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1 December

December is the best month of all. It is my birthday and Christmas. It is the darkest month of the year, so you get to enjoy the beautiful lights. The snow gleaming in the moonlight is fantastic and Christmas is definitely the best festival of all. Singing Christmas carols while drinking warm mulled wine is pure joy. Sitting by the crackling fireplace on a bitter winter's day is amazing. Spending time to decorate the tree, eat a delicious feast and enjoy the company of other people is superb. Also, you can look back at the year and ponder on all the things you did. December is the best.

My Birthday is in March, but December is, hands down the best month of the year. Some people don't like it but I love the manic of Christmas shopping, everyone seems happier and you can decorate your house all festive! There is also school finishing for 2-3 weeks (UK). You also get the T.V. specials of your favourite programs. Christmas is family time which is the best! God it's November 20th today and I am literally counting down the day until December. Don"t forget New Years Eve and Boxing Day Sales! When January 1st comes, I am the most depressed person in my house, everything back to the same old boring daily life.

Its beautiful, not to mention the cold, just sitting by the fireplace. And also the best holiday, CHRISTMAS! aaaaahhhh... I don't like somehing about it, that is because you have to wait another year for xmas. june is ok but I don't like vacation because you don't see your freakn friends! - lyere1

December 30th is my birthday and I am10

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2 July

Half of June is school and July is ALL school FREE.

Why is this miserable month ranked this high, higher than October or May? Days neverending of getting stricken by lightning and having heat strokes from 4 weeks of 100 degree days... Have to stay in all the time... Can't enjoy life without collapsing from a heat stroke or being stricken by lightning from the horrendously bipolar weather. having to expose my bodily flab to the whole world, which my shirt conceals the rest of the year. July sucks, just go away and bring on October! Normal weather! 1

July is the best! I was born in December, but I really wish my birthday was in July! There's no school, It's all Summer, you have Fourth of July (Meaning Fireworks and BBQ's! ), awesome weather, awesome swimming weather, awesome month to go on a vacation, and you can have the most fun! July should be first!

I had to pick December or July (2 favourite months), and I ended up deciding Summer Vacation over a 2 week break and Christmas. July is just wonderful

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3 June

School is over... summer is here which means PARTY TIME! plus it's my birthday =P

School is over, I could relax, I don't have to worry about falling on my a** by slipping on ice. It is the best month!

I was born on it so has my 2 dogs my grandma my friends doge and my classmate's birthday It happens all to June 1-7th Summer last month of school warmest month I love it

The first of three months without school! - JamesBourne

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4 May

Sweet May is her nickname. I feel really good at this time of year because, the paste of school just calms and relaxes down a lot. It's like you kind of cruise to finish line and kickoff towards summer. I love May everyone is feeling pretty much the same happy and delighted and an adrenaline rush to summer oh yeah! Sweet May.

Reasons why may is the best 1:my birthday 2:jesus born 3:mothers day 4:may the fourth be with you (star wars fan celebration) 5:relaxed free sensation of school ending 6:everyone asking to prom dates 7:work day ( no school no work) 8:because its may

woo yeah my birthday month and why the heck is march winning? Lol. - shawdyslikeamelody

Perfect weather. Not too cold but not too hot either. So relaxing. LEt's not forget that school ends on the last day of May (For me.) - JamesBourne

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5 October

I love this month of the year because at this time its moderate kind of temperature due to which I love to hangout with friends. Its lots of fun with cool breeze. - mohit100

The coolest, most crip, and beautiful months of the year. August is good too because its my birthday, but October is too good. - fireinside96

The only time heavy makeup and playing dress up is socially permitted! Plus, it isn't deathly cold or boiling hot. I like October! - keycha1n

The only bad about October is that it's my brother's birthday. Other than that everything's fine. - njalabi63989

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6 August

In 2008, when my Black Age, Sad days, and Subliminal Day was in August, when I've being expelled by teacher, go to buy Prince of Persia Games and I have a fight with my auntie. - 09ShamsulBahriel

It's AMAZING weather and a whole month off of school! Well in England... All other countries finish in June... We finish in July.

I was born in mid/ late (17-24) August and I always get nice weather. My older sibling always has a sports game going on during my birthday though.

The month when school starts, Yippee :(

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7 March

March is #1 by far, it is the beggining of beautiful weather in Nebraska.

Best month of the year by far! I don't know why its only 8th honestly the weathers PERFECT and its just like the month of good luck!

My Birthday :D this month is awesome and always the best year after year! - Revolver

March out of winter

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8 April

I love May too but it's at least 10 degrees or so more so April, I just think is the best weather except for the showers that is but I love June too cause my daughter's out of school & we get to spend 24/7 together but July & August are just so hot but I still love having her around all the time & December cause of Christmas but I hhhaaate the winter weather though! - pmmom38

April may be a good month for the west coast and the rockies but tornadoes are most likely in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Kansas. I'm going to have to not vote for April.

A beloved member was born on the 17th, so... =) regardless, its finally starting to feel like spring. It makes life just feel so much more open and happy! - keycha1n

A lot of tragedies have happened during this month though

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9 November

November is my favorite month ever! Who doesn't enjoy eating all the candy you got Halloween? And when your done with that, you get to chow down on a huge feast with family and friends! And don't forget the thanksgiving specials! And what is really great is how awesome it looks outside and feeling of the time you went raking with your parents (although you mostly jumped in the piles of leaves LOL). And it's the time of year to wear autumn clothes like boots, cute jeans, tights, scarves, and sometimes even the cutest of fall dresses!

This is the best month ever, man.

There's just something about November that I really, really like

My birthday is November 12 and it is a great time of year for a birthday

School is over! But cyclones... Ugh! - coolguy101

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10 January

My birthday! Also there's a chance of snow! - breyn

Damn straight this is the best but who put this month 12, are you kidding me, January is the best. Hell with June.

start the new year with a bang - anthonybecerra831

Australia all let us rejoice! - coolguy101

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11 February

February is the second worst month. It is freezing cold, with no signs of spring. With the lack of sunlight, you get loads of illnesses. It is a month where you break all your New Year's resolutions. It rarely snows, but it just rains and rains and rains. It is grey, cloudy and there are icy gales, but no snow. The first flowers don't cheer you up, because it will be ages before the warm weather actually arrives.

The Rev's Birthday me he Rest In Peace and Rock In Heaven... Best rocker ever to live

It's halfway through the year... it's like the Wednesday of the year. It's also the point of the year when the weather is coldest... which means more snows days!

Where I live it's the best. - Ketrikal

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12 September

While not the best month, September is quite pleasant. Everything things that January is the fresh month where you can start new things, but no one ever keeps their New Year's resolutions. September, meanwhile, is the real starting month. Autumn begins and there is an excitement in the air, but September can still bring some warm, sunny days.

I love september its such a cool month - decorulez97

The weather gets isn't burning hot any more, the leaves turn a pretty brownish red color, and my birthday comes.

Too dry in Townsville - coolguy101

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