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1 Floyd Mayweather

Great skill, that's about it. He is not a true champion. A true champion doesn't just care about the money, or about the win; a true champion cares about how it is obtained. Mayweather will accept a win that he did not earn with pride, such as the Ortiz fight. Yes its was a win, and a legal one, but shouldn't he had waited and proved that he was actually better than Ortiz? No, he took advantage of the situation to insure himself a win regardless of how it was accomplished. Mayweather is arrogant, extremely cocky, offensive, and lacks moral value. The guy is going to jail for domestic abuse for heaven's sake! He has proved many times that he is a coward. He has no purpose in winning, he has no great story, he is not humble or honorable, he is the hero of no one but himself, and that in any sport is pretty selfish. To me he represents a great evil, ignorance and arrogance, corruption and wickedness, and like any evil it is powerful and awesome, it however, is not invulnerable.

I believe that Mayweather has technique no doubt about it. Only problem is that he likes to talk about oponents that are hi in there game as if he already knows he can knock them out or win the fight. I only have one thing to say and that is no one can ever know the answer until you have faced them in the ring. If it hasnt occured then there is no telling what the results maybe cause in boxing no matter the record or statistics or your guess. The result of a fight that has not happened can never be determined the outcome because it has never happened.

My understanding of a champion is one that does battle not run. A champion has knock out power and gives the corner patch up work because he fights and not run. A champion is loved and admired by the people, is humble, and does not beat women. Now that he has retired, he will be a lonely man with lots of money and no real friends. Glad he is done.

Every time he wins a fight he goes out and buys like 5 Bugatti's. He's a horrible man, I mean, if you think of him, you think rich and jerk. If you think of Manny Pac, you think about a person who donates 50% of his money to the Philippines and someone who's living a normal life.

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2 Muhammed Ali

He's a bum.

What some kids playing on this site or what wrong name in the wrong list

Why would any one hate this GUY?!?

Dude is a draft dodger who should be in prison. He fought a bunch of low level fighters. He was the best of his time, but whenever fought a talented fighter he lost. He shouldn't have even been aloud to fight after dodging he draft.

3 Mike Tyson Mike Tyson Michael Gerard Tyson (born June 30, 1966) is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 2005. He reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at 20 years, four months and 22 days old.

Well you go back to ear incident, and many other fights. But in his recent fights that he's won, were they really any competition for him. I hope that one boxer emerges and just smashes him, and hope Mike wants a rematch and then smashes him again laugh out loud! Send him into retirement. - Hummer09

He is a piece of trash and a sorry boxer. He can punch like crazy but he would get outboxed by any reasonable talented boxer. The only reason he used to win is cause he was to stupid to be fearful he just ran out there and hit people as hard as he could till he got tired. - Chris-1

A Beast and a Bastard. But I love him!

Tyson Is the realist dude in the game ever, never dodged a fight and took all comers.
Youngest heavy weight champion ever. Sure he had issues,but the records and fight style he brought will never be forgotten

4 Naseem Hamed

Complete dickhead

dick head

5 James Butler

Yes He Deserves To Die! AND I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL!

The bums got no class.

6 Adrien Broner

Just a clown who take the L and the beating for the money. Then cry afterwards

Mayweather with 100 times less skill

He's a bum from Romania, He can't speak English, Useless he looks to me, He's got two cross eyes, and He looks like he should be in a disabled place, let alone be in a boxing ring with Tyson Fury

The only fighter that's so incredibly full of crap, he doesn't even deserve to be on this list. You may ask yourself what do I have against Rick Ross, and my answer to that is nothing. I'm talking about Adrien Broner.

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7 Audley Harrison

Worst heavyweight ever!

8 David Haye

So over rated he was great once but has dogded every opportunity to prove himself since his comeback for example he dodged Anthony Joshua, Klitschko and even longer of bellew the man's a joke, if u think he's good you don't know boxing

9 Ricardo Mayorga

Worst of the worst. Hope he gets brain damage.

10 Wladimir Klitschko

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11 Jack Johnson

The contraversy he created; the riots he created; he put mayweathers antics to shame.

12 Bernard Hopkins
13 Leon Spinks
14 Tommy Morrison
15 James Toney
16 Roy Jones Junior
17 Ricky Hatton

Hatton is a cool guy with good sportsman ship. I don't know how he can be hated? He was a good fighter too. He always had fun while he was fighting - Sabbath

Hatton was a fighter not a boxer he would kick Floyd mayweather asks in a second. But now he is Ricky fatton

Very unprofessional boxer who gets excited - ronluna

He underestimated manny pacquiao.
Ricky Hatton "He is an amateur. " You get knockout on early rounds - ronluna

18 Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao is a Filipino professional boxer and politician, currently serving as a Senator of the Philippines. He currently ranks #4 in BoxRec's ranking of the greatest pound for pound boxers of all time.

Vargas Should be number 1

He ain't as good as Floyd

Floyd is the one that ducked Manny for 5 years. I would still place Manny above Floyd overall. - Sabbath

19 Steve Collins

Arrogant but put his money where his mouth was so to speak, beat Eubank and Benn twice each enough said

20 Saul Alvarez
21 Carl Froch
22 Tyson Fury

Clown --- end of story!

He's a discrace to boxing

23 Paulie Malignaggi

Overrated, lost to mma fighter

Weak punch

24 Andrew Golota

Dirtiest boxer of all time. - Bruno2202

25 Deontay Wilder Deontay Wilder Deontay Leshun Wilder is an American professional boxer. He has held the WBC heavyweight title since 2015, and in doing so became the first American world heavyweight champion in nine years, which was the longest period of time in boxing history without an American heavyweight champion.


He is a good fighter, he just fights bums.

26 Aaron Pryor
27 Hector "Macho" Camacho
28 Joe Frazier Joe Frazier Joseph William Frazier, nicknamed "Smokin' Joe", was an American professional boxer who competed from 1965 to 1981. He reigned as the undisputed heavyweight champion from 1970 to 1973, and as an amateur won a gold medal at the 1964 Summer Olympics.
29 Joseph Parker

Hey! Vargas Should be in this list!

I have no respect for this paper champion. He barely fights good boxers or foreign boxers. He is just a bum who fights even worse bums. I look forward to his fight against Hughie Fury (I bet Fury wins).

30 Andre Ward

Both of Andre Ward's fights with Sergey Kovalev were unfair. The first one was an awful decision, and the second one was a really early stoppage. After those two fights, he retired because he's scared of fighting Kovalev again. What a wimp!

31 Kell Brook
32 Evander Holyfield
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