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1 Donkey - Shrek

He is funny entertaining and utterly cool in all ways possible. Well, almost.

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2 Garfield Garfield Garfield is a comic strip cat, created by Jim Davis in 1978. Garfield is well-known in many countries and has appeared in over 2.500 newspapers. He has also had 2 live-action movies, 3 CGI-movies and two animated TV shows, Garfield and Friends (1988-1994) and The Garfield Show (2008-2014). more.
3 Toto - The Wizard of Oz
4 Lassie

it's lassie...he's a great dog. - jwileson

5 Frank - Men in Black

A talking dog that kills aliens! How's that not in the top ten?

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6 Cujo
7 Melman - Madagascar Melman - Madagascar
8 King Julian - Madagascar
9 Hedwig - Harry Potter
10 Air Bud

Dog that has sport gene so he can play every sport! - IceCream

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11 Balto

he is a good role model and everyone's hero

12 Free Willy
13 Benji - Dog
14 Tornado - Zorro's Horse
15 Iorek Byrnison - The Golden Compass Iorek Byrnison - The Golden Compass
16 Seabiscuit
17 The Adventures of Milo and Otis

I haven't watched this since I was really young. I love this movie, though. They start off on a farm, the cat is carried out by a river and Otis tries to find him... I remember everything, but I'd rather you watch it. I like the cat... Milo is so cute!

18 Ben - The Rat
19 Underdog
20 Old Yeller
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1. Donkey - Shrek
2. Toto - The Wizard of Oz
3. Garfield



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