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They're my favorite so I thought I would make this list.

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1 My Name is Mud

Great song, but anybody that thinks this is their best is delusional or uninformed. Its good but check out Frizzle Fry and Sailing the Seas for the gems.

The raw simplistic contagiousness of the bass line combined with the unabashed cold-blooded-ness of the lyrics makes this one hauntingly legendary.

The grove with that base line and the drums as well as the f up lyrics make it magical!


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2 Tommy the Cat

Definitely my favourite thanks to the bass, as well ass the general groove that the song provides. - kempokid

Incredible song. And It's even more amazing live with the extended guitar and bass solos, and always going into an epic jam!

Les claypool's bass playing on this song is fantastic on it's own, but one of life's great mysteries is how he plays and sings it at the same time.

tommy the cat pwns my favorite song all time. Go les claypool!

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3 Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

Primus sucks! - Userguy44

How is this not better than john the fisherman? Like seriously its amazing! I heard it a long time ago though

awesome bassline and all around great song

It is the penultimate primus song, no question

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4 John the Fisherman

One of my all time favorites - FLIPMODE

Bassline is great

My favorite from primus by far

I hate people who are of a different variety than of my own

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5 Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

The best by far! Love it! Very tight and polished track beats!

Strange western influences in this song, Larry Lalonde is very underrated!

Beaver is just to quick, grabbed my by my kiwis now I ain't pissed for a week...

Fun, obscure, upbeat, nonsensical, quirky, this song is the best song to cheer anyone up.

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6 Too Many Puppies

Too many puppies are being shot in the dark...

This song is so good that Korn had to copy the intro. I love this song because even though the metaphor may seem silly it perfectly conveys his message.

A lot of energy! Strong text

Maybe the best song ever made.

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7 Those Damned Blue Collared Tweekers

Have to listen to it live to fully appreciate it! One of the overlooked songs compared to their most well known hits but still one of the best

The best Primus song in my opinion Les Claypool plays the bass amazingly in this song.Larry Lalonde and Tim Alexander play there instruments amazingly as well.I believe this song and Bob are the two quintessintial Primus songs.


It's catchy, and it demonstrates how awesome Les Claypool is, and how down to earth he is compared to other artists out there.

Awesome song, super sick

Awesome bass line 2nd Favorite Primus tune

9 American Life

It doesn't sound like Primus, but it's a perfect song. The vocals, the BASS, and the guitar solos in the background. Soft and powerful. Amazing.

Soft and wonderful. The sound is not really classic Primus, but it's AMAZING and still original.

Perfection. I really love Mr Krinkle too, though

This song is criminally underrated. Enough said.

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10 Southbound Pachyderm

This song is awesomly psychedelic!
The intro part with drum roll makes me fly away each time I hear it

Such a great building epicness

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11 Mr. Krinkle

Yeah it's really amazing, though I do prefer American life. Plus the music video... Damn.

One of Primus's darkest pieces. Great bassline all throughout, but nearing the end the bassline becomes incredibly powerful.

Really couldn't choose one song to vote, but this is one of my favorite and cannot be down here. Old Primus are the best.

The guitar that kicks in at 3:40 over the bass riff is as good as it gets.

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12 Frizzle Fry

This is one of the coolest songs I've ever heard performed live. In my opinion the song is to short, I want more!

Sounds like Hillbilly Tool

13 Fish On

Tasty banjo intro, then nice groove with light lyrics about fishing. And after this part, a long, excellent bass solo follows. This song finishes with a repetition of the chorus. They really nailed it, as usual.

Someone said that this could be interpeted as waking up on your boat (the soft banjo), then turning on the motor and start your day fishing (harsh low bass sound of the verses, with the lyrics about fishing), then catching a big fish (sounds of fishing right beofre the solo), then the struggle with that heavy fish (crazy bass solo with lots of slides, as if the fish was being pulled up and was pulling down), but is finally thumped at the end (bass thump), and everyone is happy (repetition of the chorus). It's a nice interpretation. Primus are musical geniuses. - JoLeKosovo

I love this song so much. Their best after My Name Is Mud and the best song in Sailing The Seas of Cheese. Such a dark and mysterious masterpiece. - fidelcanojr

Great Song...FISH ON! - SSScarecrow

14 Shake Hands with Beef

Anyone who plays bass can hear this line and appreciate it. Easy to learn, hard to master. Still trying to figure it out.

