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Pit is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Kid Icarus series, first appearing in Kid Icarus for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986 and later appearing in Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters for the Game Boy in 1991.


I was going to go for Samus, but Pit is here. He constantly fights gods, the forces of the underworld and of nature, all for the sake of humans. Yeah, the people who constantly fight and pollute and stuff. Plus, he has a huge arsenal and he is hilarious. And Finally, this man has only had 3 games! What the heck Nintendo, give Pit some love.

I love Pit! I think he might be one of the only nintendo characters with a unique personality. I multi-weapon wielding, joke-cracking, food addict angel=MOST AWESOME CHARACTER ever! Plus his wings make him even more awesome and Dark Pit (a fallen angel) is awesome too! And yes I entirely agree that a game with Link and Pit teaming up to save mortals and people of Skyworld would be awesome (Medusa and Ganondorf could team up to try take them both over). Love you pit!

I really think Pit (from Kid Icarus series) is the strongest Nintendo character. I strongly believe because he can fight and defeat gods. The only downside is that he can't fly on his own. - willykid

Pit is pretty awesome. He may be pretty naive, but he's a funny and likable character. Not to mention, his wings and all of his different weapons are quite cool as well. Best character of them all.

Pit is one of my favorite Nintendo characters of all time. Along with Yoshi, he is one of my favorite Super Smash Bros characters. He is most def the most underrated character with Nintendo. I love how he is a quote machine; not many Nintendos are. Fingers crossed Nintendo figures out what a star they have in Pit, and make games for him by the dozen!

Pit is my favorite! He is kind hearted, has a strong voice, strong in loyalty, and is very funny! Pit shows what it truly means to be an angel as well as a leader whom looks after his men in combat and his family and friends!

I love Link and Pikachu but I have to vote for Pit he is awesome, he is really funny I love his personality and his reaction when he sees a hot spring

Like one of the best Nintendo character goes on Super Smash Bros Brawl. Pit the guardian angel. First game Kid Icarus 1986.

He's cool and Hades did named him powerful Nintendo character.

Pit is the best in the top 100, but when Pit is mentioned, Dark Pit is round the corner.

Pit is the strongest Nintendo character ever and he is awesome and hilarious.

He's literally the funniest character of Nintendo.

I like Pit and Dark Pit form Kid Icarus because what's better than an angel and a fallen angel?!

Just original and actually has a personality. Which is kinda nice. - Kamrande

Pit is the best, you people are insane, because he rules

I agree,Pit is the best character and if he ever team up with Link it would be the best game ever! All girls would love to have those two teaming up together

Pit is the best Nintendo character I have ever seen.
My friend hates him but he deserves 1st place on this list

A bit of a show off who is jellious of link and wants to be the best. Fortunately, link is way better than him and would destroy him in a blink of a second

Pit is amazinghe not only saves angel land on several occasions as well as the world but he is also totaly kick ass in super smash bros brawl and he is very funny.

He has a spam distance attack, spam up close attack and is the boss of juggling in smash bros. Also he's the only charecter who enjoys running about massacreing demon and evil gods and stays in good spirit, whans the last time link told you floor ice cream gives you health.

I'm not gona lie iv'e never herd of pit but the dude looks like a mad Player

This character will always be in my heart even if there is no free roam,it would be pretty badass to have one with pit,even if he can't fly there should be a game where he can finnaly do it on his own,his games aren't that bad and there should be more,he kills gods like hades and he kills madusa. No other character does stuff like this