Top Ten Rappers from Houston

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61 Doughbeezy V 2 Comments
62 Mayalino V 1 Comment
63 Aztek Escobar

If you ain't heard aztek rap you need to he can spit some lines. He speaks bout the streets wit a different style an bout his people.

64 Big Mike

Doe from the N.O. the nation kno him outta South Park. A tru smooth lyricsist. That's the peter man.

65 Nic Trucka

Came across one of his gospel rap cd's and have been jammin since.

66 Scoopastar

Real Stand up dude... And a Boss fareal. Been putting dyne for years and Thug Mafia is definitely the Next up to Blow out of Houston.. Youn Rich And Thuggin Mixtape is the Hardest Out Right Now!

V 1 Comment
67 Dudella

He should be top 15 at least

V 1 Comment
68 Hig Head
69 Lil' Crazy
70 Hoodfella Gauge

The world has not seen this artist's whole potential but they will soon.

V 3 Comments
71 Point Blank

Your arsenal of Houston rap just isn't complete, until you got some Blank in the deck. I wanna get high with the Blanksta please...

V 1 Comment
72 Big Boss
73 Low G V 4 Comments
74 Mike D
75 Mr. CAP

If you're the sort of hip-hop junkie who gets most of your news from Instagram, it probably comes as no surprise to you that Wiz Khalifa's 'gram-handle is @mistercap. Lord knows the "We Dem Boyz" rapper has certainly gotten a lot of use out of the name, having used it to photo-journal endless Love & Hip-Hop-style drama with his on-again, off-again ex-wife, Amber Rose, who just so happens to be the Internet's favorite bald-headed beauty/booty, but if you're over the age of 25 and find all of that a tad confusing, you're not alone. But no one was more surprised to discover the online exploits of @mistercap than Mr. CAP, the local South Park Coalition rapper who has been using that name since Wiz was a zygote.

He been in the game for many years and even though his name didn't blow up he and his family did contribute to the Houston music scene.

A lot of people may not know Mr. CAP, but he put in a lot of work in the music game world wide. Hence, "Cap International"

Dope, underrated.

V 6 Comments
76 Bleeda
77 Vycka

This brother will rap any other rap ninja right under the table... Get ready for the take over Houston! You are about to witness and be apart of a era of music that the world will crave for centuries to come... Give it up to the best rapper alive KING VYCKA!

78 HubCap Harry

That boy Hubcap Harry never let up even after he left the game to become a Dancer.

79 Hustlaz by Habit
80 Pie Face

Mr. Truffblokk hands down the best rapper in the H-Town. Original S.U.C. if you know S.U.C. you know Pie Face and Herschelwood Hardheadz.

The original SUC. Been in the game for a min. Music is the realest

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