Great dull bass, love it. Primus really does have quite an acquired taste. Marmite if you will

15 Professor Nutbutter's House of Treats

Poor From Primus - SSScarecrow

First Primus song I heard

16 The Toys Go Winding Down

Don't Like It! - SSScarecrow

17 South Park Theme

You know a band made it big when they made the theme song to one of the most well known shows of all time. - christangrant

Good Song Great Show

18 Lacquer Head

Oh ho ho ho

Such a unique and solid bass line, combined with a very climactic chorus, make this a favorite primus song in my book. Not to mention the high speed bass solo in after the first chorus. An impressive composition overall.

My favourite by a good stretch, superb basslines, great dynamic changes, trippy music video and best of all great album.

Gotta love anything edgy enough to be banned from MTV. Solid bass and drums

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19 Mr. Know It All

Underrated song. One of my favourites.

20 Over the Electric Grapevine

Clearly underrated on this website!

To Be With Chucles and the Others - Glauberson

21 My Friend Fats

I can't describe how good this track is...AWESOME.

Awesome Track-Unequalled! - SSScarecrow

ThisIt Is My Favourite Track Of All Time!

WoW...! Brilliant! - SSScarecrow

22 Here Come the Bastards
23 Welcome to This World

One Of My Favourite Tracks Ever! - SSScarecrow

24 Is It Luck?

Hardest basslines ever

This is one of the best fastest most confusing riffs. Suprised this is not on the list

25 Moron TV

Fantastic Track!...Fantastic Album! Should Be Number 2. - SSScarecrow

Fantastic Track-Should Be Number 2...! - SSScarecrow

26 The Heckler

it's hidden in the album antipop

Amazing song, the transition between the verse and the chorus is really incredible! I think it should be first but after all, it's just a matter of opinion, hehe.

27 Eternal Consumption Engine

Great Quirky Song. - SSScarecrow

..Catchy..Catchy! Fantastic little singalong ditty - SSScarecrow

Weird, Quirky...MINT! - SSScarecrow

Love It Love It - SSScarecrow

28 Over the Falls

Probably the only Primus song that is listenable to most people. The song that got me started on Primus

29 Coattails of a Deadman

Great Great Singalong...By MILES the best track on Antipop. - SSScarecrow

30 The Carpenter and the Dainty Bride
31 Hennepin Crawler

Seriously? Nowhere on this entire list? This is basically the definite Primus song. Jay Lane's drums in this song is basically the best in his career with Primus.

32 To Defy the Laws of Tradition

Not my favorite but it’s so low I had to vote for it. Such a good song.

Needs to be higher simply due to the pure funkiness to this song.

People need to get their primusorities in order

In my opinion definitely LaLonde's best work, it's just such a groovin' song.

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33 The Devil Went Down to Georgia

The music video to this cover is great - christangrant

How is this at 53?! It should at least be in the top 20! - HardRockSam

34 Bob

This song is amazing in just about every way, the strangest and dark bassline with the distinct vocals and the guitar parts which are kind of distant and "drunk".

Awesome amazing bass their best


35 Golden Boy

Prolly my favourite primus song, just too funky

36 Jellikit

Great song with great drums and bass

37 Tragedy's a Comin'
38 The Pressman

Great Song...Great Album! - SSScarecrow

39 Last Salmon Man

Love It - Love The Album Green Naugahyde too! - SSScarecrow

40 Sgt. Baker

Hypnotic to say the least

41 Eleven
42 Lee Van Cleef

Spazziest bassline ever concocted

Great Catchy Ditty From A Great Album.. - SSScarecrow

43 Hamburger Train

Best instrumental by primus, worth to hear

44 Pudding Time

This is truly a masterpiece!

45 Nature Boy

Not my favorite Primus song, but probably my second favorite from Pork Soda (behind My Name Is Mud, obviously). I'm voting for this one so that it gets more recognition, as it definitely should be in the top twenty at least. - Dorito

46 Hoinfodaman
47 Harold of the Rocks
48 The Antipop

Criminally underrated song! Antipopndedinitely has some very good songs, and this is one of them, for sure!

49 Poetry and Prose

"Boy, don't you know? "
The whole world's gone crazy over that there Beavis and Butt-head show - christangrant

50 The Final Voyage of the Liquid Sky

Considering This Is The Mighty Primus - Awful.. - SSScarecrow

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