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1 Michigan v. Ohio State Football

First of all I am a Liverpool supporter so full disclosure. I was curious what statistics you are basing this list off of? LFC v United pulled in 700 million views on game day this year on the same day as Real v Barca pulled in 500 million audience and they are just league (regular season) games. The largest ever viewing of even the Super Bowel is an audience of 114 million? I find it terribly hard to believe that Ohio State v Michigan State pulls in next to near what the Super Bowel does, so like I said I am curious as to what you are basing this list off of? Liverpool and United have been playing each other for over 150 years also? Oh I forgot to mention I am also a Spartans Fan, but strictly hoops, for March Madness especially. I am also happy to accept if this list in no particular order?

As someone who was born and grew up in Ohio, this rivalry shuts down businesses when these two giants play each other in football. Always the last game of the year against each other, often times to determine who will be the Big Ten champion. Each state has a heated passion of hate for one another, and I simply cannot say Michigan out loud without my blood pressure raising.

A lot of people may not know this but this rivalry goes far beyond sports. It is a rivalry of States. Ohio and Michigan have actually declared war on eachother. These two have been at it for over 150 years and the college football rivalry is just an extension of this rivalry. So my response to the duke Carolina advocate is simply this, Learn your history these two schools have been at it for almost 100 years and an animosity that stretches beyond that. Their anger towards eachother pushes them to go above and beyond what their record says they can do to achieve great things. A good team doing well is expected but a low ranked team beating a the top team? That is rivalry!


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2 Yankees v. Red Sox Baseball

Absolutely the biggest rivalry in sports: from Frazier selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees in 1929 to the Red Sox coming back from a 3-0 deficit in the 2004 ALCS and everything in btween, this rivalry has been absolutely fierce. I don't know why this is behind some little college football rivalry. This is the real deal.

This is one rivalry that is bigger then all else!

Hands down the most intense and historic rivalry. These teams have played over 2,000 times. One of the very few where all the players and fans have a legitimate hatred for each other

Absolutely! This should be #1!

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3 Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona

We are talking about a world wide rivalry right here. Yankees vs Red Sox what? Ask a person in Qatar about some Yankees vs Red Sox and let me know if he even knows what you're talking about, and also y'all might be what is Qatar well search it up and you'll see till where soccer has an impact!

El Clasico, The 2 biggest Team in Spain. Also named match of the century in 2008

One of the biggest rivalries probably the biggest. The both are football super powers. They dominate they pitch and they are the best teams in Spain. They both have top class players like Messi Neymar squarez dani Alves and people like that for real they have Ronaldo bale and benzema. Even FIFA approve this. I was playing career mode as Barcelona and I was trying to sign Ronaldo he said he won't come because the rivalry is to big and the fans would not accept him

The best I have ever witnessed...When you have two best Players in the world at the moment Messi and Ronaldo in front...but there were other greats in both the teams like Iniesta Xavi Pique in Barcelona and also Benzema, bale,Ramos in Madrid.. Countinho and modrich as world class midfielders.. It's all about greats vs greats...Even you trace your mind 10 years back there were Zidane,Backham,Ronaldo,Raul in RM and Ronaldinho Puyol in Barca who went out to be the lengends for their country and clubs...

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4 Duke v. Carolina Basketball

The best rivalry in college athletics without any doubt. The fact that both programs are as good as often as they are (they account for 8 national championships since 1982 not to mention that one or the other has been in the Final Four 20 of the 28 years since 1982 and once both made it! ) is unparalleled in any rivalry in ANY sport. Although the Red Sox-Yankees and Liverpool-ManU rivalries obviously are professional and therefore attract much larger urban and national fanbases in a way that Duke-Carolina cannot, no other rivalry has as sustained a record of success for BOTH teams in their respective leagues for so long, making this the best rivalry possibly of all sports. The fact that these 2 play each other twice in no way diminishes the rivalry aspect, much as many proponents of the Ohio State-Michigan football rivalry like to claim. (No one claims that the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is in any way diminished by the fact that they play multiple games against each other, to prove the ...more

No contest best rivalry in sports. The number of times that these teams have been ranked within the top 3 in the country or 1 and 2 in the nation is unbelievable. They are annually a part of the top ten year in and year out. The same can not be said of Michigan and Ohio State. This explains why Duke and UNC is the best rivalry in sports.

