Top Ten Reasons to Hate Myspace


The Top Ten

1 Emos

Can you say, I'm goth and I want to to look like Wednesday Adams? - RdrTech

There are a lot of emos on myspace. - dragon13304

Emos are so pathetic ugly and depressed low lifes that should rot in hell for being a waste of life that should have had their skin peeled slowly so they could absorb the pain and then get beaten violently with bats and then get thrown in a prison where they can die of hunger, depression, disease, and beatings

2 Takes you away from a thing called reality

That's so right, with FB as well. - HezarioSeth

it's old

3 Perverts

Perverts should really be number one because they are gross and some older people try to pretend to be a teen and that could get you in allot of trouble. Gotta be careful

4 Reposting Things

"this girl died, she was murdered, if you dont repost in 2 seconds she will get you" WHATEVER!!! its complete crap, and its annoying that all the chavs repost it!! - Jeheffiner

I'm not even on Myspace and I know this is completely fake. 2 seconds is about the time it would take you to read the first letter of the comment, so you should have been dead long ago. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

there are perverts who sees those bitchy girls and type those things they experienced in their blog repeatedly, the most annoying thing. - ronluna

this is the worst! stupid chain letters! - ronluna

5 Top friends list
6 Pedophiles
7 Fake Celebrities

There are lots of fake celebrities in myspace. I wonder if that is a official celebrity account or a fan made it to be popular. - ronluna

The reason "Tila Tequila" music is popular

You right on the money on facebook a fake celebertie send me a friend reqeust

8 Drama

omg there is so much drama that gets started on there N then its get taken 2 skool N crap - PurpleWurpleTaco09

She said that r u sure
i didnt say that shes lying


9 Tom

Tom is gonna delete myspace if you dont tell everyone and there brother and his cousin... - Redlar

10 Picture Comments

ZOMG! 1 I JUST TOOK A NEW EM0 PIC LOL! PC4PC please! 1 :] - Darrell

The Contenders

11 Stalkers
12 Owned by News Corp

And they hate their writers.....

13 Spammers
14 Copyrights

lots of companies claiming their videos like in youtube - ronluna

15 Pop-ups

I don't like pop ups why they are so annoying hate them

16 Old and Out-dated
17 Not User-friendly

I added friends, I want to delete it... Wait, there is Add to friends button. After 3 hours of searching, you finally found it on your profile. You press Edit Friends and you click Delete on them.

18 An Unexpected Error Has Occurred
19 Chain Letters
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