Top 10 Best Months of The Year

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1 December

It's the most wonderful time of the year. I love December mostly because of Christmas. As a kid you probably loved Christmas (if you celebrated it) because of the presents you got but when you get older you should realize that Christmas isn't about presents at all. It is about being there for your family and friends.

The perfect month for kids here's why. Take a step back, close your eyes, and picture this.

It's a cold morning as December starts, your dreading school but things are starting to lighten up, the break is just around the corner. School days feel more exciting, everyone looking forward to Christmas and hanukiah. Fun events over the weekend ensue, going on a walk in crisp snow ( if you are able to get some) or decorating something. The final week of school approaches and you couldn't be more excited, classes are shorter, you count down the days. Then the last day of school hits. You sit down as you get home and look forward to the break that lies ahead. You can wake up every day with a steaming glass of cider or tea, have fun in the snow, sit by the fire, talk with family, play videogames for 8 hours a day, the choice is yours. Christmas is always a blast, new years is too. The days off over December are far better than summer or spring break because

A. Its long enough to ...more

I love December! First, it's summer (that is if you live in Australia like me)! Santa comes and I get double presents because my birthday on the 22nd of December!

I just love food, so the fact that November through December are a lot of food related holidays makes me ecstatic. I'm naturally a really petite person so these months I have the most fun. I can finally show off my eating skills.

2 July

This month seems to be most kids and teens favorite month because it is the only month you are free from school throughout the entire month. This month is great because you have more time to go to places you enjoy and go on vacation. The only negative is that it is boiling hot in most places during July and there are lots of bugs.

1: My favorite month is July for a few reasons.
1: My birthday
2: 4th of July
3: Summer

2: Then I have to say December because Christmas and winter

3: Next is October because of Halloween

4: Next is January because of new year's

5: April comes next because of Easter and Good Friday

6: March has Saint Patrick's day but I don't really care about it that much

7: June has my mom's birthday and fathers day

8: May has mother's day

9: I'm OK with November but I've never been a fan of Thanksgiving because I'm a picky eater

10: I hate February because of one reason,
Valentine's day

11: September has labor day but that's IT

12: I hate August because it has...
Nothing, LITERALLY no holiday

Best seaon ever. Just look at these fireworks! Its time for a swim! Its time for July seasons! Perfect time for ice-cream! We can even realax at the beach.

Best month for lying in the sun to get some tan and for swimming in the most turquoise waters of the sea!The July evenings are the warmest and the most romantic of the whole year.

3 June

June is a lovely month. Plants have fully bloomed at this point and the weather is hot but not in a humid or sticky way. Everything starts to feel alive and young.

June is actually when my birthday is! I personally think june is the best month because its sunny and its summer and my birthday is June 22!

june is one of my least favorite months, (although I like summer), it's pRiDe mOnTh. pride month just ruins the thrill of the school year ending. (personally, I think I got way too many votes for the best months)

One of the sunniest season of the year. We can go to the beach, eat ice-cream and perfait, and look at how beautiful june looks in this picture!

4 October

I know, nobody likes october because it isn't December or in the summer. But, it has some big benefits. Halloween, for one. Thanksgiving for us Canadians is in October. Nothing horrible and world changing has ever happened in October. October is such a nice and unique name for a month. It isn't too cold, and always is peaceful and silent if you close your eyes in a private place. Imagine the cool but beautiful breeze, the only thing you can hear aside from the soft skitter of leaves the breeze has sent across the ground. The colors of the trees and their leaves are great and always nice to see. My birthday is in October but if my birthday was in January, for example, October would still my favourite month behind December.

I love October because kids are free to be creative with the own costume for Halloween and it's my bday in October...and it's so nice seeing all the leafs fall down, my favorite season is Fall and its not even that cold

October has been my favorite month for quite some time. Fall is my favorite season, so September, October, and November have always been close to my heart, plus December since Christmas is my favorite holiday. As I say, "-Ber months are the best months." :) October has it all: perfect Fall days, the creepiness of Fall that is totally awesome balanced with the coziness the season also brings, Halloween (my second favorite holiday), Pumpkin Spice Lattes, etc. September is definitely a close second since it's the first month of the Fall season (plus it's my birth month :) ), but October surpasses it by a little.

