Top Ten Rappers from Houston

The best rappers all time coming out of Houston, Texas.

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Just heard this new song by Devin called UFO's it's sick! The dude should be top 10 4sho

One of the realist hook men that I know know on any track! Beast mode he should be in the top ten

He should also be on stoner rappers he's a beast

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22 H.A.W.K.

Most underrated rapper in Houston! Big Love has been spitting flames since Representin' Real 1996 and is still on point! He was spitting lyrics when everyone else was screwed up, then he showed that was no problem when he was on Swisha House Northside 9!

Houston's Best Officially! Realer than every rapper in the top ten. Early H-town Rap Pioneer, President of the Nawfside!

"Sometimes" will always be on repeat... that song hit home

Galleria my favorite song with BeatKing!

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24 Dat Boi T

That boi t has good flow but he gets hated on too much just because screw didn't put him in the screwed up click himself, and because he's Mexican but he is good and stop hating!

He kills it out there! Plus he's not a hater he gives mad props when it's deserved. He's talented and I agree he puts in work!

Boi puts in work!

When he go in there he go in to kill it SUE fo lidfe baby

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25 Willie Dee

I think Willie D sounds the realest and makes the most sense and sounds the meanest!.

I agree. Willie D is better than Scarface. A lot of people ride face nuts because he had a better solo career. Face had better beats. But if you listen to any Geto Boys songs where Willie and Scarface are on a leveled playing field and they're rapping on the same tracks with the same producers, Willie D brought Scarface his lunch time and time again. Even Pimp C said he patterned his style off of Willie. Personally the only rapper in Houston I think can come close to Willie is Zro and even Ro don't go as hard.

Willie D is without a doubt better than anybody on this list including Scarface. Scarface is overrated. Yes he can flow and he makes some cool songs but I don't believe him. He's a buster. Willie D not only has a killer deliver and subject matter but he is one of the few who will actually put a foot up your a** if you get out of line.

26 Big Mello
27 C-Note

"C-Note, quote unquote, that's what me and Fat Pat wrote! " C-Note's been doing it for a minute!

28 Chingo Bling

One of the best performers on stage! House Of Blue's Chingo Bling Show was sick mayn. House of Blues was sold out! I even started followin him on twitter @ChingoBling Definitely on

29 Dat Boy Grace
30 J-Dawg

J dawg id one of the best artist in Houston and to have him as number 28 is wack he should be in the top ten, he's way better then lil flip.

Wow I can't believe j-dawg is right down here who's voting on these rappers have some respect.

I've been a fan and listening to J-Dawg since I was a little girl and now I'm in my 30's and it doesn't get any better than him. His cd's I can listen to all the way thru w/o skipping any tracks. I just hate that he's under rated because he is awesome.

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31 Bino The Great

Sickest flows out of all these rappers. Like he said Bottom of the map, top of the game

Big ups to Bino! Keep doing' your thang. Bottom of the map, Top of the game!

My dude Bino gettin' it done, Much love Mothug

This artist has his own unique style ^^ he actually writes his own lyrics! Dang, I didn't even know the dude was caucasian!

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32 Auto

My favorite song from Auto! BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE Bridge] we are having a house party and everybody is bringing liquor.3xs) = photographers everywhere just in case you want to take a picture.1x) (Hook) You have to pay a fee, It's byob but the ladies are free from 1am to 3, you can bring your I'd but would not have to use it, we can smoke all we want so let's dance to the music, yo Jones feel me up.

Auto should be way higher on this list. Very talented artist/performer He's working on new project I heard a snippet one word sick!

I love too wacth Auto perform! And his music always have great vibes to it! If yall haven't heard his YouTube @auto94

Auto's new song No Justice, No Peace is a great record to me R.I.P. Mike Brown & Eric Garner

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33 Klondike Kat

He deserve a grammy long time. His musical talent is on top of the game!

34 T Guy

Hands down one of the best rappers in Houston! He has a very distinctive sound and has been rapping for a long time! He should be top 10 for sure and when he gets the major deal he'll most likely take over the game!

T. Guy is the Best Rapper in Houston if you ask me. If he gets in the game "Houston we will have a problem" laugh out loud

You can know that a dope rapper is about to blow out just when you are hearing his new music and you just stay like... NO HE didn't! Best rapper in Houston, T-Gut honey!

I love his music, so glad to see him on the list

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35 Bigg Third

Best underground rapper in Houston... End of discussion. Best of the Best is a classic. Real H-town music.

Best of the best go hard Google that boy and Bigg Third is online tough Instagram and Twitter teambiggthird follow that boy #teamworkmakethedreamwork

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36 Big Mike

Doe from the N.O. the nation kno him outta South Park. A tru smooth lyricsist. That's the peter man.

37 Bigg Fatts

The best laugh out loud

38 Maxo Kream

Very new upcoming rapper but I feel he is going to be up there with z-ro his freestyles are the realest

39 GT Garza

Top 3 latin rapper hands down puts it down for Texas different type of flow spits nothing but heat future legend for houston and the south

GT garza is good but not that good to be number one I'm not a hater but there is better

Gt Garza go hard be jammin him way out here in the flatlands of west Texas

The best

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40 J King

J King is an aspiring Upcoming rapper/producer/ beat maker from Houston. Listen out for him world he's gonna be big

He is holding it down for underground music in Houston I know he will come up with his words and life style. Stay up jay

Jking work very hard and is a very talented artist he also love to support the people around him wit weather it's the community, rap, business are just trying to show people the route they need to take. I really love the music he make talks about real life experience that I can relate too. He really do live what he rap about and I'm glade to know him as a fellow rapper. Do mind helping and supportin other rappers as well what is hard to find

My boy be working

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