This is by far the best because both are continuously great. OSU and Michigan took long breaks from win national championships. So long for Michigan, in fact, that between their last two championships we sent a man to the moon. For Ohio State, the US exited the Vietnam War and communism fell and much more. If you aren't in the national conversation, your rivalry is consistently insignificant.


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5 India vs Pakistan Cricket

India vs Pakistan is definitely the most intense. Cricket can truly be said to be the real religion of India, 1.4 billion crazy followers, Dhoni is a deity. The fact that both countries consider each other enemy and active threats right now makes it even more incredible, almost surreal.

Don't add Dhoni to this. There is no person who is bigger than the sport. - Sayeed33

Parents in India usually prefer studies the most important thing. But in an India vs Pakistan match even most of the parents allow us to stay at home and watch the game, the schools and offices almost go vacant. And just 1 to 5 matches played in an year makes it even more interesting. People remember every second of the match and people from the winning country mock each other. Losing side fans burn the houses of Cricketers, abuse them. I saw during Champions Trophy 2017, India vs Pak final was trending at number 2 in USA on Twitter. What more to say? - Sayeed33

The people of two countries love each other, mind it I said people not governments. But the love in the air dissappears when there is a Pakistan VS India cricket match, Intense, the roads go vacant, nobody is to be seen on the streets except where there is a screen, the parties and sleepovers take place. Both teams are equally good with best players in the world. Millions of fans...

Na Ishq me na Pyar me, Jo mazaa Pakistan ki haar me.

Not even love is greater than feeling of seeing Pakistan lose.

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6 Celtics vs. Lakers Basketball

Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, John Havelick, Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Kevin Mchale, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo VS Baylor, Jerry west, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Bryon Scott, Kobe, Derek Fisher, and Pau Gasol. The rivalry is still headed today. 16vs17

when they play, it gets tense. go lakers

When they play, it gets tense. Go Celtics!

Greatest rivalry ever! Spans 50 years now
Russell -Wilt
Magic - Bird
Kobe -KG

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7 Auburn v. Alabama Football

Losing the iron bowl is similar to losing a relative. Simply the greatest rivalry in all of sports. The hatred shared between the two schools is unmatched. An Alabama fan poisoned the famous Toomers corner trees in auburn because Alabama lost in 2010. People become unhinged in November in Alabama. An added bonus is the caliber at which the two teams play at. The winner of the iron bowl has played in the last five national championships. I didn't really care that auburn lost the national championship as long as I had my 364 days of bragging rights against Alabama.

I grew up in Alabama. You were either yelling War Eagle or Roll Tide. That's it. There are no other distractions. No pro teams in ANY sport to get in the way. Zero. It's all about college football. I'll be honest with you - there's nothing else to do in Alabama. The world revolves around this rivalry that involves two of the best programs in the nation every year. 7 out of the last 8 years the winner of this game was in the National Championship Game. Can Michigan and OSU say that? Close? Uh, no. Not close. It's the Heisman Trophy. It's the National Championship. It's the Iron Bowl. It's what exemplifies college football. I can't speak for other countries in the world, but in the United States, this is the best rivalry in sports.

Simply the best rivalry in all of college football. Since these two teams absolutely despise each other and are usually competing for a national title, this rivalry has passed historic rivalries such as Texas/Oklahoma, USC/Notre Dame, BYU/Utah, and even Michigan/Ohio State as the best rivalry in the sport.

roll tide

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8 Packers v. Bears Football

Hands down the best. Games usually come down to the wire and they have played almost 190 times over the course of 90+ years.

Don't care if Rodgers is #1. Don't care on how many Super Bowls. Don't care on how many championships. Don't care about Vince Lombardi. Don't care about Bart Starr. Bears rule forever, no matter how they suck.

The bears suck go packers!

Walter is the goat

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9 Notre Dame v. USC Football

It' is only number 15 because people don't respect long distance rivals like instate rivals. This is shameful because of who we are talking about. It's and vs USC. One of these teams gathered millions to watch, but the rivalry was something everyone needed to see. A general fan of college football would rate this in the top two rivalries.

The two greatest teams in college football history. The Irish and Trojans historically have fought for a national championship as the two programs claim 11 National Championships each all though Notre Dame has 11 consensus championships compared to USC's 6. Both schools have 7 Heisman winners and have produced the most NFL players, NFL Hall of Famers and College Football hall of Famers in history. This rivalry is a respectful one but stakes are always high. They fight on the field and in the recruiting war. MICH-OSU may have more hate for each other but and-USC is the rivalry of champions.

