Top Ten Rappers from Houston

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81 Hustlaz by Habit
82 Hoodfella Gauge

The world has not seen this artist's whole potential but they will soon.

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83 Pie Face

Mr. Truffblokk hands down the best rapper in the H-Town. Original S.U.C. if you know S.U.C. you know Pie Face and Herschelwood Hardheadz.

The original SUC. Been in the game for a min. Music is the realest

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84 Anglust
85 Makk Digg
86 Villain Da Infamous Meskin

Always told it how it is! Don't even need radio play and many know him from YouTube. The HEART OF THE SOUTHEAST! Free Sambo!

The realest Street Mexican, true live Hispanic gangster from Houston Texas, with street credibility and one H.P. D worse Public Enemy..A.K. A Lil Villain... And underrated Street Mexican rapper...

87 Quota
88 Yung Surreal
91 R&B Jones
92 Teezy Da Beast

One of the best freestylers coming out of Houston New Era

93 Joe Black

Joe Black is one of the biggest upcoming rappers from H-Town. His rhymes are some of the sickest and down to earth. He's from H-Town but sounds nothing like a houston rapper. Check him out Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Joe black is the realest! He's like no other! When is he dropping his next mix tape?

94 Scooby of the Grit Boys

Scooby is from the legendary group the Grit Boys.


I am feeling his sound and lyrics, they tell a real story!

Great music I love keep the good work up

Dedicated artist. True to his craft.

Nobody has his style... He's dope

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96 Big Booty

Yo Big Booty Is the illest mayne! I saw him back in 73 with Lil Kahuna and Mc SpiderMonkey! The best outta houston

97 Lil Booty
98 Attila The Thug
99 Prez D

One of the most lyrical rappers to come out of the south. He has a political corporate but still street style. He jams

100 J Diego

Man I heard this dudes first mix tape contraband last week (September 2013) this dude got it for real.

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