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21 Over the Electric Grapevine

Clearly underrated on this website!

To Be With Chucles and the Others - Glauberson

22 Welcome to This World

One Of My Favourite Tracks Ever! - SSScarecrow

23 Moron TV

Fantastic Track!...Fantastic Album! Should Be Number 2. - SSScarecrow

Fantastic Track-Should Be Number 2...! - SSScarecrow

24 Is It Luck?

This is one of the best fastest most confusing riffs. Suprised this is not on the list

25 The Heckler

it's hidden in the album antipop

Amazing song, the transition between the verse and the chorus is really incredible! I think it should be first but after all, it's just a matter of opinion, hehe.

26 The Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon
27 Eternal Consumption Engine

Great Quirky Song. - SSScarecrow

..Catchy..Catchy! Fantastic little singalong ditty - SSScarecrow

Weird, Quirky...MINT! - SSScarecrow

Love It Love It - SSScarecrow

28 Over the Falls

Probably the only Primus song that is listenable to most people. The song that got me started on Primus

29 Coattails of a Deadman

Great Great Singalong...By MILES the best track on Antipop. - SSScarecrow

30 The Carpenter and the Dainty Bride
31 Hennepin Crawler

Seriously? Nowhere on this entire list? This is basically the definite Primus song. Jay Lane's drums in this song is basically the best in his career with Primus.

32 Here Come the Bastards
33 Golden Boy V 1 Comment
34 Bob

This song is amazing in just about every way, the strangest and dark bassline with the distinct vocals and the guitar parts which are kind of distant and "drunk".

Awesome amazing bass their best


35 To Defy the Laws of Tradition

Needs to be higher simply due to the pure funkiness to this song.

People need to get their primusorities in order

In my opinion definitely LaLonde's best work, it's just such a groovin' song.

nice song

36 Jellikit

Great song with great drums and bass

37 The Pressman

Great Song...Great Album! - SSScarecrow

38 Last Salmon Man

Love It - Love The Album Green Naugahyde too! - SSScarecrow

39 Eleven
40 Sgt. Baker

Hypnotic to say the least

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