Why is October number 4! This should be number 1 or 2 for sure. Trick-or-Treating so much fun that I can't decide if it is better than Christmas.

5 May

May is really pretty and definitely when spring is at its peak. In my opinion, this is the best month because it's the last month of school and it is not too hot or cold!

Around this time is when spring starts to feel more like spring. The flowers are in full bloom and you can feel the summer season coming soon.

My birthday! I also love its weather and stuff, sometimes its feezing cold, some times its perfectly warm, and somethimes its hot as!

My Rankings 1-12:
1. May (It's beautiful in May in New England, the flowers bloom, temps hit 80, baseball, it's like Thursday, in the week because the summer hype is real, I love it! )
2. October (October is the fall version of May, it's comfortable, you're 20+ days into school and loving it, plus varsity games)
3. December (December is such a special month, it's the right time to better yourself and you have it all to look forward to)
4. February (Special for me, the skiing is awesome, temperatures warm up enough that it actually snows and it's not bitter cold, Winter Break, the feeling that the end of school is closer than the beginning)
5. June (The end of school, but often it's bittersweet and sad, the weather is like May, but the trees are darkening to that deep green of summer)
6. April (May is almost there, the trees start to bloom, and you can get the best of summer and winter)
7. July (The next school year is far away, and early on in the month you really ...more

6 August

I really love this month .. Winter is too cold and depressing for me. I can't go outside even I can't wear my favorite cloths. but august is the most romentic month ever ..

Luckily my school district doesn't start until the beginning of September so I get to enjoy one more month of summer before returning to prison, I-I mean school.

I personally think that this is one of the best months in the entire year because it's still warm and my b-day is in August! I wish this month was a little higher up

You know, for the go back to school month it was never all that terrible, and the weather is still good, and part of this month is still made up of vacation time which can be fun. Two years ago, I went to London in August... it was wonderful.

7 April

April is obviously the best month. my bday is in april and it always feels so nice. even on rainy days, it's so fun and calming to go outside with an umbrella, and relax. if you go on a walk around your neighborhood, it feels nice to have the entire place to yourself, following the refreshing air. april is just so awesome. its also EXTREMELY better than may. may is just so stressful, and I always get sick. it feels way hotter, and all the horrible monsters called wasps and honeybees come out to kill you. just look at those soleless eyes.

In April the weather starts to get warmer but it is still fairly cool like the fall just with more rain, flowers blooming, and animals starting to come out. It is such a magical time during the spring and isn't as stressful as May and June.

It may be very rainy but I love the rain and it helps all of the trees and flowers bloom for the rest of spring and summer. It starts to get warm but is still more mild than May and June. It has fun holidays like April Fool's Day, Easter, and Earth Day.

April is truly the best month in my opinion. It's close with may, as it is the last month of school. But, as you near the end of April you get that excited feeling of summer break. And, it's Spring! What a beautiful season if you ask me! :P

8 November

I got three good reasons why November is a good month.
1. My birthday. In my opinion, one of best day of the year.
2. Food. Go ahead and call me a foodaholic, but I love to eat. Plus it helps that I can keep off weight.
3. Scenery. The light filtering through multiple different colored leaves on to the browning grass.

Sorry for all those people born in November, but for me I HATE this month. Worst month of the year. In Canada, where I live, November is the month where all trees have no leafs, and it looks like all of them are dead. Add that to the fact that there's not snow yet, and it's the month where you always wait for Christmas, Winter and December coming.
You want a fun fact? When your parents had sex, you were born 9 months after. So for all of those who were born in november, it's because your parents had sex at Valentine's Day (9 months before). So sorry for people who were born 14th November :P (This might also be the reason a lot of people are born in November.) Sorry...

In Texas at least, the weather is the most beautiful thing in the world. I can't get enough of it and feel so much nostalgia for it. One month I'm happy to be in Texas.

