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1 December December

I love December. It's my birthday and Christmas also my brother come s back for a week. And I live in Texas so it is hot in winter so it's practically summer and I get to enjoy life with friends and family

It rains a lot here in california which is nice

December is my favorite month. My birthday is on December, plus, Christmas is my favorite holiday, because you get presents and holidays from school, so it's like a birthday and a mini-summer holiday mixed together! Besides, everyone is happier and merrier with Christmas spirit, and everything outside is beautiful during the winter. And you can also have fun decorating your house and a Christmas tree with fab ornaments and curl up in front of the fire sipping a warm, tasty mug of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows or whipped cream. AND you can also celebrate the New Year. I love staying up late and counting to midnight! December is the most exciting month!

CHRISTMAS! Christmas is all about Jesus Christ. He was born on christmas

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2 July

The sunniest month of the year.

Sunny, Days Are long even though getting shorter no school

My Birthday, and it's so SUNNY! You can visit the pool etc. - buster

Beach, drive ins, swimming, golf, no school (although I'm a graduate), and sleeping in - codgtamk34

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3 June

School sucks and the last day is honestly my fondest memory of the experience. Even if the weather isn't always the best, school ending more than makes up for it. Plus, it's the beginning of summer and pride month!

It's starting if school but it rains a lot when june in here and I love rain so YES dad

My Birthday happens and I get to see my brother

June one of my favorite months and my birthday happens in june as well

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4 October

My favorite month - lemur

Greatest time to see fall colors start to dwindle and Halloween season!

My birthday is in this month - DrayTopTens

October is my birthday and has a holiday!

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5 May

Honestly the best month. The weather is perfect (not to warm or cold), and allergies start to disappear as well. It leads to summer, but still has the chime of spring, making it the warmest spring month and the funnest. School is a breeze and everyone is slowing down. You can easily sneak in a nice relaxing swing in a hammock or a walk around the park, or you could have a lot of free time to make up for unfinished work. I feel like it is better then June because the anticipation is exilerating, making May be filled with energy. You seem to be in contact with friends more because drama seems to die down by June. My favorite to least favorite months in order:
1: May
2: June
3: December
4: July
5: March
6: February
7: October
8: January
9: November
10: September
11: April
12: August

May has really good weather and it is really calm. I also love May because my birthday is in this month! BEST MONTH EVER!

MY birthday and the shortest term and the best weather AND wildlife is coming out of tis hiding - MRRANDOM

Flowers are blooming and trees are green, and school is almost over, and May is not to cold or hot

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6 August

Sad month. The last month of summer vacation. - RobertWisdom

All I got to say is MICHAEL JACKSON was born August 29, 1958

Das my birthday

It's my month of birth - Pokemonfan10

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7 March

My birthday is march 5th - queeniifan

Am The 8th Of March 2. #BestMonth

My birthday march 1st

1. March

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8 April

The first month when it starts to get a bit warmer

My birthday month. - SpinelliFan

My favorite month, tied with March. My lucky day, though not my B-day, is April 12.


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9 November November

November Rain


November is my birthday month! come on people it has to be a close second like 9.5 and the top should be july because of eid!

November is my favorite month ever! Who doesn't enjoy eating all the candy you got Halloween? And when your done with that, you get to chow down on a huge feast with family and friends! And don't forget the thanksgiving specials! And what is really great is how awesome it looks outside and feeling of the time you went raking with your parents (although you mostly jumped in the piles of leaves LOL). And it's the time of year to wear autumn clothes like boots, cute jeans, tights, scarves, and sometimes even the cutest of fall dresses!

This is the best month ever, man.

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10 January

January is the 1st month and it's in 10th place lol
I like January actually
Both Capricorn and Aquarius are in this month and I really like those signs
The new year begins with this month
(I also like this month 'cause the first meme of every year is born in this month)

My birthday is January 5

First month of the new year that's why its cool - codgtamk34

January is indeed a beautiful month. It starts with new hope, new dreams and new goals. It's the first month so make it a beautiful, hopeful, fun start of your new year. It's damn good.

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11 February

I like it because it's the month I was born in

My bday is in this month - codgtamk34

My birthday month is the best

Who the hell made this list?!

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12 September

This is my birthday month! - PandasNGaga

School though so, no. - RobertWisdom

My birthday is September 13 - BananaDeluxe

It should be number one

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