't already been added. Neil Young sang it, Johnny Cash FEELS it. My heart warms when I hear this by him. - Britgirl

95 Best Friend
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