November is my favorite month ever! Who doesn't enjoy eating all the candy you got Halloween? And when your done with that, you get to chow down on a huge feast with family and friends! And don't forget the thanksgiving specials! And what is really great is how awesome it looks outside and feeling of the time you went raking with your parents (although you mostly jumped in the piles of leaves LOL). And it's the time of year to wear autumn clothes like boots, cute jeans, tights, scarves, and sometimes even the cutest of fall dresses!

This is the best month ever, man.

9 March

I LOVE the month March first of all that is the month I was born March 10th and second it is spring which I think is the BEST season!

This used to be a great month, now it's more... okay. Easter is a thing - which I prefer to celebrate in a more atheistic way, but it's still great - and a good portion of my former friends celebrated their brithdays then.

March is pretty neat. The weather starts to warm up a bit as spring approaches but you still get a few snowstorms to send off the winter season. You get holidays like St. Patrick's Day and sometimes Easter and it is also Women's History Month too.

March is THE month for skiing, there's still a lot of snow and it's warmer. And when skiing season is over, you start crying, but at least Spring is coming, and the end of the school year gets closer...

10 January

I like January because
-My b-day in on 19 JANUARY (last day of Capricorn too)
- Winter. I LOVE January because where I live and if its compared with seasons and weather I would prefer it as the weather IS PERFECT not too hot and not to cold.

I live in australia where january is a summer month. I always associated the month with happy memories since we don't have school for the entire month.

Reasons why January is my favourite month:
1. New Year (bye bye 2020!)
2. I was born in January
3. Highest chance of snow, and I love snow!
4. High chance of snow = high chance of snow day (although it won't matter during a pandemic)
5. I prefer winter over summer

January is indeed a beautiful month. It starts with new hope, new dreams and new goals. It's the first month so make it a beautiful, hopeful, fun start of your new year. It's damn good.

The Contenders
11 February

February sucks. I feel bad for my sister because while she was still living she never gets to go anywhere for her birthday. That's why I love August 27, because my birthday is in the summer so it's never cold and doesn't snow. And where I live, it doesn't rain on my type of days (20-29) in Iceland.

February is a very beautiful month. Actually, it might be my favorite! While it may not be Christmas snow, February can experience very beautiful snowfalls. It would be perfect weather to go sledding. February is so underrated, because it is so unique. It's not as quite cold as December or January, but it's not as warm as the weather in March or April, when the weather starts warming up. It's perfectly in the middle.
Also, has everyone forgotten Valentine's Day? Even if you don't have a lover, you still have friends and family to celebrate with and tell them how much you love them! Also, the candy is pretty good, haha,
But, everyone is allowed to have their opinion, so please don't hate on me! I just find February to be so fascinating and unique. Definitely deserves to be higher on this list!

Personally, I hate this month. First of all, Valentines Day is not even a real holiday. It's just one of the many days you have to go to school to either hear people gush about their boyfriends/girlfriends that they'll most likely break up with before the end of high school, or crying because they don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend. The weather is crap for the most part and overall, there's really nothing special about this month for me. However, I will give it credit for being the first month of a new semester, where you get new classes and new teachers.

I like February but not for Valentine's day. I don't believe in Saint Valentine.I was born in February and it is the month of Pisces which is my zodiac sign.

12 September

I'm sad that September is the least best month. It's a month of where you are in your first or second month of school and you are seeing your friends. Fall and Halloween parties. I'm also offended. My birthday is in september. the 19th. It's also where it's not so hot outside and it's getting a little chillier outside.

September is nice. Warm but not too warm, and though there's nothing I recall being special about it, I actually never minded those first couple months of school because they were usually interesting and not as stressful as the latter ones.

Unlike February where you know everything about your second semester, teachers, rooms etc. long in advance, it can actually be exciting getting your timetable in September for me because we don't get our timetables until the day school starts, so I feel a lot of suspense wondering if I got the courses I picked, who my teachers are and what time/semester I have each class in, and the weather starts to get cooler. Other than that, BOO!

September is the month when school starts. It doesn't look fun, but it's the month where you have the chance to get new friends and meet new people. It's a new school year where a lot of opportunities awaits you. Weather is pleasant, but not as hot as the previous months. School at the beginning of the year is fun, there's not a lot of homework and exams. But when October starts, things get worse...