Top Ten Months of The Year

The Top Ten Months of The Year

1 December

Why did people chose this buffy, yet weridly epic picture of Santa Claus?

I had a better picture of a christmas tree but it got replaced. I'll replace it again

I had to go with December by a smidge. I almost picked July, but then I remembered that December has Christmas! You also get a 2 week break!

December is the best month of all. It is my birthday and Christmas. It is the darkest month of the year, so you get to enjoy the beautiful lights. The snow gleaming in the moonlight is fantastic and Christmas is definitely the best festival of all. Singing Christmas carols while drinking warm mulled wine is pure joy. Sitting by the crackling fireplace on a bitter winter's day is amazing. Spending time to decorate the tree, eat a delicious feast and enjoy the company of other people is superb. Also, you can look back at the year and ponder on all the things you did. December is the best.

Wait a minute why am I voting for months they all have hits and misses

2 July

Half of June is school and July is ALL school FREE.

Why is this miserable month ranked this high, higher than October or May? Days neverending of getting stricken by lightning and having heat strokes from 4 weeks of 100 degree days... Have to stay in all the time... Can't enjoy life without collapsing from a heat stroke or being stricken by lightning from the horrendously bipolar weather. having to expose my bodily flab to the whole world, which my shirt conceals the rest of the year. July sucks, just go away and bring on October! Normal weather! 1

July is the best! I was born in December, but I really wish my birthday was in July! There's no school, It's all Summer, you have Fourth of July (Meaning Fireworks and BBQ's! ), awesome weather, awesome swimming weather, awesome month to go on a vacation, and you can have the most fun! July should be first!

In July, I have an entire month to binge watch and not worry about my school! But, what makes it worse is, I typically feel nausea during this month and sometimes I even vomit. I think it's because of the heat because I'm usually not like this at any other time of the year. But, either way.. July is the month where I make the most memories.

3 June

June, the start of summer. Which brings happiness as the sad winters are over.

MY BIRTH MONTH, BABY! My birthday is June 30th!
And here's why it's the best month to have a birthday! In my opinion...
#1: School is over, even though I graduated!
#2: This month has more Disney and Pixar movies out in theaters than November ever did.
#3: It's totally warm out, maybe rainy and stormy sometimes, but still awesome!
#4: To anybody who are Sonic fans, Sonic's given birthday is June 23rd. That's one week before MY birthday!

June ROCKS! And always will be the best month to have a birthday!

Summer begins in this month and the day that it begins on is June 20th.

Warm and breezy, just the right temperature (mostly anyways) and everything is of my favorite colors. It's only the beginning of summer, too, so it's generally not too hot. I wish my birthday were in June!

4 October

I'm 20 years old and I still like wearing costumes
Batman (that weird one in 1966) is what I'll be doing
In 2019 and 2020

I love this month of the year because at this time its moderate kind of temperature due to which I love to hangout with friends. Its lots of fun with cool breeze.

October= candy,costumes, and its when the wolves watch me in the inner eye.

Best way to kick off the holiday season! Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you still get the great holiday feelings!

5 May

The best month to be born in. The weather is not too cold or not too hot, it's perfect, and it barely rains. Also, there are some fun fairs that go on in May.

May is obviously the best. like any civilized person would know that

My list:

1. May
2. October
3. December
4. February
5. June
6. April
7. July
8. March
9. August
10. November
11. September
12. January

April/July/March are all interchangeable. Big gap between March and August. I like all four seasons but Spring is the best.

Honestly the best month. The weather is perfect (not to warm or cold), and allergies start to disappear as well. It leads to summer, but still has the chime of spring, making it the warmest spring month and the funnest. School is a breeze and everyone is slowing down. You can easily sneak in a nice relaxing swing in a hammock or a walk around the park, or you could have a lot of free time to make up for unfinished work. I feel like it is better then June because the anticipation is exilerating, making May be filled with energy. You seem to be in contact with friends more because drama seems to die down by June. My favorite to least favorite months in order:
1: May
2: June
3: December
4: July
5: March
6: February
7: October
8: January
9: November
10: September
11: April
12: August

6 August

Ugh! This is ma b-day month, but it's so scorching hot at this month in Canada!

August is a cool month. The others are pure torture but this one is better.

August sucks because school starts back up in the middle of the month.

I like this month because my family goes to Wisconsin Dells every August

7 March

March 2019 wasn't the best, but the weather in March is pretty good and I was born on March 28.

Oh wow I have to share my March 8 birthday with all these people

March has the beautiful change From Winter to Spring it’s the month of transformation and beauty:

March is the month of the best zodiac sign (Pisces) & it’s the best overall.

8 April

I'm born in April and I love this month because the weather is finally going from crappy to good. Also I share birthday months with lots of celebrities.

A lot of great things can be celebrated this month, like my birthday, pranks, and the ecosystem.

I like this month because...
-I was born on that month ( April 28th, 2006 )
-April Fool’s Day
-National Weed Day
-National Blueberry Pie Day ( the same day as my b-day )

I love May too but it's at least 10 degrees or so more so April, I just think is the best weather except for the showers that is but I love June too cause my daughter's out of school & we get to spend 24/7 together but July & August are just so hot but I still love having her around all the time & December cause of Christmas but I hhhaaate the winter weather though!

9 November

November is my favorite month ever! Who doesn't enjoy eating all the candy you got Halloween? And when your done with that, you get to chow down on a huge feast with family and friends! And don't forget the thanksgiving specials! And what is really great is how awesome it looks outside and feeling of the time you went raking with your parents (although you mostly jumped in the piles of leaves LOL). And it's the time of year to wear autumn clothes like boots, cute jeans, tights, scarves, and sometimes even the cutest of fall dresses!

This is the best month ever, man.

My birthday is in November and plus there is firework night and autum is such fun!

There's just something about November that I really, really like

My birthday is November 12 and it is a great time of year for a birthday

10 January

January is the 1st month and it's in 10th place lol
I like January actually
Both Capricorn and Aquarius are in this month and I really like those signs
The new year begins with this month
(I also like this month 'cause the first meme of every year is born in this month)

If you live in Minnesota this is one of the worst because it gets down to -20F.

My birthday! Also there's a chance of snow!

Damn straight this is the best but who put this month 12, are you kidding me, January is the best. Hell with June.

The Contenders

11 February

Just a little better than January thanks to Valentine's Day. Otherwise, it kinda sucks.

Any one born on February is born the same month as Cristiano Ronaldo I am Feb 11 my Bday

This is a great month with a half term where you can maybe go on a holiday for a week and in this month all the outdoor parts of the theme parks open up again. You may even see some flowers or blossoms growing up again. Just stay positive in this month and you will be in March in no time. Plus if you have a birthday in this month. February will be even better.

The Rev's Birthday me he Rest In Peace and Rock In Heaven... Best rocker ever to live

12 September

A Message to people who are wishing September to be removed from the calendar:

If we remove September from the calendar then eventually Americans would be celebrating the 4th of July in the Winter and Americans would not be keem with having their independence day in the Winter. Most importantly, just because school starts back in a certain month doesn't mean that it's bad.

Strange people this is the most th for back to school shopping so all new stationary new bags shoes and others a fresh new start to the academic year this should be the order best to worst
1 September
12 August

I did not make any typos in the message that I posted and I did mean to put keem in the statement "Americans would not be keem with having their Independence Day in the Winter" The only grammar errors I made in the message was when I did not capitalize "Independence Day"

I love September:
My birthday
New school year
Sew supplies
Most activities about and many more