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21 Amar Desh (Bangladesh)

I love Bangladesh the newspaper is great here we go back this is our moment tonight is the night we will fight till its over so we put our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us I can see that I got red hands I'm colour blinds saying day ohh don't put the blame on me child the damn thing gone wild day ohh can't believe I was fooling you never wanted to be ruining you is that what you really want. I'm RADIOACTIVE Radioactive

Amar Desh is most popular and famous news paper.
So everyone like it.
Khaled saifullah from Abu Dhabi.

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22 Dainik Bhaskar (India)

I get danik bhaskar do your best and we will do best one day it will become worlds number 1 news paper


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23 The Guardian (UK)

Presents stories well. Opinion is in most articles but never at the forefront. It uses plenty of quotes and always have something interesting to read about

Much more informative and thorough. Much more critical. You will read information not usually found in other newspapers.

Not much else but left-wing propaganda. - AGK

I think the Guardian is an excellent newspaper, easy to read on the Internet and it's printed version is also good.
Just can't help reading it daily, most journalists are very good and reliable opinion makers.

24 The Indian Express (India)

Compared to other 2 Indian newspapers- Times of India and Hindustan Times, its more impartial and intellectually stimulating. The Op-ed page of The Indian Express is the best amongst Indian news papers. However, because of more manpower and coverage, TOI and HT cover more news items- so, they are good if one is interested in knowing local news etc.

The brave magazine brought the truth always. We love their articles.

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25 El Mundo (Spain)

The most important newspaper in Spanish and the most read in that language.

26 The Times (UK)

Whoever doesn't vote this is weird

27 The Boston Herald (USA)
28 Chicago Sun-Times (USA)
29 La Repubblica (Italy)
30 The Toronto Sun (Canada)

Sunshine Girl for the win

31 Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy)
32 The Age (Australia)

Thirty years ago it was understood that 'The Age' was one of the top newspapers in the world for the excellence of it's reporting. Sadly this is no longer the case as it has moved steadily to the left and no longer provides balanced reporting on many issues. The on line presence on it's home page is needlessly 'heavy' taking longer to download and slow. Access on low speed internet services is limited or non-existent. Compare this with the Guardian which limits the content of it's home page and does not duplicate or triplicate links to stories. The on-line subscription service is unreliable suffering frequent disruptions and at the time f writing (October 2015) has been unavailable for more than a day.

33 The Boston Globe (USA)
34 The Anglo-Celt (Ireland)
35 Le Monde (France)

Worth learning French just to be able to read such a great paper. It�'s depth of analysis and reporting is unmatched at least in English papers.

36 El Pais (Spain)

Again, an excellent paper, along the lines of Le Monde and very well documented. El Pais is one of Spains top papers.

Best background stories that inspires even the best British newspapers

37 The Star Online (Malaysia)
38 Corriere del Ticino (Switzerland)

One of the most respectable daily newspaper in Switzerland.

39 Herald Sun (Australia)
40 Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)
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