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Link refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.


He's just so headstrong and determined! I know I could never be as brave as him. The things he has done and the places he has seen are just amazing! He's my hero and I think of him as I do things that I find scary. - Oreanta

The great thing about Link is that he doesn't get anything for doing his heroic deeds, yet he still does them. Mario wants a cake/kiss, Samus is a bounty hunter meaning money might be involved, Red wants to be the Pokemon master, but Link... He just wants to save Hyrule and return peace to the world. That is what I love so much about Link. He is my favorite video game character of all time!

Link is the best. He is second to none. I love the fact that he has his own story line and when he gets to handle all sorts of cool items and weapons. Sure they may be repeated throughout the games but at least they are better than mushrooms and stars. When Mario eats a mushroom, he gets a temporary extra life but when he falls of a cliff, he is dead and you start from a checkpoint. When Link bottles a fairy, it automatically gets used after he dies thereofre acting like it never happened. What I still don't understand though is how the fairy gets out of the bottle?

Link is the best! And I'm not saying this because I think he is the strongest but because he is the best Hero. I saw I shirt today in a store, and it was red with a picture of Mario and it said "Everyone loves a Winner! " and I'm here thinking, well wheres the green shirt with a picture of Link, saying "Everyone loves a Hero! "?
And Link is the Best Hero. - kamui-akuma

Link. What can I say? I remember playing Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past on the weekends. Link is pretty epic. Link battles out thousands of monsters in his quests and defeats challenging bosses with technique and weapons rather than jumping and running. Link also changes from game to game. In Wind Waker he is about 10 or 12 year old boy then in Twilight Princess he's like 19. No other Nintendo series to my knowledge does that! - Naps2052

Not only are the games he's featured in are better than other nintendo characters, he makes sense, compared to the other nintendo characters at least, he ages, there are many reincarnations of him, his life routine isn't run through kingdoms in a plumber suit and take down a dinosaur thing he's killed 100 times already. I like mario and the other nintendo characters but link is easily the best. - Tisme_draGON

Link is truly the best Nintendo character. While there are many incarnations of him, all of them have the same characteristics that makes this character awesome. He literally symbolizes a child exploring the world while he grows up to reach his true potential. While Mario may represent a video game character, nothing beats a protagonist that summarizes the feeling of childhood. - TheOpinionsGuy

Legend of Zelda is the most popular Nintendo of all! Link, of course has to be the hero of time. The things that I like about Link is his long hair, and his green suit and droopy hat. And the supplies are cool like the bow and arrow, slingshot, boomerang (the wind one is the best), hookshot, his potions, and stuff. and the best is the MASTER SWORD!

He's the best. Ten times better than Mario. He has more weapons, better games (except phantom hourglass, ) more of a hero, a huge over world, and a good reason to save Zelda. Link does not disappoint anyone looking for a hero. Truly the best

Link is such a cool character. He really deserves to be the best Nintendo character! I like him because he has a great personality, especially on Twilight Princess: you really know what he is feeling and he shows his emotions. Not many characters have true personalities, it seems. I agree on Link being #1.

Picking between Link and Kirby was really tough, to be honest. In the end, though, Link gets my vote. Partially because half of the time Kirby has no actual heroic intent (i. E Squeak Squad, he was in it for the cake) whilst Link most always DOES.

Link is the best, he's so brave and strong and caring, plus he's SUPER hot... He he... Link is the greatest video game hero, he's literally the incarnation of heroism.

Compared to the likes of Mario, Kirby, and Yoshi? Oh please, he's the toughest and most mature of them all. The most interesting. Definitely the best-looking.

Oh, come on. Link is weak. If you put Mario, Samus, Donkey Kong, Kirby, or Pit in a Zelda game, it would be cleared in half the time since these characters can actually jump and you wouldn't have to waste your time solving stupid puzzles to advance.

He is THE Nintendo character, I mean, sure Mario has been around longer but I agree with the previous comments the he has a huge role that really isn't just "saving the princess" *cough*unlike Mario*cough* and he also has a true story

At least Link's story is actually interesting, Mario's games are just jumping to defeat a turtle, and where the heck will the Mario series lead anyway, at least the "Legend of Zelda" series has the timeline to keep people coming back. Mario's games have no side quests, and there replay value is worth nothing. Go Link Go!

Link Goes through so much daring acts that involve death defying stunts. Like gliding through the air on a leaf or dueling with a demon. Mario jumps on a mushroom or a turtle. Link has Fights to the death with monsters and demon kings alike.

Link is definitely the best swords men by Nintendo him and Mario are the best Characters. I mean seriously he has a ton of weapons. His games are amazing twilight princess, wind waker and majora's mask are the best Zelda games

I've played loads of his games, from Link'a awakening through to twilight princess, and I'm playing through The Minish Cap right now! I feel sorry for people who have never played a Zelda game. ARRGH they're just TOO BEAST!

Link is better, just plain better. He is the wielder of the master sword, And the green clothes dude everybody called Zelda but Mario I said a fat plumber who jumps on pipes to kill a turtle. So what, people call him Zelda. At least they know the game

Link is awesome, but there is a problem.

The Link in Twilight Princess is NOT the same Link in Skyward Sword, or Wind Waker, or Ocarina of Time... The Hero of Time is born many times throughout many generations, and unless the case is a direct sequel, like Zelda and Zelda II, or Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, no two Links are the same.

Even so, every generation is sweet. - PeterG99

Link is the best. He rules. He can shoot arrows with the bow, can throw bombs, dominates the boomerang, has cool clothes, and has the best chronicles the nintendo world has ever known.

He has had more interpretations than any other video game character, his art style ranges from dark to mature to cartoony, and he is just an overall cool guy. Not to mention he is the main character of my favorite video game franchise.

Link has a sword and shield, Mario has punches, Fireballs, And a MUSHROOM. Mario is a fat plumber who jumps on pipes for a living and is totally outdated, Mario may be more popular but watch LINK VS MARIO rap battle by :The infinite source. Only then have I proven link is better... one more thing, Links items: Hookshot, Bow and arrow, Sword, Shield, Several tunics, Several boots.

Go link is the best he is better than Mario because he has an awesome master sword bow and arrow bombs and more. He fights ganon sabes the world of hurdle and save princess zelda. Ganondorf is so much harder than Bowser.