Top Ten Reasons to Crap Your Pants

The Top Ten Reasons to Crap Your Pants

1 thought it was going to be gas

It is embarrasing - DrayTopTens

What are you guys laughing about it's not funny

No. 4 was so funny, I busted out laughing and my mum was like 'what are you laughing about? ' So damn funny

LOL lol LOL lol LOL lol LOL lol
SO HILARIOUS I was laughing like 2 minutes later - wildog47

2 explosive diarrhea

This is funny and not funny. I once had to stay home from school because of it. I had just my underwear on, and I farted and it went right through my underwear and a blanket. I ran out of underwear that day and had to wear a diaper.

3 couldn't hold it in

"I still am holding it in-- oh, wait never mind. It broke through...! "

That would be funny if you overheard that in a fancy restaurant and then you see the guy running to the bathroom holding his pants. Then again, I would NOT like that happening to me.

4 police are at your door

How is this a reason?!?!?

5 thought it might be cool

Doesn't make sense at all

6 met Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick

that would make anyone crap there pants

7 girl friend turns out to be guy friend

Now, tell me you would not crap your pants

But how would you not see he was a guy... - SammySpore

8 just for the hell of it

ha I wonder what it would feel like - Okami

Feels great - nice and warm for the first little while but then gets tacky and clean up begins - give it a whirl

9 Getting your first kiss
10 Taco Bell

The Contenders

11 got attacked by a grizzly bear

tell me that wouldn't make you crap your pants.

12 couldn't find the toilet

This is the only good reason.

13 teacher won’t let you use the bathroom
14 greasy chicken

Greasy chicken makes you fart a lot. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

15 Chinese buffet
16 dramatic effect
17 become a messiah
18 little girl comes out your TV

"Oh, gosh the people on this show. I don't get it. Oh, not again. Girl, go back into the T.V., and this time I won't break your arm. "

19 too many constipation pills
20 you're wearing diapers
21 didn't feel it coming

What a man can lie can't he? - flash1131227076222

22 held it in for too long
23 farted too hard

How can underwear be lose?

24 It was touchin' the cloth and it couldn't be held back

This is just gross...

25 Forgetting to take your pants off while sitting in the toilet
26 in the middle of the desert with no gas stations around
27 saw Slender Man
28 you're too drunk
29 loving the smell

How can you love the smell of poop? Are you a dung beetle that has earned to type? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

30 you're hungry
31 got startled
32 Playing the game, Don't Sh*t Your Pants
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