Top Ten PSP Games

The Top Ten PSP Games

1 God of War Chains of Olympus

god of war is the best game with graphics sound effect and story but one thing chains of olympus as many features so it is one of my favorite games

This is the best psp game according to graphics. The weapons, magic, features and all are absolutely amazing...

Ghost of Sparta came too. Its still nowhere Chains of Olympus... What they say "OLD IS GOLD"

God of war is one of my liking games it is awesome to play according to me chains of olympus is best then ghost of sparta it as amazing story and gameplay if you are searching for best game for psp this is the one

2 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

the best game i have ever played. this game fabulous and fantastic. it is the most coolest game by hitesh sehgal

This game defined psp gameplay! The story was amazing, and the characters were good. The radio stations had good music and funny ad's. Like space monkey and hip hop music like DMX.

It is the best PSP games as it has a lot of features.

This was an amazing game for psp and it really it has such a good storyline. Graphics are great as well. A few glitches but nothing too drastic. It's a different storyline so you don't need to replay Grand Theft Auto 3. (Y)

3 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

really love this game, I cried after playing this

Great story game. And great action by zack. Really love this game. This game doesn't have any special graphics but the story makes this game one of the best game of psp.

Absolute masterpiece here. One of the best story lines in a game, one of the most addicting RPGs I've ever played. Some of the best PSP graphics ever and an awesome soundtrack. Hands down the best stand-alone Final Fantasy spin-off.

After getting a psp and finding out about this game, I fell in love with VII again. Seeing as it is a prequel and fans will nit pick little things. I found this game to be amazing from start to finish and I've beaten it over and over again. Years later getting a Samsung phone I was able to download a psp emulator and play this on my phone on the go anytime I want. Seriously a well deserved 1st place game made on the PSP.

4 God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Hardcore gameplay, has a wide difficulty range and long game time.

I think this is more hardcore and amazing than the first one the chain of olympus.. try it out and see the diff. promise!

Detailed graphics, more magic, intense.
Almost like god of war three on a smaller size.
Does not sacrifice graphics for such a puny console.

This is hands down one of the best psp games. It trumps Chains of Olympus thanks to its much greater enemy variety, better puzzle design, much more satisfying finishers, more interesting environments, more epic boss battles, and superior level design. It's only downgrade is ferocity lost of the weapon selection from Chains (the gauntlets were awesome)

5 Daxter

Daxter May Favorite :))

I love it by the sounds of it. Absolutely smashes most of the other games. Very ADDICTING! You just wouldn't want to stop playing! DAXTER, ONE OF THE BEST OF THEM ALL!

Daxter is probably the best PSP game ever to be released, since it has the most creative storyline along with the characters. An addicting game and I would suggest this game to the others

This game was pretty adicting.

6 Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

This is so far the best Psp game I've ever played! I recommend everyone to play this game! Hideo kojima is like the steven speilberg of games! This game tops it all, story, game play, graphics (its an ok graphics for a psp), length of the game, the way the story develops is really topnotch! I bet my bottom dollar that anyone who'll play this game will really really love this game and would never get enough of it!

Hard to play on the first few hours, but on the next 100 hours of playing it will be the best psp moment EVER! AWESOME! MAGNIFICENT WHY SHOULD I FILL THIS COMMENT QUALITY?! AMAZING!

Very Nice Game, Probably The Best PSP game ever made, I wonder how it took the Fourth place, it deserves at least a second spot. Great story, brilliant game design and graphics, excellent gameplay, the sounds good enough too. Talk about the ultimate PSP Game Package

Kudos to Hideo Kojima for this awesomely good game! Loved every bit of the game. This is the game with two endings! The best game ever. This should have been on top. Cannot wait for another MGS game. Kojima you rock!

7 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

This game is in my opinion 5th place one the list
BEST Grand Theft Auto ON PSP

This game is supossed to be in the top ten. This is one of the best games I have ever played.

This is not one of the best games on the psp, this is just one of the best games ever on any system

How can this be on #21? It is the only Grand Theft Auto game to feature a real life singer: Phil Collins.. D completing the game requires patience

8 MediEvil Resurrection

It is a nice games

Favourite game on the psp, reminds me of my childhood when I would spend days and days laying medievil 1 and 2, it's really good, definitely a game I won't forget.

