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Take On Me - A-ha Take On Me - A-ha Cover Art

A masterpiece. Barbie girl is number 2?!?!?! This makes me lose faith in humanity. of the greatest band hit wonder to some.

Great music video. Great beat. Great everything

A-ha was NOT a one hit wonder, they remained huge in Europe for their entire carrier, In fact the Sun always shines on T. V did better than take on me in the UK. You see people refer a-ha to a one hit wonder because their biggest hit was so big that it shadowed their other songs which were not unsuccessful it just seemed that way comparing it to take on me. So lets say take on me did the same as The sun always shines on T. V then a-ha wouldn't seem like a one hit wonder.

The Final Countdown - Europe The Final Countdown - Europe Cover Art

They were technically a two-hit wonder, with "Carrie" charting higher. But who remembers that song anymore?

Way better than vanilla ice

This band is awesome, they have many good songs, like Superstitious or Cherokee

Yeah these guys were 2 hit wonders

The Safety Dance - Men Without Hats The Safety Dance - Men Without Hats Cover Art

Another hit as well

I love every men without hats song, except safety dance. go figure.

Too Shy - Kajagoogoo

Catchiest song ever nothing
Else to say but that

Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice Cover Art

Worst song ever topped off by the beat was stolen from queens "under pressure. " but still his only "hit" song.

Even vanilla ice hated it. Also, ripped off one of the best songs ever

This song is horrible and it copied a riff from one of Queen's best songs. One hit wonder for sure

Not a one hit wonder he had another top ten hit a rap remix of the classic play that funky music which he got sued for as well

Maniac - Michael Sembello Maniac - Michael Sembello Cover Art
Eye of the Tiger - Survivor Eye of the Tiger - Survivor Cover Art

Survivor isn't a one hit wonder band. I've heard other songs by them on the radio.

U.S. Top Ten Hits
#1...Eye Of The Tiger
#8...High On You
#4...The Search Is Over
#2...Burning Heart
#9...Is This Love

Ether this or Gangnam Style. This is one of the best songs in the 80's.

Psy did some other popular songs like Gentleman and Hangover, and is still extremely popular in South Korea. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Really empowering song. Should be higher up on the list.

Come on Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners Come on Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners Cover Art

This is definitely on the best one hit wonders list of all time. Gotta love the beat to this song, so catchy

Come on Eileen is the best song ever! It's so upbeat a happy and I love it

Not a one hit wonder because they had geno

This song is just too addicting. Love it!

Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve Cover Art

The person who said that the Verve are not one-hit wonders is wrong. "Bitter Sweet Symphony" is the band's only top 40 hit. They never had another top 40 hit, only "Bitter Sweet Symphony" was a top 40 hit.

Wrong. In fact, "The Drugs Don't work" is the band's only #1 hit. Even this song didn't accomplish that. And what about "Lucky Man", "Sonnet", etc.? - Adrian_4

This is a great song but "The Verve" aren't really a one-hit wonder band especially in the UK. In fact they were one of the most popular front-runners of the Britpop movement in the UK of the 90s along with Oasis & Blur

Tainted Love - Soft Cell Tainted Love - Soft Cell Cover Art

Tainted Love did have great other songs so technically not a one hit wonder, but definitely the best on this list

I listed to this song about 10000000000 times. I wist they made more hits

This is what helped Rihanna's SOS.

Good but played too much

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Fly Away - Lenny Kravitz Fly Away - Lenny Kravitz Cover Art

Are you kidding? Lenny Kravitz is not a one hit wonder. But, I do enjoy this song. It's got R&B beats and a catchy chorus.

What about Are You Gonna Go My Way?

I like both Fly Away and Are You Gonna Go My Way? Don't forget, there's at least 3 other great Lenny Kravitz songs like Again, Dig In, Where Are We Runnin'? and American Woman.

Turning Japanese - The Vapors Turning Japanese - The Vapors Cover Art

They have a few other nice songs. None of them are really popular, but I read that they tried really hard to not be one hit wonders, so I decided to listen to some of their other tracks.
I will admit though, they were a one hit wonder, and boy; was it a hit!
I can never get enough of this song, the oriental riff is captivating and the lyrics are just something else...
If you haven't listened to it yet, highly recommended!

I fell in love with this song when I heard it on Jackass. LOVED IT EVER SINCE

The song is way better than bohemian rhapsody.

This song is weeaboo

Cum on Feel the Noize - Quiet Riot Cum on Feel the Noize - Quiet Riot Cover Art

They also have Bang Your Head, another awesome song.

Not only a one hit wonder, but a one hit wonder that is actually a cover.

It may be a one hit wonder, but Band Your Head (Metal Health) is also very popular.

Black Betty - Ram Jam Black Betty - Ram Jam Cover Art

Great classic song.

Bad Day - Daniel Powter Bad Day - Daniel Powter Cover Art

I listen to this all the time! One of the best one hit wonders of all time!

Any 90s or 2000s kid recognizes this song

This song's actually good.

This is literally one of my favorite songs of all time.

I Love To Love - Tina Charles I Love To Love - Tina Charles Cover Art
My Sharona - The Knack My Sharona - The Knack Cover Art

Their not a one hit wonder, had a couple top 40 songs

Awesome Song! Why is this not on the list already?

This is a great song.

They had 2 other Top 40 hits:
#11...Good Girls Don't
#38...Baby Talks Dirty

Born to Be Alive - Patrick Hernandez Born to Be Alive - Patrick Hernandez Cover Art
Mother - Danzig Mother - Danzig Cover Art

Not totally, but kind of. Though it did not hit the top 40, that song was the closest they ever got to a hit ( #43).

Forgot to mention the song itself is amazing.

What Is Love? - Haddaway What Is Love? - Haddaway Cover Art

i have listend to this song around 14,983,637 times...i am still not bored with it.

Do you know any other song from them? Nope: one hit wonder. Best stuff only if you love night at the roxbury though

I can't listen to this without trying to do the head bob from night at the Roxbury. Pure disco.

Baby... Don't hurt me!

Macarena - Los Del Rio Macarena - Los Del Rio Cover Art


In a Big Country - Big Country In a Big Country - Big Country Cover Art

Brilliant song

Tubthumping - Chumbawamba Tubthumping - Chumbawamba Cover Art

This is what happens when a bunch of anarchistic punk rockers decide to make a pop song so they can later spook their new fans. No joke.

Yes, this song is VERY repetitive, and all over the place, but it's a good motivational song, and a fantastic song to work out to... I just can't believe it's so low on the list, and I am astounded that Kung Fu Fighting is even lower. I expected that song to at least be in the top ten!

It’s extremely catchy and funny.

Who Let the Dogs Out - Baha Men

This song is what pretty much made the Baha Men famous. They're really old. Like, they started their career in the early 80's and had their first album in the early 90's so I guess they had to wait a long time for a song of theirs to be a big hit.

possibly the weirdest song ever made

Rock Me Amadeus - Falco Rock Me Amadeus - Falco Cover Art

If this is a one hit wonder, Michael Jackson is a one hit wonder as well. He's the most legendary Austrian musician of all time and Austrians will be able to sing every word of his greatest hits compilations by heart.

This is the best song of all time

They had 1 other top 40 hit in U.S. or U.K.:
Vienna Calling hit #18 in U.S.

Der Kommissar? That was a big hit.

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