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41 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

My Favorite game!
Good gaming and an incredible histoy.
It should be on top ten!

Best TBS on PSP!

Its awesome

42 Ys Seven

OH man on 47th. Are you guys mad vote for it. It deserves the second place!. Amazing Graphics and story. Full of mysteries and adventures. I cried when I completed it.

43 Sonic Rivals

Very nice music graphics and very good characters but silver wasn't he ment to be friends with sonic because in sonic 06 (one of my favorite games of all time) silver became friends with sonic and sonic 06 was before sonic rivals so eh but ready good stages and you get to to play as metal sonic and super sonic

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44 FIFA 08

I like this very much. This was my first game that I have buy.

FIFA 08 is like the other FIFA games, but it changed in PSP and in the other consoles.

I think fifa 8 is the best one in the series - bondy020

45 Max Payne 2

Best games ever. Really it's awesome you should play this game you will like it

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46 WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Best Game for PSP e1004 street. I love it. Its just The best of the best.

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47 Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines

I can't pass 1 of it levels but anyway even though it doesn't have a great grafic but I love it. stiill - stan

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48 Need for Speed: Shift
49 Wipeout Pulse
50 Hammerin' Hero
51 Manhunt 2

Very gore & nice stealth killing game ever! The graphic is great~

52 Patapon 3

Silly games but addicted to it. I almost spent over 200hrs playing it and still going on. Stupid games but salute whoever created it.

How the hell was this game way down here?

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53 Final Fantasy Type-0

This game makes me wanna buy PSP, so this should be on top 10. Just my Opinion considering major factors in PSP games.

Come on guys this should be number 1 since the English patched version came up

54 Dissidia Final Fantasy

What I love most about the final fantasy games are their very hard and almost impossible to defeat ultimate bosses this game is awesome and hard but the rewards are satisfying

One of the best game in PSP! Truly addicting especially the Duodecim version, where lightning was added :) I LOve this game so much!

Best psp game ever. Great graphics and awesome storyline

Beautiful and epic at the same time

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55 Resistance: Retribution


Awesome game experience. You won't get bored with this game and this game is too huge with lots of kick ass weapons. :) Just completed it :D

On 51? Can't believe! This is probably the best PSP game, guys the online mode of this game is still up in 2014, and it's the best online multiplayer game ever! Should be number 1 :D

Awesome game it should be in top 5

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56 Cricket 2005
57 FIFA Soccer 13
58 Dynasty Warriors
59 Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting
60 Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
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