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21 To See a Child Smiling at You

... And all those magical moments when you think "Hey, life is worth it". Includes loving - lover, friends, family, somebody you look at in the street and makes you feel happy, who ever! - and being loved. These are the things that make you believe truly in Love, Humanity, Trust, Happiness ... Life.

One of the best rewards in life is having a child and making them happy...

22 When it is dark enough, you can see the stars!
23 Take Over the World
24 Life is Beautiful

You're exactly right... who'd want to miss all the beautiful things in life to face darkness?

25 Just to Live Life

in life your going to have your great moments and your bad. but the greatest gift of life is life itself without life we can't do what were doing now. waiting for tool or have friends or your day to day things. the greatest gift of life is life itself

26 To listen to Linkin Park

Dying would be tragic without ever listening to LP. I will always love them and they will always be the greatest band eva. - lukestheman4

27 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Why else would u still be here?

28 Family

They annoy you but deep down you couldn't live without it. - PotBellyPup

people won't exist if they do not have families. - che91_pangit

29 To Procreate
30 To Kill Panic at the Disco! V 1 Comment
31 Listen to Queen

They make such wonderful songs, so beautiful and meaningful. Every song has such great passion. Amazing. - Flomania69

32 Hoping one day you can become a celebrity
33 To teach people and devote yourself to The higher cause

Show them how you see the world and let the show you theirs.

ยป Then of course, become Batman and safe Gotham. :D

34 To Travel
35 Hope

Maybe there's more to life.

36 Fresh Air
37 So others can compare their life to yours and they feel better
38 The holiday season

no matter who you are, this is the best time of year

39 Heavy Metal
40 Listen to Bon Jovi
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