This game was great don't think it's true then go buy it then

Oh my God, this game is so great! Please everyone, give this game a try! It really lives up to the MediEvil games! -HeroLegend555

9 Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

The game has a good but a bit more challenging and but a bit more fun than a bad idea for a bit of game time and aggravation the best for game games that you were in a bad mood for game day

It is a pretty nice game

I love this game! I feel like it should be ranked a little higher...

It's like metal gear solid but better - marmalade_skies

10 Crash Tag Team Racing

Best fecking game ever


The Contenders

11 Star Wars Battlefront II

Easily my most played PSP game ever. An amazing port of an amazing game. - Zaxtin

Good game you should try it

This game is so good even the PSP port is great - christangrant

12 Mega Man Powered Up

It's the only Mega Man game where you can play as other robot masters

Man I wish this game was higher on the list - Txdinoboy89

It's MegaMan!

13 Justice League Heroes

This is the awesomest game ever


M voting for it just to tell you people that this game is worth a many superheroes to play with,a good and strong storyline,awesome powers...just play it...

14 Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron
15 Burnout Legends

It's a very cool game

Wow what a game

I want to try this amazing game


16 NBA 2K13
17 Tekken: Dark Resurrection

This game is awesome! all of the Tekken games are, but this tops them all, so far... if you love fighting games like I do you should love tekken - whatsitsname

Die Hard Tekken fan..

Jin kazama is the best fighter ever - stan

Now to take action

18 Mortal Kombat Unchained

Awesome game plus it added some new characters who were absent in Deception.

19 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Its nice on DS BUT boring on psp

Wanna download it. now this list made me sure that it worths - stan

Best top down Grand Theft Auto, fun drug dealing

What a game superb game

20 Gurumin: a Monstrous Adventure
21 Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact

The good thing about this game is that you have about 30 characters, a lot of missions and huge armies of bad guys you get to fight. In one mission, Sasuke fights up to a thousand enemies! However, the graphics are not great, and the game platform isn't excellent. As a Naruto fan, I like this game. I don't think the same applies for others

I don't think Naruto ninja Impact is a top rated graphics game, but any Naruto Fan will love it. So if you are one, go for it!

I am a naruto fan so ill say this is best game

If you really don't like this game then you are mad. This deserves to be number 1. Please Vote for it

22 Princess Crown
23 Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

very very underrated game. Not Peace Walker, but still a really good game - copkiller

I like this game so much than any other game

Excellent game

I love mgs very much. This is very amazing.
The fighters are awesome and dashing. This is best game for me.

24 Half-Minute Hero
25 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007

It has the best graphics I've ever seen and it has the best moves and the best outfits best songs one of my favorite parts is that you can create your own character and your own moves

good graphic good wrestler and good songs

AWESOME psp game... For me is it better wwe psp game than others wwe games

Good game the best game is so cool SO GOOD GRAPHIC


26 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Such a shame this game is only number 31. It is a great series for PlayStation and quite possibly one of the best JRPG's I have ever played. I hope that Sony make Persona 4 on PSP and I also hope that the company makes a fifth entry in the series.

I started this game in late 2012 and finished in October 2013. Were 90 hours of pure love. What a great game. Too bad that in the end the last tower was so hard, and I so wanted to know the end, I used gameshark. Even so, it did not spoil the experience. I loved it. it took me to finish it because I played it casually on long bus journeys, or when there's really nothing better to do. Too bad it took a few months in the game, not really anything interesting happened.

This game is simply awesome. Being a normal high school student at day and a hero at night... This game is the best. Its gameplay are astounding, as well as every character in the game. I recommend this game for those who seek powerful plot and great action.

Persona 3 Portable is number 1 on my list of games played because its really fun and it gives you the chance to create relationships with the other characters. It also lets you play as a female protagonist.

27 Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Another Road

This Game is like Burst Limit and Budokai 3 Mixed together. The Graphics are also really good for PSP standards. This game is as Perfect as Perfect Cell for playing ON THE GO. There are also a plethora of Characters too, More than in DBZ Burst Limit. awesome Game, a MUST HAVE for any DBZ Fan who owns a PSP

It should be in top 10 and thanks to akira toriyama for giving such a beautiful game
Thank you

Good graphic and cool game

Great game it love. Fun to play anywhere.