This is easily the best rivalry in all of the football universe.

Notre Dame-USC is the rivalry of champions *

10 Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal

I play tennis and this rivalry is fierce

Two of the best athletes ever in the world's hardest sport. It may not have the hate of other rivalries but the competition is intense.

This by far is the biggest sport rivalry two amazing plus talented players playing their best fierce game

This legendary rivalry has to be higher on the list.

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11 Bruins v. Canadians Hockey

I don't know how you could not have this in the top ten. Two teams that have faced each other almost 900 times including 33 playoff series and 8 game 7 battles. Colts vs. Patriots? You're out of your mind.

ANYONE that know anything about hockey would rank this well above Leafs Canadiens

I'm so pissed off by people who rate the Leafs rivalry with the Canadiens above the Bruins. The Bruins-Canadiens rivalry deserves to be in the top three.

Montreal vs Boston... The most gruesome rivalry in hockey after Montreal vs Toronto, you DO NOT want to get caught wearing a Boston jersey in Montreal

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12 Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady

Adding this for all the people that accidently voted Colts-Pats. Colts-Pats is NOT the rivalry. Its all about Peyton vs Tom!

Two of the best quarterbacks of all time going head to head. How can you not want to watch?

I think the best football rivalry ever

Despite them not playing against each other on the field, this rivalry is still awesome. Two amazing QBs and their teams going at it. I'm a Patriots fan so I'm definitely all Tom Brady, but I can't deny that Peyton is great, too! When both of these QBs are retired, the NFL won't be the same.

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13 Army V Navy

No matter who wins this college football game, America wins. Go Army! Beat Navy!

Best most patriotic game in the land. Go Navy beat Army.

That isn't a sport - Animefan12

14 Liverpool v. Manchester United Soccer

Liverpool vs Manchester United is undoubtedly the greatest football rivalry, if not sports rivalry. The most competitive and intense game. Last season it was Manchester United winning both games 2-1 and Liverpool finished 7th. This season Liverpool beat United 1-0 and 0-3 and United are finishing 7th. Shows the unpredictability.

2008--Liverpool 2-1 Man Utd and Man Utd 1-4 liverpool
2009-- liverpool 2-0 man utd
I h8 manutd

The biggest sports match & rivalry

Manchester united are crap

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15 Auburn vs Alabama Football

Its already #7

16 New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox
17 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens

This definitely is the most violent rivality up in the North since the Nordiques 'r' gone... - ninjacobra

People voting this are mistaken Bruins vs Canadiens is the biggest rivalry in Hockey

Have you WATCHED one of these games? They're electrifying!

The ultimate rivalry of the NHL

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18 Rangers vs Islanders Hockey

Two teams from New York that each have huge fan bases and is always a close game? This is one of the top NHL rivalries by far.

I'm from New York and I can safely say this is the only true local rivalry (Go Isles)

Islanders > Rangers

They r both NY

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19 Colts v. Patriots Football

Its just not the same anymore ever since Peyton left, but the games are still pretty fierce. Just wait until Andrew Luck becomes more experienced, and Colts vs Pats is gunna be the game to look for again.

agreed just because of moss - westwrestler

Go Colts!

20 Blackhawks vs. Red Wings Hockey

Blackhawks are Chicago's NHL team
Red Wings are detroit's NHL team
NHL is ice hockey not American football.

Who ever said that the red wings and Blackhawks are football teams is a moron.

Go Hawks! My Favorite! - masonkv

Should be way higher up I think. One of the oldest Original 6, and western division rivalries before the 2013 reallignment. Intensity and hatred similar to habs bruins.

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21 Blackhawks vs. Blues, Hockey

The best rivalry in any sport. Blues Blackhawks

Go Hawks! My favorite! - masonkv

22 Seahawks vs. 49ers

So many penalties against each team in every game they play

They run the nfl right now and probably will for another 5 years. Every game is a physical, intense game

23 Glasgow Rangers vs Celtics

Easily #1. Even though the names are incorrect.

Do a bit of reading on this, and you'll change your mind.

This is a should be #1

*Rangers vs Celtic. Rangers are sometimes referred to as Glasgow Rangers but their proper name is Rangers Football Club - "Rangers". And Celtic (no 's' on the end) are Celtic Football Club - "Celtic"

RFC2012 VS Glasgow Celtic*

24 Giants v. Dodgers Baseball

This is the best rivalry in all of baseball for sure, and the best of all. While it is terrible, fans of both teams have been beaten and stabbed at games.

