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1 The Final Countdown - Europe

They were technically a two-hit wonder, with "Carrie" charting higher. But who remembers that song anymore?

Way better than vanilla ice

Yeah these guys were 2 hit wonders

2 Take On Me - A-ha

A masterpiece. Barbie girl is number 2?!?!?! This makes me lose faith in humanity. - Alex12345269 of the greatest band hit wonder to some.

A-ha was NOT a one hit wonder, they remained huge in Europe for their entire carrier, In fact the Sun always shines on T. V did better than take on me in the UK. You see people refer a-ha to a one hit wonder because their biggest hit was so big that it shadowed their other songs which were not unsuccessful it just seemed that way comparing it to take on me. So lets say take on me did the same as The sun always shines on T. V then a-ha wouldn't seem like a one hit wonder.

Who the heck put this on here they don't know wut one hit wonder means these guys had two hits in the u.s. take on me and the sun always shines on t.v.

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3 Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

Worst song ever topped off by the beat was stolen from queens "under pressure. " but still his only "hit" song.

Even vanilla ice hated it. Also, ripped off one of the best songs ever

This song is so comically stupid lol - ChrisHenry

Whata rip off

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4 Tainted Love - Soft Cell

Tainted Love did have great other songs so technically not a one hit wonder, but definitely the best on this list - DeadAsian

I listed to this song about 10000000000 times. I wist they made more hits

DAMN! I thought Marilyn Manson wrote it! - say10

This is what helped Rihanna's SOS. - MadonnaCarey

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5 Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Survivor isn't a one hit wonder band. I've heard other songs by them on the radio.

Ether this or Gangnam Style. This is one of the best songs in the 80's. - funnyuser

Really empowering song. Should be higher up on the list.

Idiots tjese guys had a bunch of hits

Had 5 songs in Billboard top 10, one at 13, one at 33, one at 51 and 9 others in top 100. Sounds more like a 17 Hit wonder. - neteng1958

6 Barbie Girl - Aqua

This is, by far, one of the most misunderstood songs in history. The dumb general public didn't get that Aqua was making a social comment. Instead, they took this song way too literally. It deserves a better reputation than the one it has. - tarot_contralto

stupid cheerleader-type people made this band die because of one misinterpreted song - Queen-aholic

I have NO idea why this song got so popular, its stupid and ANNOYING! - vanishing_truth

LEAFY CLONE! 11! I qwould cut myself for him!

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7 Too Shy - Kajagoogoo V 1 Comment
8 Come on Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners

This is definitely on the best one hit wonders list of all time. Gotta love the beat to this song, so catchy - cranfan4ever

Come on Eileen is the best song ever! It's so upbeat a happy and I love it

Not a one hit wonder because they had geno

This song is just too addicting. Love it!

9 Maniac - Michael Sembello
10 I Love To Love - Tina Charles

The Newcomers

? Walk On the Wild Side - Lou Reed

Another Classic that's not on this list. I wonder if anyone voting here has a good taste in music - RecklessGreed

? Whip It - Devo

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11 Turning Japanese - The Vapors

I fell in love with this song when I heard it on Jackass. LOVED IT EVER SINCE

This song is weeaboo

12 The Safety Dance - Men Without Hats

I love every men without hats song, except safety dance. go figure.

13 Macarena - Los Del Rio
14 My Sharona - The Knack

Awesome Song! Why is this not on the list already?

Their not a one hit wonder, had a couple top 40 songs

15 In a Big Country - Big Country
16 Who Let the Dogs Out - Baha Men

This song is what pretty much made the Baha Men famous. They're really old. Like, they started their career in the early 80's and had their first album in the early 90's so I guess they had to wait a long time for a song of theirs to be a big hit.

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17 What Is Love? - Haddaway

i have listend to this song around 14,983,637 times...i am still not bored with it. - mrawesom707

Do you know any other song from them? Nope: one hit wonder. Best stuff only if you love night at the roxbury though - jewunit69

I can't listen to this without trying to do the head bob from night at the Roxbury. Pure disco.

I think this is an amazing song. It's mainstream 90s music perfected. If it wasn't for this I might have voted for The Safety Dance even though Men Without Hats also had Pop Goes the World

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18 Cum on Feel the Noize - Quiet Riot

They also have Bang Your Head, another awesome song. - matty925

Not only a one hit wonder, but a one hit wonder that is actually a cover. - jc11king

19 Der Kommissar - After The Fire
20 Rock Me Amadeus - Falco
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