Top Ten Reasons to Crap Your Pants


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1 thought it was going to be gas

What are you guys laughing about it's not funny

No. 4 was so funny, I busted out laughing and my mum was like 'what are you laughing about? ' So damn funny

LOL lol LOL lol LOL lol LOL lol
SO HILARIOUS I was laughing like 2 minutes later - wildog47

Never trust a fart

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2 couldn't hold it in

"I still am holding it in-- oh, wait never mind. It broke through...! "

That would be funny if you overheard that in a fancy restaurant and then you see the guy running to the bathroom holding his pants. Then again, I would NOT like that happening to me.

3 Getting your first kiss
4 explosive diarrhea

This is funny and not funny. I once had to stay home from school because of it. I had just my underwear on, and I farted and it went right through my underwear and a blanket. I ran out of underwear that day and had to wear a diaper.

5 girl friend turns out to be guy friend

Now, tell me you would not crap your pants

But how would you not see he was a guy... - SammySpore

6 police are at your door V 1 Comment
7 couldn't find the toilet

This is the only good reason.

8 greasy chicken

Greasy chicken makes you fart a lot. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 thought it might be cool

Doesn't make sense at all

10 Chinese buffet

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11 become a messiah
12 Taco Bell
13 little girl comes out your TV

"Oh, gosh the people on this show. I don't get it. Oh, not again. Girl, go back into the T.V., and this time I won't break your arm. "

14 just for the hell of it

Feels great - nice and warm for the first little while but then gets tacky and clean up begins - give it a whirl

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15 dramatic effect
16 met Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick

that would make anyone crap there pants

17 didn't feel it coming V 1 Comment
18 held it in for too long
19 farted too hard V 1 Comment
20 It was touchin' the cloth and it couldn't be held back
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