Unlike the New york Yankees vs the Boston Redsox, the dodgers vs giants rivalry have neck to neck win ratio, rivals since 1890 (oldest in baseball). Not even the move from east to west coast stopped the rivalry. Each time these two teams meet, if it's not the players, fans are out looking for blood (literally). Fans on both sides cheer for two things, their teams victory and their rivals defeat. As much as you heard, if you're a fan of the opposing team and wish to go to a dodger game in LA, do NOT purchase seats in LEFT FIELD PAVILION.

For sure up there with the top rivalries in baseball! Deeep seated hatred for the Dodgers up there! Unless you're from LA nobody likes the Dodgers! Just like the Raiders and the Kings! LA has some of the worst fans

The best baseball rivalry... period. Yankees and Red Sox more popular bit until recently was always dominated by the Yanks. Giants and Dodgers truly dislikeeach other and its more balanced

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25 Cracovia vs Wisla Krakow
26 Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce

Besiktas reks them both

This is a very intense rivalry and they both are great at kicking the ball really hard. Galsjbsjvruu is extremely good at megging the Fejdyhsjcsh players. This is cool. Go ghaubeihs.

27 Miami vs Florida State Football

Greatest players in this rivalry. The biggest rivalry in the best football state. FLORIDA

28 Michigan vs Michigan State
29 Canadiens vs Nordiques

There has been blood, some bad calls and, mostly, great series. It's the most intense rivalry of alls!

30 Red Star Belgrade vs Partizan Belgrade
31 Maple Leafs vs Senators Hockey
32 Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson

Greatest duel of all time. The 80's had both.

33 Rangers vs. Flyers Hockey
34 Fernando Alonso vs Lewis Hamilton
35 Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos

Hands down The best is a real rivalry in ALL,basketball,volleyball,waterpolo etc..let me know if there is such a big rivalry somewhere else...full stadiums in women volleyball or women basketball...or supporters in ping pong game between these two teams? Olympiakos vs panathinaikos...biggest game in all sports..and not only sports..

36 Cubs v. Cardinals Baseball

This should be top 5

Um his should be 5

Should be top 5


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37 Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadians
38 Penguins vs Flyers Hockey

This one needs to be higher.

One of the most intense rivalries I can think of in sports. This is top 5 or top 3 easily.

Flyers suck! Go Pens!

This is a top ten rivalry easily

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39 USC vs UCLA Football

This is a great matchup.

This game is tonight at 10:30/9:30 Central on ESPN.

40 Ayrton Senna vs Alain Prost, Formula 1

This has to be ranked higher

Only if more people watched F1, they'd know how intense these two were

41 Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier

Great rivalry. Ali was overall the better boxer but boy, oh boy... Joe punished him brutally.

Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

42 Broncos vs. Chargers Football

This is at least the 3rd best rivalry in the NFL, if that. These two teams hate each other and are usually the two best teams in the AFC West.

43 Steelers vs Ravens

Should be number 1. Everybody in America knows this rivalry regardless if they watch football or not. Way too low on the list!

It's a rivalry because the Ravens used to be the Browns. It should be way up there.

The Blood Bowl is outside the top 10? What is happening? Go Ravens!

There are a bunch of teams I've never even heard of, bandwagon rivalries, non contact sports rivalries and inter conference rivalries all before this one? Records aside the Steelers Ravens games are always exciting. The ravens swept the Steelers this year but they suck while the Steelers are actually a good team. P.S go Steelers

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44 Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

HOW the Hell is this great rivalry ranked so low?

45 Flamengo vs Fluminense
46 River Plate v. Boca Juniors

Should be top 10, but some American (United States) made this list...
NCAA Basketball rivalry top 2? Are you kidding me? - redshark

47 Kentucky v. Louisville College

It's the University of Louisville not Louisville College

48 Flames vs Oilers Hockey

The Battle of Alberta Canada!

My vote moved this up from 81 to 59!

49 Brazil v. Argentina

Oh no! Its Brazil vs France. Look at the times both have denied each other to be in the the top 4!

50 Eagles vs. Giants

Should be much higher. These two teams have been competing since the early 30's, which is longer than many of the rivalries mentioned.

St george illawarra dragons vs cronulla sharks

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