28 Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

The combination of ratchet and clank is best in this game. Best graphics ever! MUST DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

I love Ratchet and Clank So I voted for it

The greatest adventure game

Please it's a must to have dis game

29 Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts
30 Monsters Deluxe
31 Little Big Planet

Awesome game! Very unique with the coolest levels.Better than super Mario Bros!

32 Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins
33 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

I like every kingdom hearts (but not chain of memory) and I have kingdom hearts 3D dream drop distance I thought it would be thing like kingdom hearts re:coded that just try to complete few of the story. Kingdom hearts birth by sleep the PSP best adventure game - 2ndDriftKing

I'm surprised this game is so low on the list. As far as the Kingdom Hearts series goes, this one had arguably the BEST gameplay in the entire series... And it was on a handheld!

Amazing Game. Vote for it and make it in top 5. Speech less!

Love this game... It is the best

34 Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron
35 Ys Seven

OH man on 47th. Are you guys mad vote for it. It deserves the second place!. Amazing Graphics and story. Full of mysteries and adventures. I cried when I completed it.

36 Sonic Rivals

Very nice music graphics and very good characters but silver wasn't he ment to be friends with sonic because in sonic 06 (one of my favorite games of all time) silver became friends with sonic and sonic 06 was before sonic rivals so eh but ready good stages and you get to to play as metal sonic and super sonic

Great game

37 Tekken 6

Because its awesome you got to try it guys

I love this game since I was young! I still have it on my PSP. - SachiyoHasegawa

How is it here? On 30th place... it has to be at least in the top 10 - stan

It's so cool, should be in top ten

38 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

My Favorite game!
Good gaming and an incredible histoy.
It should be on top ten!

Best TBS on PSP!

Its awesome

39 FIFA 08

I like this very much. This was my first game that I have buy.

FIFA 08 is like the other FIFA games, but it changed in PSP and in the other consoles.

I think fifa 8 is the best one in the series - bondy020

40 WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

A very interesting game by THQ. Great wrestlemania story.


Best Game for PSP e1004 street. I love it. Its just The best of the best.

Tera bap, mother choot, behan choot, laura,

41 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
42 Max Payne 2

It's not for PSP!

Best games ever. Really it's awesome you should play this game you will like it

43 Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines

It has very good graphics... I feel like I am playing on Xbox

Such a good game

I can't pass 1 of it levels but anyway even though it doesn't have a great grafic but I love it. stiill - stan

44 Hammerin' Hero
45 Wall-E
46 Gran Turismo

The best driving simulator even if there isn't any damage... - kieron

This is a lie this game is awesome

47 Wipeout Pulse
48 Patapon 3

Silly games but addicted to it. I almost spent over 200hrs playing it and still going on. Stupid games but salute whoever created it.

How the hell was this game way down here?

Best game

49 Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Awesome Game! Its huge, you can spent far over 300 hours playing this game solo or with friends. I admit the very beginning is kinda lame, but if you hold on to it, I promise you that you're gonna get overwhelmed by it. There are so many different weapons and armors and it becomes really really hard in the end, if there is one. I think many people don't like this game because if you play solo you're gonna need skills! So if you're looking for a game that challenges you, go pick it up! Everyone I know who played this game for more than 10 hours got madly addicted to it!

This is seriously the best game I've played (pokemon excluded, sorry, nothing can compete with my first video game) I spent a good 200 hours on my first character. I never even finished the game. If you guys want a game that will last you a long ass time and that you'll never get sick of, pick this game (or any other monster hunter, it's now on wii u) up. It will blow your mind. - Lucifer21

Can't believe it wasn't already in this list, most epic and addictive game ever made for psp

This game is never make me bored even a single second. The AI of this game makes the game will gave you different experience every time you played it, even if you played the same mission over and over again. One of the best game I ever played

50 Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team

I wish Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Defenders of the Core was here, I once got addicted to it. Tenkaichi is also awesome, and for Bakugan, I have all of the characters, finished the game 2 and a half times a long time ago...

Laugh out loud it was me who recommended this game to TheTopTens and I'm really glad they accepted it it's possibly not the best, but it deserves a solid top 10 place

Good graphics same thing as raging blast 2 accept not better

THIS! This IS one of the best out there and it's not even here!

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