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Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo.


Yoshi is always the one to get Mario across huge gaps in the ground, only to fall to his doom, although with Yoshi's powers, I think Yoshi always has a better chance of saving the mushroom kingdom. Sometimes I even wonder why he wasn't some sort of pokemon. The games with Yoshi and without Mario are always the best because it's the same Yoshi that can turn into almost anything and is all-powerful compared to Mario.

Yoshi can eat you, Mario, enemies, Ganon, and every Nintendo character you can think of. There would be no Mario without a Yoshi. Why should Mario be number one? He always jumps off of Yoshi so he ends up in a bottomless pit. However, he always ends up back in his egg, still befriended to Mario. In conclusion, Yoshi is epic, trustworthy, and overall awesome.

Luigi is too overrated. Yoshi actually is Nintendo's most famous character. Also, Luigi wouldn't live without Yoshi. And one more thing... Yoshi is extremely strong, one of the strongest characters in history.

Yoshi has the best powers of all! His abilities are cool. Who else throws eggs? Can Mario eat people? No. Link? No. His abilities are never-before seen. I use him for every game I play.

Yoshi has ALWAYS been my very favorite Nintendo character! It is ESSENTIAL to make yoshi number 1! Yoshi can do all sorts of things, such as eat enemies, spit shells and other projectiles and FLY!

Yoshi can fly and is the cutesy thing you will ever see. It makes me all happy to play with or as yoshi. It's almost HARD to get yoshi though so do your best to find him. Also enjoy it!

Yoshi is the reason why people love Nintendo and is fast in Mario Kart, cute in Mario Party, and strong in Super Smash Bros. Yoshi is the best nobody can even come close.

Ah Yoshi not even kirby can match this little guys cuteness. You can't possibly say no to this long tongued dinosaur he is one of my favorite Mario characters ever!

Yoshi's the best. I always pick him like in mario kart or in mario tennis or whatever. He just IS the coolest. - nitendo9

Consider the timeline. No Yoshi = Baby Mario hitting the ground and Baby Luigi raised evil. Therefore Yoshi = The reason the Mario franchise exists.

Yoshi is the cutest dinosaur I have ever seen! Pikachu comes in as a close second, as I do love Pokemon too, but Yoshi is just awesome and adorable.

I love Yoshi! He is very cool funny and awesome. I always pick him in
Super Smash Brothers Brawl and I always win. - zibblewits

In mario, yoshi is used as a item.yoshi is super cute and he has the ability to eat things, turn them into yoshi eggs, and throw the yoshi eggs.

Every thing about Yoshi is cute and fun. The little noises he make sound adorable and when you hear them you know he's ready for action.

Yoshi rocks out loud! He should totally be in first, or at least next to Mario! - Tucker

Yoshi is the greatest character of all time. any who disagree are mad - JohnnyB13

Yoshi is the BEST! He's EXTREMELY cute, has an EXTREMELY cute voice, eats almost anything, and lets Mario ride on his back!

yoshi is the best character why is in 5th place he is in 1rt place omg - giacomo

Yoshi is my favorite character too. For every single game, I used Yoshi as my character in each plot.

Oh for gods sake. The most overrated Mario character, but still a good one! - DCfnaf

yoshi is classic. the sound he makes is sick. #1

Using Yoshi as some form of power-up in SMW, his arsenal of powers Mario would never have made Yoshi better than Mario. I had to admit on the game I was annoyed about how much Mario was a weakling, so I was thrilled to bits when I got Yoshi's New Island.

If he didn't live, there would be no Mario. Yoshi saved Mario as a baby when he was in his youth stage

Yoshi is the best. I love red yoshi best.

Yoshi is the best Nintendo character and link should be number 10 how dare they put link number 1 he's not even famous