Top Ten Rappers from Houston

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121 Five Star Dank
122 FDAB

Great sound! Great artist very talented.

123 Aztek
124 Short Tempa

Come on Bro! Y'all can't forget the beast from the east! Short Tempa reppin' them Asian Boys! Jin was the past, I amn the future, Short Tempa is what's hot NOW!

125 Street Military

The group that kicked in the doe and gave Houston Lifestyle & culture identity along with recognition worldwide! Check the dates on the tapes!

Come on these dudes were the bomb!

127 Viper The Rapper

Best cloud rapper. He practically invented his hip hop genre - Viperwave. His style, flow and signature sound will never be replaced - Melvin_BigSmoke_Harris

128 L.R.B.

Saw this dude perform downtown at a open Mic. Sound like he was straight outta Brooklyn. Chopped it up w/ him and dat from Greenspoint. We need him to drop a project quick mane. - DatboiRo

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